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  • What is the point about the pocket?

  • Today, we're getting naked for the internet again.

  • We're trying on Valentine's Day Lingerie.

  • We're back, baby.

  • I have no experience with sexy lingerie, which is kind of sad.

  • Maybe it'll get us all in the mood.

  • I'm wearing a dance belt and were hiding it because the dance belt still looks gross.

  • How's the bottom? The most great!

  • Thank you!

  • (Corset&Heart panties)

  • This is a corset, right? Of course it is.

  • Uhh...I already hate this because there are way too many clasps on it.

  • I feel like the sexiest thing clothes can do is be easy to take off.

  • I feel like I'm talking a little higher because it's just like soaking everything in.

  • The pressure literally pushes that burp out of me

  • It's like I'm being punished for dating you.

  • How expensive is this nonsense?

  • It's like Disney version of sexy.

  • I like this....

  • I'm looking at this and I'm confused cuz there are like so many leg holes.

  • Oh no! That's not a leg hole. That's a bottom.

  • Oh...yeah....

  • I'm afraid to bend down cuz the string may never escape me.

  • Oh, this hurts! The fabric is scratching my stomach.

  • They don't show that part in sexy movie is like you know you gotta prepare.

  • I think this is more trouble than it's worth. I think if they have this like a velcro, yeah...

  • (Racy Bodysuit) What the f**k is this!

  • What!

  • This one is really selling something, you know.

  • Bam, I missed...

  • When I saw this on my "how you cover the boobs," the answer is you don't.

  • I need someone's help.

  • How can anyone without an engineering degree figure this out!

  • This is a Rubik's Cube of lingerie.

  • Who knew being sexy was so hard.

  • Does it looks like a box? No.

  • Does it look like a sexy train wreck of cables? Yes.

  • If it's even half this hard to take off as it was to put on, this is not worth it.

  • I don't think man would do Valentine's Day if they had this type of suit.

  • That's a lot of butt. I don't think anyone would look great in this.

  • It does make me feel differently about Valentine's Day. It makes me feel like I'm not missing much.

  • (Babydoll dress)

  • I don't like the name of that. We should rename this.

  • This is what I picture. This is what I think lingerie should be.

  • I bet people like this.

  • What else is there to say. It's cute.

  • First of all, easy access.

  • It's good cuz I'm flexible to go in like all different sorts of positions.

  • I feel like a bird.

  • Like a nice or gentle breeze on my legs that I'm not quite used to.

  • This one is cozy. I feel like a woman could be sexy yet comfortable.

  • If my wife wore this, I would be turned on.

  • (Bow suit)

  • I forgot to get you a present, present.

  • This is ripped already.

  • I assume Ned is to blame.

  • Now, we're....Oh...I ripped tit.

  • This will make so few people look better.

  • I look like the man of the nudist colony.

  • Like the day you found out Satan is real.

  • Does that look like breast?

  • My boob keeps popping out. Get back in there.

  • If I'd like to be straight up, it rams the string up my bottom.

  • I just feel bad. The girls always have things up their butts. You know.

  • Almost like getting a prostate exam.

  • It's very obvious to me that this is not made for all body types.

  • You'd better be buying me a nice dinner tonight. I'm talking like...we get dessert, too.

  • They have man lingerie? I'm not doing this.

  • I know it's a lot of works to put on Valentine's Day lingerie.

  • Do I still like the way it looks? I do....

  • From trying on lady's underwear before I already know it's fairly uncomfortable and sexy.

  • This is just extremely uncomfortable and less sexy.

  • If it makes you feel good, and it makes your partner thinks you look extra great, then I think it's fantastic.

  • I mean the point of this is just like we just wanna have sex, right?

  • So...let's skip this and just get to it.

  • Hold on. Isn't it the problem with it? It's so hard to take it off.

What is the point about the pocket?


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