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  • So... did you see the award show?

  • yeah I guess Hollywood really hates superhero movies.

  • Well I'd say they should stop starring in them, if it bothers them that much.

  • I mean who hates superhero movies?

  • We make millions of people happy over and over again.

  • What's wrong with that?

  • I don't understand award shows.

  • it's always which actress cried the most amazingly...

  • or which person transformed their voice the best.

  • And I'm just like, I do that every day!

  • You cry everyday?

  • No change my voice.

  • Oh.

  • Well what does your normal voice sound like?

  • It doesn't matter what my normal voice sounds like!

  • But if I did cry everyday...

  • it would still be amazing.

  • Do you know why?

  • Because you're...

  • Because I'm Batman! hehe, yes that's right.

  • Oh Well! Give this guy a trophy!

  • But why all the hate? What did we ever do to them?

  • We crush their box office sales.

  • How is that our fault?

  • Beats me.

  • *sip*

  • So...

  • Anything else going on?

  • Nope!

  • That's pretty much everything I think.

  • I'm Gonna Be In the Universe!!!

  • Did you hear?!

  • I'm gonna be in the universe!

  • Everybody IS in the universe you goof!

  • Not THIS universe!

  • WoooHoooo!

  • Marvel YEAH!!!

  • Reboot!

  • Well he did just finish two thirds of his last series.

  • Seems like it's time for a reboot.

  • Oh I hope it's not a reboot.

  • Why?

  • Because I am SO over reboots!

  • You...

  • You just had a reboot.

  • Uh...

  • I'm gonna reboot when we get mad and fight for two hours.

  • Okay.

  • I wanna reboot!

  • Can I get all tatted up and wear guy-liner?!

  • Uh... sure! Okay.

  • Allrighty then!

  • Welp see ya later!

  • Everybody gets a reboot!

  • Well that seems weird to me! Too many reboots can not be a good thing.

  • I mean where does it end?

  • Do we reboot Indiana Jones?

  • Do we reboot Lord of the Rings?

  • Do we reboot Harry Potter?!

  • *gasp*

  • You hush you're face!

  • Maybe hollywood is right.

  • Maybe we aren't original anymore.

  • Maybe we do just make the same stories over and over...and over.

  • Well maybe it doesn't matter because we're awesome.

  • And besides, some of us actually do need a reboot.

  • Okay I'm back!

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!

  • And the reboot goes to...

  • Fantastic Four for "Nobody Likes Your Old Movie"

  • *cheers*

So... did you see the award show?


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