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Today, you’re reacting to this!
Might be cat food. Is it cat food?
Guess it’s some type of meat.
Is this ham?
Ah, I know what this is. It’s spam!
It’s spam! Nooo!
I was gonna get spam musubi after this.
Tip it over and try to dump it out.
No! Why you make me do this?
Oh, it’s making a really gross noise.
Ah, that’s so gross!
This is ex… I’ll pick that up.
Whoo, this looks good.
That’s a block of meat.
Uncooked…hamburger, and you had this slime on it.
It smells like something good going bad.
Smells like cat food. I do not like cat food. Get it away from me!
Time to eat!
I’ll gonna eat it like this.
Oh, wait, like the…, alright, usually like I cook it, haha.
Eee, Oh My! Ok.
Haha, it’s stuck.
Straight from the can!
What is that? Tastes so gross!
I don’t even feel good. Oh my God!
1, 2, I can’t believe it I’m doing this, 3. It’s enjoyable. I don’t like how it’s enjoyable.
From the outside, it looks like a cold, wet substance of the grossness.
But when you taste it, you’ll have a mouthwatering masterpiece even though it had nothing on it!
I’m gonna slice it off, like a gentleman, haha. It’s actually really good raw.
Hmm, tastes like chicken.
It’s good. I want this. I wanna keep it! Doesn’t really look really good on the outside, but in the inside, it’s gorgeous!
Can you tell me what it is now?
It’s called Spam.
Spam…Is it like a yam?
Spam? Is it an animal?
Ohh, Spam! I’ve heard of it. Really? I’ve always thought that it was…Spam was disgusting.
You know what spam is?
I don’t know what spam is.
That’s cat food.
It’s a kind of meat that comes from some sort of pork.
That’s like asking what’s in a hot dog, or what’s in McDonald’s.
It is processed goo that taste really good.
Spam is primarily made out of pork shoulder and ham, which is meat from a pig’s rear.
A little bit disturbing.
I just ate a butt?
Hahahaha, wait a minute. I just ate a pig butt? It’s okay, who cares?
It’s from the pig’s rear end! It’s disgusting! It’s really disgusting! But I love it. It’s, it’s good.
So finally do you recommend other people try spam?
Yes. So good!
No. No. Haha. Never.
It’s so addicting and good!
No one should try this.
Yes, it’s really good! But I don’t think anybody likes a butt.
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Thumbs up for canned meat! Yummy!
Goodbye guys!
Aloha brother'!



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