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  • Fine! Yes I'd love to!

  • Thanks Gene I'll be there...two o'clock. Goodbye.

  • You know three weeks ago I couldn't have accepted that invitation. Like so many people these

  • days we live in the suburbs and Dave needs the car every day for business. When he was

  • gone I was practically a prisoner in my own home. I couldn't get out to see my friends,

  • couldn't take part in PTA activities, well I couldn't even shop when I wanted to. I had

  • to wait 'till Thursday night after Dave brought the car home. But that's all changed now.

  • [ Opens blinds dramatically. ]

  • Three weeks ago we bought another Ford: the new, low priced, Customline Victoria. Isn't

  • it stunning? Dave has it all to himself. And I now have the Ranch Wagon all to myself.

  • It's a whole new way of life! Now I'm free to go anywhere, do anything, see anybody anytime

  • I want to. It's only good common sense. Why be stuck with one expensive car when you can

  • enjoy all the fun and freedom of two fine Fords?

  • (Stereotypical 1950's male voiceover) Today, more and more families are finding out how

  • easy it is to become two Ford families. You can choose from twenty different models, colors

  • galore, and each available with Thunderbird Power, with styling inspired by the famous

  • Ford Thunderbird, and each with the extra protection of Ford's Lifeguard design. See

  • your Ford dealer soon!

Fine! Yes I'd love to!


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1950年代テレビ広告 (1950's TV Ad)

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