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Hey Guys! My name is Simon Hayter and today were gonna be looking at the simple task
of moving and rotating
objects in cinema 4d so as you can see
on the screen here I've already got Cinema 4D loaded up
so all I'm gonna do
is add a sphere or a ball, I'll put it over there because were going to have lots going on
so I've added the ball and basically were
start off by learning how to animate rotate an object
which is really straightforward, as you can see down here you got
a time frame, so the animation
is 90 frames at the moment so let's increase that
to say, lets make it 120
so..... as you can see
down here were now got 120 frames to play with
vs 90 we had before. So let's
go ahead and rotate this objects so
as you can see keyframe 0 I'm gonna
add a keyframe here which is basically adding the record
and it's added it down here...
which is a little blue block, so I'm gonna
take it up all the way to 120 frames. I'm then gonna tell.... err
you can do this manually by doing that up
rotating it if you
wanna do that.... But I like to work in
exact measurements or rotations degrees
so let's enter 360 here click Apply
and then were going to end the key frame or end the key frame
and hopefully the object should turn when I move here and yes it does
so basically what Cinema 4D has done
it's said between 0 and 120 frames
I must rotate this object 360 degrees
so... give or take... well
120 frames so...
every frame will rotating the ball
exactly three degrees, so 3 times 120
is 360 degrees so,
there's that and lets make it bit a more complicated now. Let's add
a square, lets make that smaller too just for
this video. So we got a tiny little square there
and basically what we wanna do is rotate that as well, so
as you notice down here were no longer got any
keyframes this is because it works
independently you can do it too group or you can do it to an
object. So in this case the sphere has got it but the
square has not got it yet, so If I click play
the ball turns.... its very hard to see
I actually did make a material
to make it a bit easier to see that without
having it clicked. So If I click play
you can see that is rotating and the cube is doing nothing
so let's get that cube doing something, so
we click the cube and basically what I'm going to do
you don't, you can start the recording process in any frame so if you
wanted at thirty frames if your doing an intro
and you want your logo to come onto the screen
or you know you want it to be a blank screen for 30 err
5 seconds before your
logo comes in then you would start your logo at
an higher key frame meaning you don't
to do any extra editing in any other
extra software, Song Vegas or anything like that
so... lets get it rotating at 30, so
I've got my cube, I've got it on 30 frames
I'm gonna introduce a key frame and I'm gonna say
take it all the way up to 120 but this time I'm gonna put the rotation
in the middle so, so what that does is it will rotate it differently
than what we had before. So I've rotated that I'm gonna put the keyframe
and hopefully that starts to rotate
clockwise. So as you can see the ball rotates as well
but as you notice when we get there
it stops so if I go down to zero and
I push play we got our sphere moving and then
and then our cube moves afterwards
so let's stop that
err give that a nice blue. So let's
add another object now, because I did say that we would be looking
at moving objects so lets
make this 75 and 50 doesn't matter
and 70 that will do... so let's move that
here and basically we wanna get this object moving
so let's put that up here
so key frame zero
so add a key frame and let's go all the way to key frame 120 but
but lets move this down to here and end the key frame
so what should happen is it should go up and down
and there we go
and that basically ends our tutorial um
it's very simple um but I hope it helps someone
thanks very much bye bye


How to animate rotate and move models, objects and items in Cinema 4D

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