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  • So many people are rubbing on their messy parts

  • It's awfulawkward

  • And germy

  • Come on, people

  • I mean, I know it feels good

  • But we're embarrassed.

  • Hahaha

  • Hohoho

  • Heeheehee

  • Heyyy

  • Ah so!

  • Is that your underwear up there?

  • I'll punch you in the back!

  • I lost my guinea pig

  • We gotta look for him

  • Here, Percy!

  • Are you a rapist?

  • I made a small chimp smoke cardboard cinnamon.

  • Cray Cray

  • Yo' mama, Karen, has a pig ear

  • It's a pig ear!

  • Go deep.

  • Old people are stinky

  • Spike their drink.

  • I bought two zebras

  • And tamed a parrot named Mr. Future

  • Yo' mama can't reach my body and touch it

  • It's my body, you see?

  • Yo' mama can't reach my garden, otay?

  • It's my garden, you dig?

  • I'm a hot taco!

  • Squirrel kickers are drunk marionettes.

  • I'd like to get a monkey, because I ate Fifi!

  • Ahh, a strip party! [oh yeah]

  • And now they have murder in the spice building

  • And you gotta ask a black boy, "Who did it?"

  • I'll butcher a deer

  • Every week day waiting for Papi.

  • Yo' mama got a fruit child.

  • We're going to knock you

  • And take tissues out of you

  • And my foot, it can leave its prints on thin testes.

  • Big strong Greg

  • Howard?

  • I hate you.

  • What?

  • Marijuana is great

  • Call the whippit badger.

  • Every soda cannot be free

  • But I'll chop a squid and mash a pickle and watch you drink it.

  • Dang, no one's happy.

  • Now if you live in America, you know this next song

  • It's simple, just tap it, tap it in, that's a zinger!

  • And tell me how to poke it on Tuesday!

  • And for you foreigners, that's translates as

  • Con leche

  • Lucati

  • Le Fraim

  • Le prasbha farre neché

  • Ferre gecci

  • tso sofa bocci

  • Aiii

  • There's a white horse that breaks your mama's pretty son

  • If you're watching that horse, the ferret's gonna --

  • I wish you would drown!

  • That girl's a bitch.

So many people are rubbing on their messy parts


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"More Mitt" - 悪い唇を読むサウンドバイト ("More Mitt" — A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite)

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