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  • Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Due In 2015 To Be Called Called Mirai

  • Imagine driving a car with no harmful emissions, that could go for 300 miles, and be filled

  • back up in 3-5 minutes. That's the reality of Toyota's upcoming fuel cell vehicle, which

  • today has been confirmed as the Mirai. The vehicle will go on sale in Japan in April

  • 2015 and should be in U.S. showrooms by the following summer, as a 2016 model.

  • Mirai, which meansfuturein Japanese, is being hailed as a turning point for the

  • automotive industry as it’s destined to be the first mass produced vehicle powered

  • by a fuel cell stack, which takes in hydrogen and oxygen and generates electricity to drive

  • its motor(s). The only by-product is water.

  • The Mirai, first shown in concept form at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, is expected to

  • be sold to customers instead of being leased, as has been the case for previous fuel cell

  • vehicles like Honda's FCX Clarity. In Japan, the vehicle will be priced close to seven

  • million yen (approximately $60,294). Pricing in other markets will be announced closer

  • to launch.

  • Of course, whether hydrogen is a realistic widespread fuel source (right now it's most

  • certainly not) and whether it's sourced from non-fossil-fuel sources (right now most of

  • it comes from natural gas), the idea of a fuel cell vehicle is intriguing to many. To

  • help answer these unknowns, Toyota has also announced a new commitment to drive the development

  • of a hydrogen refueling infrastructure, with a new initiative in five northeastern U.S.

  • states set to join the existing initiatives on the west coast.

  • The automaker is collaborating with a company called Air Liquide to develop and supply a

  • phased network of 12 hydrogen stations targeted for New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut,

  • and Rhode Island, a move similar to Tesla Motors’ [NSDQ:TSLA] rollout of Supercharger

  • stations to help spur the adoption of its battery-powered electric cars. The states

  • and locations Toyota picked were selected in the greater New York and Boston areas so

  • that a backbone of a hydrogen highway for the Northeast corridor could be developed.

  • Specific details of the collaboration will be revealed in the coming months.

  • The new initiative builds on Toyota’s previous support for hydrogen infrastructure development

  • in California. In May 2014, Toyota announced a $7.3 million loan to FirstElement Fuels

  • to support the operations and maintenance of 19 hydrogen fueling stations across the

  • state.Mirai

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Due In 2015 To Be Called Called Mirai


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トヨタ、燃料電池車を来月発売へ「Mirai」と命名 (Toyota To Launch Fuel Cell Car Next Month To Be Called Mirai)

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