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Come on, come on, come on. This is, is this insane?
How could this not be working? This is a new car, what…
Hey, good morning! I'm good, have a good one.
I just wanna go to bed.
How am I gonna get the money to pay for my car? Maybe I'll ask my parents.
Oh god, this guy.
Hey, what's up? Hey! You walk today?
Yeah. That's good exercise.
It is. my calves are burning.
Oh. You don't know anything about my life.
God…..how does an ankle moves like that
Cute strut, girl. Who is that guy?
Allison, I need to talk to you about showing up late today.
You know, it's really important that everybody just be on the same page.
Hope you're happy with yourself, Allison you're XXXX up.
Look, Allison's talking to the big boss.
Yeah, I bet she's getting that promotion.
People have been saying things?
I mean, I'm not gonna name many names about this.
Are you happy, Allison? Everyone hates you.
She deserves it. Totally. Yeah.
His Facebook official with this bitch?
He wouldn't even tag me in a photo, what is she?
She's so pretty.
What's so funny?
Oh umm… this is really silly video about monkeys. It's bonobos,
so they just like make love all the time and never fight.
Oh, those are the ones with the big butts.
Okay, thank you so much.
Who was that? Oh, I'm getting a new apartment.
Oh cool. That's so awesome. Where are you moving to?
Uh. Like a little further west. That's great.
My roommate kicked me out. The west side's awful.
Yeah, it'll be good.
Yeah, this is gonna take all afternoon. Really?
Of course I broke my computer. I'm never gonna get my work done.
Hope you're happy with yourself.
Is Allison sunbathing? I think so.
It's kinda badass, right? Yeah.Go Allison. No kidding.
I'm gonna get fired. Oh hi. Oh, this is the end.
My mom is so mad at me right now. Why am I such a terrible daughter?
Ohh, who's that?
It's just my mom. My mom is so obsessed with me and I can't stand her.
This tastes bad.
Hey, how's your day going?
I'm having the worst day of my life.
I know, the coffee machine's broken again. It always does this.
I know, that's the worst. I wish I was blonde.


What Your Worst Day Looks Like To Everyone Else

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