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  • Impressive!

  • You upgraded your armor.

  • Ive made a few adjustments of my own.

  • Wow... Are you kidding me with that takeoff speed??

  • Umm.. It takes a while!

  • But, I'll catch you.

  • Are you sure about that?

  • I mean, have you even flown in that thing before?

  • Not exactly.

  • But I assure you it's more advanced in every way.

  • Oh well, if you say it's more advanced, then by all means I guess I'll just surrender right-- tank missile!

  • Careful man, that's a brand new suit here!

  • (explosion)

  • So you just killed him?

  • Yea, I mean it was either that or have Pepper do it for me.

  • So I just decided to take all the credit.

  • That's sort of arrogant and thoughtful.

  • But still, you just killed him off. That's pretty dark...

  • I mean you knew the guy almost your whole life.

  • He tried to kill me.. twice.

  • And haven't you learned yet that if you put your super villain in prison,

  • they just vow revenge and just break out again?

  • Yea that, that never happens.

  • So after you killed him what happened?

  • Well after that, I have had a press conference and told the world I'm Iron Man.

  • What?!

  • Dude!

  • You can't give away your secret identity!

  • Why not? Because I did and I'm awesome.

  • So.. in your face.

  • You just can't. I mean you're not supposed to.

  • Ehh, I like the attention.

  • And you mean to tell me, you've never revealed your secret identity before?

  • Ahh, no..

  • HA! Try every girl you've ever dated!

  • What?

  • Oh I'm Bruce Wayne and I like you.

  • Let me tell you my big secret.

  • Oh you're one to talk!

  • Mr. Mind Eraser.

  • Oh, don't even!

  • I will freeze breath your face off.

  • No you won't.

  • You're right, I won't. I love this guy... Up top!

  • But you know I could've high fived you into the ground just now, right?

  • Guys, guys. It's not a contest.

  • Because I think we all know who would win if it were..

  • Me.

  • Oh, whatever!

  • I'm Batman.

  • Let's arm wrestle right now.

  • Hey!

  • How come you guys never ask me to hang out?



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アイアンマンはどのように終わるべきだったのか (How Iron Man Should Have Ended)

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