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- I like a secret redneck.
- Yeah.
(upbeat music)
Whatever we do the south goes way harder.
Just like all decadent as (bleep).
They're like you eat it,
and then it's just nap time.
- I'm really excited for sweet tea,
because I feel like ladies like sweet tea,
and I've always wanted to be a lady.
- [man in plaid shirt] Oprah?
Oh Okra.
What's okra?
- This is okra dude.
It's a--
- Okay, I thought it was animal.
- It looks like a banana pepper.
What do they call it?
- Why don't you like okra?
- It's so slimy.
It's disgusting.
- [woman on right] Yeah. - [woman on left] Mmm.
- I love a good pickle.
- [woman with long brown hair] What's this?
A little peanut?
- [woman with purple hair] Yeah, a little peanut.
- [woman with long brown hair] Little peanuts?
- It looks like a cartoon of
like what a little poop would look like.
Doesn't it?
- Ew, it's slimy.
- I don't like that it's wet.
- Mmm,mm,mm,mm,mm,mm.
- It feels like a bean.
- It's salty,
and it's (bleep) (mumbles).
- I like it a lot.
- I am pleasantly surprised.
I am not gonna lie.
- [Voiceover] Liver mush.
It looks like burnt toast.
- A weird brownie, that's what it feels like.
- It smells pretty good.
- I'm not mad at it.
Maybe it would be with ketchup or like a sauce.
- You're not mad at it?
- Uh-uh.
- Yeah, it's like a sandier cousin of the hamburger.
- I could see myself cuttin' open one of these biscuits,
putting it in there.
- Can you give us like five minutes?
I just wanna finish eating.
- [Voiceover] Country ham
- It's not your typical deli ham you see in the supermarket.
- This is like
- You guys are on some next level (bleep) here.
- It's like a hug from the Lord.
It's delicious.
- Mm.
- [both] Mm, mm, mm.
Mm, mm, mm.
- What would happen if I replaced my morning coffee
with this gravy?
- Oh here's something that tastes good.
I know what we'll do.
We'll soak it in butter and gravy.
Oh, you're a genius.
- [woman with long brown hair] Oh it's a moon pie.
- (bleep) yes.
- Oh my (bleep).
- (bleep) yes.
- Who needs something this big?
There's like three cookies in one.
- Looks like a s'more on steroids.
- Oh, try and take this away from me.
- That's probably the thickest cookie I've ever had.
- It's a lot to bite into.
- I could see like every third grader in the south
like just having one of these in their lunch boxes.
- This is something where I'm like,"Oh I like this."
Is this the best thing I've ever eaten?
No, but if you tried to take it away from me
I would kill you.
- I think all southern food feels like
it's prepared with love.
- I think there's something to be said for this food
in moderation.
- You're worried about your arteries.
- California needs to step it up a little bit.
- I know.
We're like--
Everything that we're doing is like,
"How can we add kale to it?"
(bleep) that.
Give me sugar ham.
- Yeah.
- I think southern food makes you happy while you eat it,
and then right afterwards you're like,
"All right, nap time."
- And then you're happy while you nap.
Then you wake up you're cranky,
and you just eat again and you're happy.


Americans Try Southern Food For The First Time

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