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  • Loving your new hairstyle, may I say?

  • Thank you

  • Incredible film

  • You look lovely, nice and warm Oh thank you

  • Incredible film, you must be so excited for the kids and Victoria to watch it.

  • I mean we're obviously really excited about it, we're really looking forward to obviously

  • letting everyone else see it you know and letting everyone else see the story

  • You alright?

  • Nice to see you

  • Happy Harry's here?

  • Yes of course. You know we're so excited to actually be kind of telling everyone the story

  • that everyone knows but in more of a personal way

  • It must have been really emotional for you all getting back together, reminiscing about

  • the old times. So was there a few tears?

  • I think it's ... No, not together, I think we'd have got a lot of stick if we'd have

  • got too emotional in front of each other but I think it's more emotional watching the clips

  • back then anything else. You know, talking through certain parts of our careers and our

  • lives, you know I think that's more emotional than anything else.

  • I know you've had an incredible career, but you must be so proud of Victoria, she's doing

  • so well

  • Of course, I'm always proud of her, everything that she's achieved outside of obviously what

  • she used to do. She's a very talented girl and, you know, we've got four amazing kids

  • which we're very proud of.

  • And, what would you be your one line of advice for Brooklyn, because he's following in your

  • footsteps. What would be your one line of advice for him?

  • I don't know if he'll ever follow in my footsteps but he's enjoying playing at the moment and

  • you know all the kids are, all the kids are enjoying playing football and that's the way

  • it should be.

  • Quick question from the fans, are we gonna carry on seeing you in your undies for H & M?

  • I don't know, I'm getting a bit old for that now, but we'll see, we'll see.

  • Ah lovely, well have a lovely evening, thank you so much.

Loving your new hairstyle, may I say?


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