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  • Come on, come on, come on. This is, is this insane?

  • How could this not be working? This is a new car, what

  • Hey, good morning! I'm good, have a good one.

  • I just wanna go to bed.

  • How am I gonna get the money to pay for my car? Maybe I'll ask my parents.

  • Oh god, this guy.

  • Hey, what's up? Hey! You walk today?

  • Yeah. That's good exercise.

  • It is. my calves are burning.

  • Oh. You don't know anything about my life.

  • God… does an ankle moves like that

  • Cute strut, girl. Who is that guy?

  • Allison, I need to talk to you about showing up late today.

  • You know, it's really important that everybody just be on the same page.

  • Hope you're happy with yourself, Allison you're XXXX up.

  • Look, Allison's talking to the big boss.

  • Yeah, I bet she's getting that promotion.

  • People have been saying things?

  • I mean, I'm not gonna name many names about this.

  • Are you happy, Allison? Everyone hates you.

  • She deserves it. Totally. Yeah.

  • His Facebook official with this bitch?

  • He wouldn't even tag me in a photo, what is she?

  • She's so pretty.

  • What's so funny?

  • Oh ummthis is really silly video about monkeys. It's bonobos,

  • so they just like make love all the time and never fight.

  • Oh, those are the ones with the big butts.

  • Okay, thank you so much.

  • Who was that? Oh, I'm getting a new apartment.

  • Oh cool. That's so awesome. Where are you moving to?

  • Uh. Like a little further west. That's great.

  • My roommate kicked me out. The west side's awful.

  • Yeah, it'll be good.

  • Yeah, this is gonna take all afternoon. Really?

  • Of course I broke my computer. I'm never gonna get my work done.

  • Hope you're happy with yourself.

  • Is Allison sunbathing? I think so.

  • It's kinda badass, right? Yeah.Go Allison. No kidding.

  • I'm gonna get fired. Oh hi. Oh, this is the end.

  • My mom is so mad at me right now. Why am I such a terrible daughter?

  • Ohh, who's that?

  • It's just my mom. My mom is so obsessed with me and I can't stand her.

  • This tastes bad.

  • Hey, how's your day going?

  • I'm having the worst day of my life.

  • I know, the coffee machine's broken again. It always does this.

  • I know, that's the worst. I wish I was blonde.

Come on, come on, come on. This is, is this insane?


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