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  • Guts! Cody and guys are at the park.

  • Playing football.

  • With "Downtown" Darius Jackson!

  • Let's GO!

  • You're not going anywhere.

  • Without your "BIG GAME LIQUID SLAM"!

  • Excellent!

  • Go long!

  • This one is going downtown.

  • We've got full team.

  • Liquid Slam!

  • Liquid Slam!

  • Ahhhhhhhh

  • Jesus Christ!

  • Run Run Run We gotta walk!

  • Help him! Help him!

  • Come on!

  • DIE!!!!

  • Tough day kids?

  • Well. I've got just the thing.

  • How about some "Big Game Pizza Pigskins"?

  • Awesome! Yeah.

  • Touchdown, Mrs. D.

  • Sack your hunger with Big Game Pizza Pigskins.

  • Pizza that tastes better on a football.

  • Always use a flame-thrower with adult supervision.

Guts! Cody and guys are at the park.


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