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  • Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

  • [Panting]

  • Mph!

  • Okay.

  • Okay. Not dead.

  • Not dead. Oh my god, my dad is gonna kill me.

  • Uh!

  • [Carmilla comes in, starts throwing things into a bag]

  • Okay, seriously?!

  • What?

  • UhThis! [indicates neck wound]

  • Youre not dead.

  • That’s it? You just use me as a human juice box and I don’t even get an explanation?

  • Ugh! I’m a vampire and I’m pissed off. What were you expecting?

  • I needed the strength to catch Willy Boy before he ran off to Mother and ratted me out.

  • So, did you?

  • Yeah, I’m preparing to flee the scene because everything went to spec.

  • The little weasel got away. It’s only a matter of time before Mother comes after me.

  • So youre just gonna run?

  • Have you been listening to a word I’ve said about my mother?

  • Yeah!

  • And as soon as you leave theyre just gonna come for me.

  • Well, you know what? You never had much of a chance anyway.

  • Sorry, cutie. Nothing personal.

  • But it is! It’s totally personal.

  • Will was gonna kill me just to piss you off so you decked him.

  • It’s his word against yours that youre being all disobedient.

  • Running, though?

  • Thatll make you look guilty for sure.

  • So, coincidentally, my best chance is to stay here and figure out a way to justify protecting you?

  • Funny the way things work out, huh?

  • Fine.

  • But only because I have nothing resembling a better plan.

  • And don’t think that I’m not pissed off. I haven’t forgotten about the past two weeks.

  • You have been lying to me since the moment that we met.

  • And you just bit me. I’m pissed too.

  • Fine.

  • I’m gonna take a shower. I smell like the basement of an abattoir.

  • Terrific! See if you can scrape all of your hair out of the shower drain while youre at it.

  • Fine!

  • Fine!

  • [Carmilla goes into the bathroom]

  • [Laura examines the bite on her neck]

  • Ohh.

  • Holy crap.

  • So,

  • a pack of vampires wants to kidnap me for reasons unknown

  • and the only thing maybe stopping them is my quite possibly not as evil as they are roommate.

  • Who just bit me.

  • So that’s not complicated.

  • Also, I have a Lit midterm in five hours.

  • Ugh.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god!


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カーミラ|第22話|原作はJ.シェリダン・ル・ファヌのノヴェラ (Carmilla | Episode 22 | Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella)

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