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Welcome to how to cook that I am Ann Reardon And today I have a very exciting video for
you, not only am I going to show you how to make this Christmas gingerbread house but
you also have a chance to win my mixer. Well not my one I've got a new one for you of course.
I have actually got four to give away and I'll tell you later in this video how you
can win those. And there is also two bonus videos for you
this week one is the enchanted gingerbread house and one is the dragons den you can watch
both of those on the Breville Food Thinkers channel and I’ll link to that at the end
of this one and in the description below. To make the gingerbread dough Preheat your
oven to 170C or 340F And for your ingredients you'll need brown
sugar, golden syrup or you can use treacle there instead, butter, spices and your flour.
For all of the ingredient quantities in grams and ounces and cups head over to that Breville
Food Thinkers website, I’ll put a link to that recipe in the description below this
one. Now we want to add all the ingredients except
for your flour into the bowl of our electric mixer. Now I always get asked what mixer do
you have now I've actually got a Breville scraper mixer pro and I'll show you one of
the things that I like best about this mixer in just one minute. Add our syrup. So one
of the things I like best about this mixer is this scraper paddle what it does is while
it is mixing it scrapes along the side of the bowl so you don;t have to stop and scrape
it down. Set your mixer onto folding and keep it going for 2 minutes and there is a handy
little timer on the front that you can use there.
And then we want to add our flour into the mix. And mix it on low speed until it makes
a nice dough. Now you don't want to put it on high speed because if you do that then
it will add too much air to the dough and then it is going to rise in the oven.
For this house I am using a silicone mold and I’ll link to where you can get that
from in the description below as well. Take your dough and form a it into ball then
cut it into quarters. Take 3 of those quarters and cut them in half so you’ve got 6 even
pieces. Then take the remaining quarter, roll that
into a ball and cut that into four and then add one of each of those to four of your other
existing pieces. Use the two smaller bits of dough for the
side walls and then the other dough for the larger wall and the roof. Now you are going
to need to press the dough into the mold really firmly to make sure it gets into those tiny
window sections and all the cracks. Be quite rough with it otherwise you'll get lots of
air bubbles under the dough. Then to get the top flat tap it with the flat part of your
hand and make sure the edges are straight so that the house sits nicely together once
it is baked.
Then place them onto trays and put them in the oven for 20 minutes. Halfway through cooking
baking swap the trays from top to bottom so they don't overcook.
Once you take it out of the oven let it cool for about 5 minutes and then flip it out onto
a wire rack and let it cool completely before decorating them. It will seem quite soft when
you tip it out but it will get firmer as it cools.
Next we want to melt some compound white chocolate, select the melt chocolate function on the
microwave. in the microwave, dial it up to the right weight and press start.
If you don’t have a Breville microwave then you can just put it in a normal microwave.
30 sec stir, 20 sec stir, 10 sec stir and repeat the 10 sec until its melted.
Tip some chocolate into the mold and spread it out making sure you get it into those fine
window lines. And the then tap it on the bench to get rid
of any air bubbles as we can. Quickly add the gingerbread piece
over the top and press it on gently. Wipe of any excess chocolate that has oozed
out onto to edge because we still want it to have straight edges so we can join it together
properly. Once that's set firmly just peel off the mold
and you’re left with a beautiful looking wall, repeat that with the others walls and
then for the door we are going to make that out of solid chocolate so just fill it up
to the top tap it to get rid of any air bubbles and let it set.
OK now to make our royal icing which is a bit like the glue which holds the whole thing
together just add our packet mix and the amount of water it tells you which is 50ml into the
bowl and then add it to your mixer and mix it on low to start with so it doesn't go everywhere
and then we will turn it up to high after that. If you want to make it from scratch
there is a recipe on the howtocookthat.net website and I'll link you to that below.
Place the icing into a piping bag that's fitted with a round shaped nozzle shake it down to
the bottom of the bag and twist the top to stop it all coming back out the top when you
squeeze it. To assemble your house lay the walls out flat
like this on your board then pipe a line of icing along where the base of the walls are
going to sit remembering to leave a gap where the door is.
Then pipe a line of icing on each side of the side walls, not too close to the edge
because we don’t want too much to spill out the front.
Lift up two walls and join them together, then add another wall and finally the last
one. Wriggle them around to make sure they are all straight and joining properly and
then them leave them for a few minutes for the joins to firm up.
