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Hi again, I'm Adam. Welcome back to www.engvid.com. Today's lesson is pronunciation again. We
want to look at the way words that end in "ed" sound. Okay? A lot of the people ask
me how do different words sound because sometimes they can't understand the "ed" ending; they
don't hear it. Okay? That is because "ed" ending words end in three different sounds:
the "d", "de"; the "t", "te"; the "id", "id". Okay?
Now, how do you know when to use which? It all basically works on the last sound before
the "ed". If you go through the whole alphabet, you can put every word into one of these categories.
Let's start with a short one: "id". When a word ends in "t" and you want to add the "ed"
to it or when a word ends in "d" and you want to add an "ed" ending to it, it's always going
to sound like "id", "tid", "did", "wanted", "founded". Why? Because "t" and "d" are too
close to that last sound of "d", so we need an extra little sound, an extra little syllable
almost to separate the two sounds. "Wanted", "founded", "found", "founded". Okay? So those
are those two.
Next, we'll go to the "t" sound. When a... The last letter, when a word ends in a "s"
sound, the last letter is an "s" or an "x" in this case, then this... The "d" sounds
like a "t". Again, hard to switch the tongue in time to get the "d" sound, we get the "t":
"fixed", "kicked', "dropped", "sniffed". Okay? "Fixed", "kicked", "dropped", "sniffed". "s",
"k", "p", "f" ending sounds go with a "t" ending for the "ed".
Most of the other sounds come into the "d" sound. "Managed", "fired", "halved", "jogged",
"filled", "doomed", "fined". "j" or "g", soft "g", "r", "v", "g" - oh, that's the hard "g",
that's a soft "g" - "l", "m", "n". All of these words that end... Words that end in
these sounds, add the "ed", sounds like a "d". "Managed", "fired", "halved", "jogged",
"filled", "doomed", "fined".
Let's go over the whole list again. "Managed", "fixed", "wanted", "founded", "kicked", "fired",
"halved", "dropped", "sniffed", "jogged", "filled", "doomed", "fined". Okay?
That's all there is to it. Practice these. Any word that you get that you... That has
an "ed" ending, you're not sure how to pronounce it: which category is it in? What is the last
letter or the last sound before the "ed"? Find out which category it's in, that's your
ending sound. Okay?
If you have any questions, please go to www.engvid.com. We have a comment section, you can ask any
question you like; I'll be happy to answer them. See you again.


語尾が"ed"で終わる単語の発音方法 (How to say -ed endings in English)

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