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  • Today, youre reacting to this!

  • Sardines?

  • Might be cat food. Is it cat food?

  • Guess it’s some type of meat.

  • Is this ham?

  • Ah, I know what this is. It’s spam!

  • Spam.

  • It’s spam! Nooo!

  • I was gonna get spam musubi after this.

  • Tip it over and try to dump it out.

  • No! Why you make me do this?

  • Oh, it’s making a really gross noise.

  • Oh!

  • Ah, that’s so gross!

  • This is ex… I’ll pick that up.

  • Whoo, this looks good.

  • That’s a block of meat.

  • Slimy

  • Uncookedhamburger, and you had this slime on it.

  • It smells like something good going bad.

  • Smells like cat food. I do not like cat food. Get it away from me!

  • Time to eat!

  • Noooooo.

  • I’ll gonna eat it like this.

  • Oh, wait, like the…, alright, usually like I cook it, haha.

  • Eee, Oh My! Ok.

  • Haha, it’s stuck.

  • Straight from the can!

  • What is that? Tastes so gross!

  • I don’t even feel good. Oh my God!

  • 1, 2, I can’t believe it I’m doing this, 3. It’s enjoyable. I don’t like how it’s enjoyable.

  • From the outside, it looks like a cold, wet substance of the grossness.

  • But when you taste it, youll have a mouthwatering masterpiece even though it had nothing on it!

  • I’m gonna slice it off, like a gentleman, haha. It’s actually really good raw.

  • Hmm, tastes like chicken.

  • It’s good. I want this. I wanna keep it! Doesn’t really look really good on the outside, but in the inside, it’s gorgeous!

  • Can you tell me what it is now?

  • It’s called Spam.

  • SpamIs it like a yam?

  • Spam? Is it an animal?

  • Ohh, Spam! I’ve heard of it. Really? I’ve always thought that it wasSpam was disgusting.

  • You know what spam is?

  • I don’t know what spam is.

  • That’s cat food.

  • It’s a kind of meat that comes from some sort of pork.

  • That’s like asking what’s in a hot dog, or what’s in McDonald’s.

  • It is processed goo that taste really good.

  • Spam is primarily made out of pork shoulder and ham, which is meat from a pig’s rear.

  • A little bit disturbing.

  • I just ate a butt?

  • Hahahaha, wait a minute. I just ate a pig butt? It’s okay, who cares?

  • It’s from the pig’s rear end! It’s disgusting! It’s really disgusting! But I love it. It’s, it’s good.

  • So finally do you recommend other people try spam?

  • Yes.

  • Yes. So good!

  • No. No. Haha. Never.

  • No.

  • It’s so addicting and good!

  • No.

  • No one should try this.

  • Yes, it’s really good! But I don’t think anybody likes a butt.

  • Thanks for watching KIDS vs. FOOD here on the REACT Channel.

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  • Thumbs up for canned meat! Yummy!

  • Goodbye guys!

  • Aloha brother'!

Today, youre reacting to this!


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子供 vs. 食品 - スパム (KIDS vs. FOOD - SPAM)

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