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  • Welcome to E-com's version of Ebonics.

  • We will go over 32 highly requested slang words and phrases you may have heard spoken among Black people.

  • These words are used for the sole purpose of better understanding your favorite Black movies and musical artists.

  • We highly recommend that you do not use these words in daily conversation,

  • especially when you're conversing with Black people.

  • But, you can enjoy learning Ebonics and improve your understanding of Black speech

  • and learn more about Black culture with this lesson.

  • I hope this will be a stepping stone into learning more about Black culture.

  • Everyone ready? Let's begin.

  • Today's phrase is: poo-poo, five-oh, Jakes.

  • Now, basically these words mean just one meaning: policemen.

  • Very simple and plain, don't need much information other than that.

  • So, as we jump to the conversational examples.

  • Yo! DudeSlow down the car. Five-Oh is sitting right there.

  • Good looking out, I don’t need the Poo-Poo stealing my lunch money.

  • Whats Up Playa…. Keep your eyes out for the Jakes.

  • Gotcha man.

  • Did you get it?

  • Check it out, we'll simplify it for you.

  • First example, "Yo, dude," meaning these boys were rolling in a car and he's hollering at his boy, "Yo, dude."

  • "Slow the car down. The policeman is sitting right there."

  • And he said, "Woah! Good looking out," meaning, "Oh, thank you, man, for keeping your eyes open.

  • I don't want the poo-poo to be giving me no ticket and taking my money."

  • Example number two, "What up Playa. Yo, keep your eyes out for the Jakes."

  • Very simple, 'cause he's just telling his boy to keep your eyes open for five-oh around.

  • And he said, "Yo, got you man."

  • Simple.

  • Until next time, when I hit you up with more Ebonics.

  • I'm out. Peace.

Welcome to E-com's version of Ebonics.


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