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  • Millions of kids each year get immunized to protect against disease.

  • Diseases like Smallpox and Polio now affect far fewer people because of widespread vaccination.

  • Vaccines contain inactive viruses or bacteria that stimulate your body's B and T immune

  • cells to produce antibodies, which then fight the disease.

  • When enough people get immunized, vaccines produce "herd immunity": when someone is sick,

  • the disease is contained by those who've had the vaccine, preventing it from spreading

  • further and getting to those who are most vulnerable.

  • But if only a few people are vaccinated, the disease spreads easily through the population

  • and outbreaks can occur.

  • In 1998, a paper in a major medical journal proposed a link between autism and the vaccination

  • for measles, mumps, and rubella.  The popular press (and some celebrities) fueled anxiety

  • about vaccinations based on this report.

  • Some vaccinations can have side effects, like soreness and fever.

  • But Autism is a complex neurobehavioral disorder that occurs with a spectrum of symptoms.  A

  • rise in prevalence may have more to do with changing diagnostic standards than other factors.

  • In fact, over a dozen studies have failed to find any connection between autism and

  • vaccines and that original paper was retracted amid allegations of fraud and conflicts of

  • interest.

  • Yet the actions of celebrities and the media can have a lasting effect: more than half

  • of Americans still suspect there's a link between vaccines and autism.  Call it a case

  • of "herd mentality."

  • The consequences can be serious: in Ireland, vaccinations dropped about 30%, resulting

  • in 1500 new cases of Measles and Mumps, including 3 deaths.

  • And in the U.S., states with lowered vaccination rates are currently experiencing outbreaks

  • of measles and epidemic levels of whooping cough.

  • So don't be immune to good advice: better a sore bottom, than a deadly bottom line.

Millions of kids each year get immunized to protect against disease.


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