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  • Hello

  • Hey Jen, did you get my text? Oh no, sorry, it's like so

  • busy. Yeah, work's been crazy.

  • Oh, uh, let me... I did all I could, sorry.

  • So it's like I have to drive all the way back and traffic was crazy

  • and the line was super long. Yeah, listen. I really need to go to bathroom. Oh, okay.

  • I used to be able to see as far as the eye can see.

  • You know now buildings are in the way. Oh sorry it's from work.

  • Oh yeah, I get it. I get it. Oh, I've got some blue ones.

  • Where... where are the blues?

  • I really have to talk to her ... All I'm asking is that she........

  • (keep nagging) You know? Yeah

  • thank you

  • So it's one of the three crews cruise scam. How do you even get on this list?

  • Yummy! Thought there'll be more fries. Yeah, weird.

  • Hello. Hey, why don't you answer my text?

  • Oh, I am so sorry. Work's been nuts. Okay, great! Wait!



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