To decorate the roof we are going to cover it in a clamshell pattern. Start at one side
at the top and then equally space semi-circles going across that top edge. Then starting
from the edge of the next row pipe to the bottom of the previous semi-circle, loop down
and then back up, down and up and repeat that all the way across. Repeat rows like that
until you get the bottom. Now before it has a chance to dry place it
into a container and pour hundreds and thousands all over it, then tip it upside down to shake
off the excess. Take your mini m&m’s and use some royal
icing to attach them in the spaces, you can just use random colours or you can put them
in patterns in rows. Now before we put our roof on if you want
to put something inside you need to do that now. That will do. Now take some icing and
we want to put it down the supports on one side and across the top here and up the other
side. Then take one side of your roof and place it on top like that.
And while that's setting you may need to put something in place just to support it so that
it doesn't slide off. Then take your icing and we need to pipe up
like we did before and this time across the top of the roof. Up the side and across the
other one. Then grab your other roof and pop that into
place. And just hold it for a minute until it's ready to hold itself.
Roll out some red fondant really thinly and cut a strip about a cm wide. Then add that
to the front of your house to cover those joins where the two gingerbread house pieces
are coming together. Then cut some more fondant and use that to add just under the roof join
to make it look neat. Pipe dots of icing along the top, down the front edges and along the
sides of your roof. Then use some royal icing to put your door
into place. And now it's time to make our wreaths. Roll
out some green fondant into a snake. Now you don't want this to be too thick, make it thinner
than you want your wreath to be. And then join it to make a circle in the size you want
it. Now we want to roll some really, really thin
snakes of green. If you have a fondant extruder that will make this job much quicker but you
can do it by hand. Take the thin snakes of green and layer them over your circle to make
it look like a bushy wreath. You can make two of these, one for the front and one for
the back of the house. To make your bow roll out some red fondant
thinly, trim it to make a long, skinny rectangle. And then fold the two ends into the middle
and bend them so that they are coming down like a ribbon would from a bow.
Cut out a triangle from each end. Then roll a ball of red and add it to the middle.
Use a little bit of water to dampen the back, lift it up and add it to your wreath.
Then add some little silver decoration balls onto it.
Now for the windows we want to make it look like candy canes. So roll out a snake of white.
And then using a pizza cutter cut one thick and two skinny strips of red and add them
to the white. Then roll it out until it is the desired thickness that you want to go
around your windows. And twist it as you roll to get that candy cane look.
Then use a little bit of water to dampen the fondant on one side of it and add it around
the top of your window and trim to size. Repeat that on all of your windows.
To make the wooden window sills, take some brown fondant and roll it out thickly and
then cut that into a strip. Use the tip of your knife to make a wooden
pattern indent in the top of your fondant and then take slices the width of your windows
and put them into place. For those little bushes out the front we are
going to use mint leaves. Just cut off the base of them so that they will stand up. And
make them different sizes so it looks more realistic. Now for our Christmas tree. Roll
out a long snake of green fondant and then roll it flat into a strip. Use your pizza
cutter to straighten it out and then wrap it around the base of the ice cream cone.
And as you come to the first join, use your scissors to make little cuts in and some can
be deeper than others, you can just give it a bit of variation there. And you can space
some unevenly as well. Continue to cut it and wrap it, overlapping
each layer so that you can't see the cone. When you get near the top add some green over
the point to cover it and then wrap the strip around to the top. Squeeze it at the top to
make a point and to make it stick together. Then add some of your soft sugar pearls around
just to decorate it, just gently press them into the fondant.
Cover your cake board in royal icing and then add your mint leave bushes into place around
the base of your house. Then sprinkle the whole thing with icing sugar to make it look
like snow. I like to use a tea infuser for this because it's just the right size and
it lets you shake a thin layer over it without getting it everywhere.
Take some red and green smarties in a bag, crush them up using your roiling pin, just
hit them well. Define an area where you want your path to be and sprinkle on the broken
smarties. Add your tree into place and put a little
bit of icing for snow on the top of that one too.
So to win one of the Breville Scraper Mixer Pros and the digital scales from Breville
what you need to do is in the comments below write what country you're from and why you
would like to win. It's as easy as that and then we'll choose a winner from that! Now
I have one of these to give away in the US, one in Canada, one in New Zealand and one
for Australia. Sorry to the rest of the world, I do love
you, but that's just the countries that we can send these to. So put below the country
you are from and why you would like to win. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy
sweet creations. Check out the other two gingerbread house
videos here, click here to go to the howtocookthat channel and here for the howtocookthat website.
Have a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.


GINGERBREAD HOUSE RECIPE How To Cook That for Christmas

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