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  • So today I'm going to make some chocolate leaves, so I have my tempered dark chocolate

  • and I have some mint leaves. This is great whenever youre making any sort of cake

  • and you want beautiful chocolate leaves coming off of the top of it, super easy. I'm just

  • picking out the biggest leaves that I can find, which unfortunately on this mint that

  • I have is this size.

  • But if you can find really nice large leaves, go for it. I'm just going to pick those off,

  • and I'm going to take my paint brush and just really carefully, I'm going to take a little

  • bit of chocolate. You don't want so much that you kind of crush the leaf, but make sure

  • that you also go on the side that has the veins kind of coming up out of it.

  • This way you'll get veins that are indented into your chocolate instead of raised. So

  • again I'm going upside down on my leaf, and I’m just painting. Nice and gently. And

  • youre going to get a little bit messy but that's it. Go as thin as you want to or as

  • thick as you want to. And I'm just putting it right onto a cookie sheet with a little

  • bit of parchment paper or you can use a silpad if you have a silpad. A silpad is a non-stick

  • baking mat, so if you have one of those it's really easy to get anything off of it without

  • it sticking.

  • The parchment is equally as good. OK. So the few cute little leaves and the hand-covered

  • in chocolate. So that's it. I'm going to pop those into the freezer because I have patience

  • and then in a minute when they're ready just going to peel the backs off and we'll have

  • beautiful chocolate leaves... So here I have my chocolate leaves, they've been in the fridge

  • for about five minutes so they're nice and firm. If I go to touch them you can see I'm

  • not leaving a finger print. They're just ready to go.

  • So I'm going to flip them over and I'm going to gently pull off the mint, and you could

  • see behind it you have that beautiful chocolate leave ready to go. You can do a couple more

  • and remember the heat from your hands can melt these so try to work as quickly as possible

  • or pop them back into the fridge if you need to. I'll just peel the mint off, and that's

  • it. I'll do one more. So there you have it, that's how you make chocolate leaves.

So today I'm going to make some chocolate leaves, so I have my tempered dark chocolate


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チョコレートの葉の作り方|お菓子作り (How to Make Chocolate Leaves | Candy Making)

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