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Located on the Aker River
in Norway’s south east is the beautiful city of Oslo.
As well as being the country’s capital and cultural heart,
Oslo is also the gateway to Norway’s natural beauty.
Saltwater runs deep in the veins of this sophisticated city.
In recent years, the rugged dock areas that launched
so many adventures have been reinvented as an entertainment hub.
Fashionable cafes and restaurants sit easily here
amidst centuries of history.
The Aker Brygge district is a popular meeting place
for both locals and visitors.
Wander along this historic area lined with yachts and boutique shops.
Take the short ferry to the museums of Bygdøy
to journey deeper into Oslo’s rich history.
Visit the Viking Ship Museum to see a stunning display of
800 year-old long-ships.
many believed these fierce warriors were amongst the greatest seafarers that ever lived.
At the Fram Museum, learn how the crews of early polar expeditions survived
in one of the coldest and most dangerous places on earth.
Walk through the original interior of the Fram
the strongest wooden ship ever built,
designed to withstand the crushing pressure of the ice flows.
The nearby Kon-Tiki Museum is a tribute to an epic adventure
that captivated and inspired a world, exhausted by the second world war.
In 1947, Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl
successfully sailed from Peru to Polynesia
on a crude balsa wood raft.
Also on the Bygdøy Peninsula is the Norsk Folkemuseum.
This large, open-air museum has more than 140 historic buildings
and a vast collection of artefacts from the country’s past.
Enjoy demonstrations of traditional folk music and dancing
and experience what life was like on traditional farms of the area.
It is not only nautical pioneers that are revered in Oslo.
Visit the Nobel Peace Center
which showcases the achievements of pioneers in world peace.
This sometimes controversial award is presented each year in the City Hall,
one of Oslo’s most famous and beautiful buildings.
Another of Oslo’s premier buildings its Opera House,
just a short stroll away.
Said to resemble a glacier
it’s gentle sloping roof is a popular meeting place
and a great spot to enjoy a panoramic view.
Norway is home to one of the oldest monarchies in the world and the Royal Palace,
right in the centre of the city is their official residence.
Enjoy the beautiful palace park, especially in the summer,
when the sun doesn’t set until after 11.00 pm.
As the day comes to a close,, head back toward the docks to Thief Island.
In a land with a history of innovation and pioneering,
this area is showing the world how urban renewal is done.
Once a prison, today this dynamic area is full of art galleries,
modern restaurants and outstanding public art.
No matter where you wander in Oslo,
this modern city with a heroic past is full of character,
flavour and adventure.


ノルウェーの首都-オスロを探索しましょう! (Oslo Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

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