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Hi this is Alia and welcome back to my kitchen!
Next week is Valentine's day
So, if you're looking for something special to make, watch this video
I'm going to show you how to make a delicious chocolate cake with hidden red hearts inside
This cake is amazing!
It's going to make your friends and family go Wow!
and by the way, you will need any special molds to make it
For the ingredients and the written recipe, just look below the video in the "About" section
and you will be ready to go!
That's it! So Let's start!!!
First, we are going to make the red cake.
Place the softened butter in a large bowl, add the sugar
then beat on high speed with the eggbeater until the butter and sugar are well integrated.
Add the first egg. Mix.
The second egg. Mix.
Then the third egg and mix again.
Add the vanilla paste or vanilla extract and mix to incorporate.
Now, let’s add the dry ingredients.
Sift the flour, add the baking powder, and a pinch of salt.
Using a spatula, gently fold the dry ingredients into the butter mixture.
I want my cake to be red, so I am using bright red coloring….
Check out this delicious color, it screams valentine’s day!!!
Butter your baking pan and pour the red cake batter into it.
Bake in a pre-heated oven to 360 F / 180 C for around 40-45 minutes or until the cake is done.
When the cake is ready, remove it from the oven
gently push the sides of the cake using a knife
then flip it on a plate or cutting board
Place the cake in the freezer so it cools down quickly while you prepare the second cake.
Here we go, let’s make the chocolate cake.
We are going to follow the same steps
cream the softened butter and sugar
mix in the eggs one at a time, add the vanilla paste
sift in the flour, add the baking powder, and pinch of salt.
The cake batter is ready!
Before we add the melted chocolate, let’s make our red cake hearts!
Remove the red cake from the freezer and slice it into medium-thick slices.
Discard the edges because they are crunchy, and we only want soft spongy cake for this part!
Line up the cake slices
then using a small heart cookie cutter (or any shape of your choice), stamp out 2 hears in each cake slice.
Yes, I know you are left out with all this cake…
don’t worry, watch my video on how to make Chocolate Cake Balls…
you will be thankful to have all this leftover cake.
Ok, back to our chocolate cake.
Melt the chocolate in the microwave, in 30 second shots and mix in between. so you don’t burn it.
Then add the melted chocolate to the cake batter.
If we have done this earlier, the chocolate batter would have hardened
and it would have been difficult to work with it.
That’s why we leave the melted chocolate until the end.
Butter your pan and pour in 1/3 of the chocolate batter.
Using a spoon, smooth out the surface of the batter.
Pack the heart shaped cut outs together, tightly, in 2 rows
and gently place them on top of the chocolate batter.
Leave some space at each end of the pan.
Gently place the remaining chocolate batter on top of the red hearts.
Very gently, don’t try to smooth it out, just place it on top and on the sides
the heat of the oven will make it spread evenly.
Bake in a pre-heated oven to 360 F / 180 C
for 40-45 minutes or until the cake is done.
Here is my beautiful chocolate cake. It’s ready!
When you touch the surface of the cake it should feel firm but not hard – that’s how you know it is ready.
Using a knife, gently push the sides of the cake form the pan
then flip the cake and let it cool down completely before serving.
Time to check out the inside of our Love cake!!!
Are you excited about seeing what’s inside…. Look at this!!!
2 beautiful red hearts waiting to surprise your loved one!!!
Two bright red hearts beating in a delicious chocolate cake…
That’s what I call a successful Valentine’s cake!
YUMMYYYY – bon appetite!


Chocolate Hidden Heart Cake Recipe

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