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Welcome to how to cook that
I am Ann Reardon
Over 200 of you asked for a chocolate version of starry night by vincent van gough.
A special shout out to Myranda Barton who was the first to request it and to JoJo who
asked for a chocolate paint palette.
I'll show you how to make the palette, the flavoured chocolate paints and these cool
little paint tubes. And yes I'll even paint starry night at the end using chocolate
To make the palette you need to take some tempered chocolate and spread it out on some
nonstick baking paper in about the thickness you want you palette to be. Then cut out the
template which you can find on the website howtocookthat.net I'll put a link in the description
below the video. And the cut around it using a sharp knife.
Then use your knife to just gently run it across and make a wood grain pattern in your
chocolate. Using something round push it in where the thumbhole should be to take out
that circle of chocolate. un your knife across the top to make a wood grain pattern in the
chocolate. Then set that aside to set firmly.
To make the paint tubes take some foil and decide if you want to shiny side or mat side
showing. It doesn't matter which one you use as long as you are consistent. Roll it up
around something that is about 1.5cm in diameter, I am just using one of those fat kids textas.
Next take the label and add glue all over the back of it. You can print these labels
from the website as well if you just go to the blog post on chocolate paint and as I
said I'll put a link in the description below. All the recipe quantities that you'll need
for the paint and everything are there as well.
Check that your texta sticks out one end so that you can get it out again. And at the
other end feel where the top of the texta is, you will need to leave enough room over
the edge so that you can make the top of the tube. Roll the label around the tube starting
with the side of the label that has more spare room before the writing starts.
Take a pencil or something skinnier and and place it in the end and crush the foil the
make it fit closely to the pencil. Get some tape and wrap it tightly around that foil,
and this is to hold it into place so that when you squeeze your paint tube it doesn't
just expand back out again. It doesn't matter if the sticky slightly overlaps onto the pencil.
Then take a utility knife and run it around the foil to make a straight edge at the top
of your paint tube and then remove then pencil Take out the texta and set that aside.
For our paints to make it a more fun I am flavouring the ganache. To do that I am using
freeze dried banana for the yellow bananas one, some crushed berry blue lollies to make
the berry blue obviously, some dried chilli for the hot red chilli, some fresh mint for
the green and a small amount of sea salt for the light blue. We will also make some plain
chocolate ones some plain vanilla and plain dark chocolate. Remember all of the quantities
that you need for theses are on the website.
Bring your cream to the boil either on the stove top or in the microwave.
Then add some to each bowl and allow it to sit for a little while to infuse the flavour
around 10 minutes will be fine. Then strain your cream through a fine sieve to get rid
of any lumps.
What do you think of the new youtube commenting system?
Are you having any hassles with it or are you liking it?
Add colour to the cream making sure your colour matches the flavour so this will be mint green.
I've had a few issues with the new commenting system this week. If you asked a question
just before the new system rolled out it can no longer be liked or replied to, so just
ask it again if you didn't get a reply to a a question that you need to know.
Then add your white chocolate. And then microwave in 10 second bursts or or heat over a double
boiler stirring continually until it is melted.
Also if you have your google plus settings set to "only those in your circles can comment
on your posts" then I can't reply to your comments either at the moment even though
it is on youtube so you'll need to go to google plus and add how to cook that - there is a
link to my google plus page in the description below this video.
Once your ganache is smooth scoop into a ziplock bag.
While it is still warm squeeze some ganache into the end of your paint tube and tap it
until it is down to the top end. You don't want to fill it all the way up just a a little
way past the label.
The ganache is runnier while it is warm so you want to fill your paint tube as soon as
you make each one. It is easiest to fill it if you drizzle it in from the top.
Flatten the end and wipe off any excess ganache. Use scissors to straighten it up and then
fold over then very end a few times to seal it. Repeat that for your other flavours and
To make your chocolate paper use the same method that we used in the pencil video, put
your chocolate between two sheets of non-stick paper and spread it out thinly using a rolling
pin. Peel off the top sheet so you have two thin pieces of paper and then trim them to
the desired size. For starry night I am going to use milk chocolate paper. If you look at
the edge of the actual painting you can see that the background that he is painting on
is not white.
To serve take it to the table in a wooden paint box if you've got one. Then place your
palette, clean paintbrushes, tubes of chocolate paint and your paper onto a serving platter.
And then squeeze out some of your different coloured chocolate paints onto the palette.
Now for starry night by vincent van gough, due to a lack of good lighting at night vincent
had to paint this from his memory during the day.
He wrote in a letter "a star spangled sky for instance that's a thing I would like to
try to do... But how can I unless I make up my mind to work... from my imagination."
[music locally sourced by Jason Farnham]
And there you have a deliciously edible chocolate starry night.
Thanks for watching, subscribe to how to cook that for more chocolate creations, desserts
and cakes. You can add all your requests in the comments section below. Have a great week
and I'll see you Friday.
music [youtube.com/setsailtv The Boat Song used with permission]


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