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  • The Spider-Man 2 game really nailed what a good Spider-Man game should be by adding in

  • the one element that made it so special, that being a huge open New York City that you can

  • just be Spider-Man in. So for the next Spider-Man game, it was clear what it needed for be.

  • It should keep the same feel of having an open world that is yours but add in more things

  • to do in the city and what it means to be Spider-Man. Ultimate Spider-man strives for

  • this while also bringing in the unique aspects of the Ultimate series.

  • One thing this game got right is the look. The art style of the city is superb, bringing

  • home the highly stylized art style that is so distinct to the Ultimate comics. It is

  • great to just web-swing around NYC, taking in the locations and sights and the crime.

  • The web-swinging, probably one if not the, most important part of a Spider-Man game,

  • feels good. It is easy to navigate and speed along through the streets. And as you do this,

  • you will notice crimes happening all around you. You then head down and take out the bad

  • guys, then go back to doing whatever Spidey does when not fighting crime.

  • This is where the gameplay loses its greatness, for there really isn’t much to do and everything

  • quickly becomes repetitive. The main points of the game are the story missions. Here you

  • fight against some of the great villains from the comics including Rhino, Electro, Green

  • Goblin and more. To unlock the next story mission, you have to do side-missions, which

  • include great fun things like races and beatem up sections. The combat has many different

  • moves and combos but it's most effective when just pressing one button. So the side-missions

  • really drag on you and make getting to the next fun mission a chore.

  • Thankfully the game mixes things up by giving some missions where you play as Venom, which

  • are some of the best parts of the game. Venom is a bruiser and is all about combat, making

  • use of his strength and tentacles.

  • The game gets the open concept and art of the game down, with that being the best parts.

  • But it's the limited combat and repetitive missions that hold the game back. While Spider-Man

  • 2 was a major leap forward for Spider-Man games, this one is a step to the side but

  • while wearing really fancy shoes.

The Spider-Man 2 game really nailed what a good Spider-Man game should be by adding in


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CGR Undertow - ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN レビュー for PlayStation 2 (CGR Undertow - ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN review for PlayStation 2)

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