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  • Hi, I'm Tahni and welcome back to my classroom. Today, we're going to go over some common Internet slang.


  • I've listed it in black, the different acronyms,


  • and then in blue, their meanings. The first one is "tl:dr".

    そして青字でその意味を表しています最初のものは "tl:dr "です

  • You may have seen this in certain blog posts or different youtube videos even.


  • It means "too long didn't read." What that refers to is, there was too much information.

    "長すぎて読めなかった "という意味です。それは何を指しているのかというと、情報が多すぎたということです。

  • The information was really detailed, so it


  • was too long and you couldn't finish reading it. It didn't hold your attention.


  • So there is a summarized version called "tl:dr" It might be a video.


  • It might just be a paragraph. But it's a summarized version of information that was too long and you just didn't want to read it. Okay?


  • The next one is "smh" which means "shaking my head."

    次は "頭を振る "という意味の "smh "です。

  • People use this to describe their disapproval of someone's actions.


  • Maybe you're texting your friends, or writing some message to your friends on the Internet,


  • and at the end you can write "smh" to show your disapproval in them.

    と最後には、それらの中であなたの不賛成を示すために "smh "を書くことができます。

  • It's often used in like, a mocking way. "Oh you had ice cream for dinner?? smh(shaking my head)..."

    よくあざ笑うような言い方で使われます。"あ、晩御飯にアイスクリーム食べたの?" smh(首を横に振って)

  • I disapprove. Okay, the next one we have is "tbh"

    同意できないよし、次は "tbh "だ

  • Which means, "to be honest." You'll see this a lot when people are just trying to show their frank opinion.

    "正直に言うと "という意味だ率直な意見を示す時に よく見かけることになります

  • "To be honest, I think that you should have called me before you went to meet our friends."


  • Or something like that.


  • It's when they're just being honest with you. Ok, the next one we have is "wbu"

    相手が素直になっている時ですね。よし、次は "wbu "だ

  • This doesn't actually make the acronym for "what about you."

    これは実際には "あなたはどうなの?"の頭文字をとったものではありません。

  • But in slang English (conversation English) when we're just talking, we say, "What about you ?

    でも、ただ話しているだけの時のスラング英語(会話英語)では、「What about you ?

  • It sounds more like "wbu", because we like to shorten things in English.


  • So for the shortened form of "you" sometimes we write "u"

    だから "you "の短縮形では "u "と書くこともあります。

  • And then sometimes for the shortened form of "about" we'll write "bout"

    そして、"about "を短縮して "bout "と書くこともあります。

  • "wbu" turns into "what about you"

    "wbu "が "お前はどうなんだ "に変わる

  • So for example you can say this to your friends. When your friend asks, "What are you doing this weekend?"

    なので、例えば友達にこんなことを言うことができます。友達が "今週末は何してるの?"と聞いてきたら

  • You can say, "Oh, I'm going to a concert. what about you?" "wbu"


  • Next one is "bae" This one is kind of a newish term.

    (美月)次は "ベエ" これは何か新しい言葉ですね (美月)うん

  • Now it means, "before anyone else" But originally people say that it meant a word to


  • describe your significant other or your best friend.


  • But people these days have kind of transformed the meaning to stand for "before anyone else"


  • So you can still use this term to refer to your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or someone like that,


  • someone that you really care about.


  • Ok, but it's also sometimes used in kind of like a joking way between close friends or loved ones.


  • Ok, let's go over here to our next five.


  • We have here, "hmu" "hit me up" Ok, often this one is used between close friends as well.

    "hmu" "hit me up" これは親しい友人の間でもよく使われます。

  • "hit me up" literally means just "send me a message later"


  • or "call me later" Something like that. "Hit me up."

    "あとで電話して "みたいな感じで"連絡して"

  • "Hit me up with... contact me later." something like that.

    "連絡して "とか "あとで連絡して "とか。

  • Ok, so whenever you're ending a conversation with someone, whether it be on the computer, like chatting,


  • messaging, you can say, "See ya, hmu(hit me up) later" (hmu),something like that.

    メッセージングでは、"See ya, hmu(hit me up) later" (hmu) などと言うことができます。

  • Ok, for this one, "nsfw" this means, "not safe for work."

    "NSFW "は "仕事には安全ではない "という意味だ

  • So, I think I see this the most in social networks, where your friends or someone will send you,


  • maybe a link to something, but it's something that you should not open during work.


  • "not safe for work"


  • You don't want your superiors or your coworkers to see you looking at the content of whatever they sent you during work hours.


  • The next one we have is a classic.


  • "rofl" "rolling on the floor laughing" I think this has been around since the days of AIM.

    "ざっくばらん"床に転がって笑う" これはAIMの時代からあったと思います。

  • But I just thought I would include it because it is a classic


  • and it's still widely used. "rolling on the floor laughing"


  • Similarly we would use, "what? lol" or something like that.

    同じように、「えっ? 笑」とか、そんな感じで使います。

  • This one, this one is more of a term thats evolved recently OTP which means, "one true pairing"

    これは、これは、これは、最近進化した用語で、OTPは、"1つの真のペアリング "を意味します。

  • And I'll have to explain this. "one true pairing" is used a lot

    そして、これを説明すると"ワン・トゥルー・ペアリング "はよく使われています

  • when you have one fictional character that you would like to see with another fictional character


  • and they would make the perfect couple. A "one true pairing"


  • Ok, we see this a lot in blogs, for example, on tumblr.


  • People say, "oh my otp is....." I would really like to see a character from this show

    "あたしのOTPは...... "って言われるんですよ。この番組に出てくるキャラを是非見てみたい

  • fall in love with a character from this show and they would create the perfect couple.


  • That is "otp." And finally, "yolo"

    それが "OTP"そして最後に "ヨーロ"

  • "you only live once" I have to include it, YOLO. I think it was like the term of the year last year


  • So if you don't know what "yolo" is, get on urban dictionary. "you only live once"

    "ヨロ "の意味が分からないなら 都市部の辞書で調べろ"人生は一度きり"

  • People use this for describing any situation,


  • in which, they will only do once, or they want to do once in their life.


  • At least once in their life. Before they die, "you only live once" So, let's take a trip.


  • "You only live once" so let's do something amazing.

    "人生は一度きり "だから、何かすごいことをしましょう。

  • Ok, well, thank you for learning internet slang with me, Tahni.

    ネットスラングを教えてくれて ありがとう タニ

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Hi, I'm Tahni and welcome back to my classroom. Today, we're going to go over some common Internet slang.


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