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My favorite fast food fries are hands down McDonalds.
Burger King
Five Guys
I think McDonalds and In-n-Out are like the top two. Hands down.
We had people try famous fast food French fries to see which ones they like the best.
Except we didn't tell them where they were from.
It's good but it's not like mind-blowing.
Yeah, it's a little soggy.
A flavor reminiscent of fried Q-Tip.
There is no salt on it. There is no seasoning.
There are certain fries that can stand alone without ketchup. These are not those fries.
Mm…(McDonald's) fluffy, salty, definitely McDonald's.
Taking a bite of one is like taking a bite of my entire childhood and the American flag.
It's like a French fry that you make out of Play Doh. Plastic surgery fries.
It's had a little cosmetic surgery.
They just taste exactly what a fry should taste like.
Five Guys
No…That's not Five Guys.
It's gotta be Five Guys.
Soooo good.
These are good. These are like gourmet fast food fries.
It's clearly a potato.
It's like this is fresh from the farm.
What fries are these?
That's gotta be Five Guys.
Yeah. That's Five Guys.
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew
There is a flavor here that I'm detecting that's unlike any other fries flavor I've ever had.
Dude. This smells like paint.
These look like reject fries. Like they're discount fries.
That's not a French fry. It's disgusting.
I don't even know what it is.
I'm finishing it. It's so gross.
Burger King
These are interesting.
These are like diner fries.
These taste like bowling alley fries.
Oh no no, that…has a weird. There's another flavor. Mmm…
Burger King. What up.
Best fries ever!
This is very good but it has a taste.
Seasoned to perfection.
I'm into these. I'm really into these.
Yeah. This is winning for sure.
Carl's Jr.
The very long French fry.
I've had these fries. I don't know where they're from though.
They almost taste like popcorn.
Seasoned enough. That's nice.
Old Burger King
These taste like fries made by a place that doesn't normally make fries.
Alright, I'm gonna go Carl's Jr. on this one.
I think they are like, revamped their fries.
Burger King.
Oh Burger King, yes.
It's got a little bit of crunch.
A little bit of sogginess to it.
Crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside.
Just like me.
Burger King french with McDonalds.
That's like incest.
Are you saving these for anyone else, or can I just eat them all?
I mean this is a great day like I just came to work and now I'm eating French fries.



ファストフードのポテト食べ比べ(Fast Food Fries Taste Test)

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