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  • Can you hear my voice calling out

  • Through the darkness, trying to shout

  • Trapped within the void of the night

  • I call out for the light

  • If the worlds I long to see

  • Holds a meaning worth it for me

  • Every tear and every smile,

  • Will all have been worthwhile

  • I was crushed by the dreams that never followed through

  • And let my wishful thoughts die

  • Before I could taste the air above the ground,

  • Touch the boundless sky

  • Then I began to run,

  • Leaving the fears I had behind

  • Now my feelings keep on pulsing with the beat of my heart

  • A brand new day has come,

  • New destinations we will find

  • And together we will build our dreams,

  • Tomorrow never dies

  • I've found the answer now;

  • It's always been before my eyes

Can you hear my voice calling out


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天元突破グレンラガン】オープニング1 英語 by サファイアHD クレジットレス ([Gurren Lagann] Opening 1 English by Sapphire HD creditless)

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