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Ro: Hey, I’m Ro,
Ro: And welcome to Nerdy Nummies with Dodger! Dodger: Hello!
Ro: My special guest. Dodger: Very excited to be here. Ro: From press
Ro: heart to continue and coffee time. We, little ladies, is going to
Ro: make for you, mushroom cake pops today! Dodger: It’s gonna be awesome.
Ro: Yes, we’re gonna make 1-ups and… What’s the red one called?
Dodger: I don’t know… Mushrooms. Ro: Power Mushrooms? I think they’re called
Ro: Power Mushrooms. Dodger: We’re gonna make pow… The mushrooms that make you big.
Ro: Yeah I’m excited. Dodger: Which we could both use, so… Ro: Yeah, we’re gonna be like
Dodger: It’s gonna work out great. Ro: Perfect! Dodger: Hey, and I don’t have to
Dodger: sit in a chair, like all of your other guests.
Ro: Yeah, this is the first time, on Nerdy Nummies, where, we don’t have to
Ro: adjust this camera angle, we’re both petite ‘lil ladies here.
Dodger: I’m really excited about that. Ro: Me too!
Ro: Let’s get started!
Dodger: Today, what you will need is a giant bowl, some creamy frosting, yes?
Ro: Mmmhmm, creamy, no whipped! Dodger: Not whipped frosting, creamy! You will
Dodger: need a cake, already made, already done with that part. Ro: All ready!
Dodger: Some lollipop sticks, and some wax paper. Ro: Yes, you shall also need
Ro: big marshmallows, not the little marshmallows, green chocolate, which we will
Ro: melt, and red chocolate, which we will also melt. And these!
Dodger: What are those? Ro: I don’t know what these are, I found them in the
Ro: flower section, but it’s basically just foam. 2 Foam to stick
Ro: the cake pops in. Dodger: Foam. Ro: And, fancy frosting squirt bags.
Dodger: I’m really excited about the frosting squirt bags. Ro: I think the…
Dodger: I think the squirt bags are gonna be the best part of this.
Ro: And a little bit of black food coloring dye. For their little eyeballs.
Ro: Let’s get crackin. Dodger: Let’s do it.
Ro: We are cutting the cake, pre-made cake. Dodger: Are we doing it in fourths?
Ro: In half, oh yeah, let’s do that, do it in 4. Dodger: OK.
Ro: Into pieces because what you’re gonna do with the cake is you’re gonna make
Ro: cake crumbles in our big mixing bowl. Rub those 2 together, it rubs the
Ro: 2 together in the bowl! Dodger: Like this? Uh-haha it put’s the lotion
Dodger: on it’s skin. OK. Ro: Yeah, so you just, ber-ber-ber-ber-ber
Ro: Making zeh crumbs. Dodger: Oh I see, well, this is… Well, pfffft, yeah!
Ro: And, you can also break em up with your fingers, if this isn’t.
Dodger: Look at this. Ro: Perfect. Dodger: Magic.
Ro: Welcome to baking. Dodger: This is going so well. Ro: We’re making cake
Ro: pops today! Dodger: Huge chunks going in.
Ro: Ta-da! When it is done it should look like that, a whole bowl of crumbles.
Dodger: It feels really awesome when you put your hand in it too.
Ro: It’s like really soft. Add 1 can of frosting. Dodger: OK, the whole thing?!?
Ro: Yeah, ready? Dodger: Wow that’s really thick! Ro: OH! Oh! Dodger: OH!
Dodger: Oh it’s all going wrong. Are we? OK, do we just like mix
Dodger: it in with your hands? Ro: Mmmhmmm. Dodger: I’m on it. Oh it’s getting
Dodger: like, super… It’s like dough the more that you put in. Ro: Yeah.
Dodger: The more that you put in it, like firms up a lot. Ro: Yeah knead it like
Ro: dough. And the ratio that I use is just one cake, one cake mix, with one frosting.
Ro: Take a gander. Dodger: Behold. Ro: It should get really mushy like that.
Dodger: Really sticky. Ro: And basically what we’re gonna do next, is instead of
Ro: making like little meatballs, we’re gonna make little cake balls.
Ro: So if you’re Italiano. Dodger: Oh my, this will be easy. Ro: You know
Ro: how to… Dodger: Easy mode. Ro: Yeah, know how to roll a meat-a-ball!
Dodger: Alright, let’s do it. Ro: Same difference, let’s do this.
Ro: So we’ve got the tray lined with wax paper, we’re gonna roll these little
Ro: cake balls and then put them in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
Dodger: 15 minutes? Ro: Yeah, let’s get this goin. Dodger: OK, how big should
Dodger: they be? Like… Ro: Kinda smaller, because if they’re too heavy
Ro: they’ll fall down the cake pole. The cake… Dodger: I feel like my hands are
Dodger: not going to be good at this right now.
Ro: Just gonna stick him on the tray. Dodger: What does wax paper do? Why use
Dodger: wax paper? Ro: It’s so they won’t stick to this surface, apparently
Ro: nothing sticks to wax paper. Dodger: What? Ro: They use it to separate like
Ro: everything in baking.
Ro: Now, we are done with our cake pop meatballs, and we’re gonna put them in
Ro: the freezer for about 15 minutes.
Ro: While those are in the freezer, we’re gonna heat these up in the microwave for
Ro: 30 seconds, our colored chocolates. Dodger: Ah we’re holding our colors.
Ro: Oh, cause we’re so like that! Dodger: Magical… Ro: Yeah, so organized.
Dodger: Yeah. Ro: Yeah, and we’re gonna be super efficient because while these
Ro: are in the microwave, you’re gonna take your big, jumbo marshmallows, and
Ro: we’re gonna chop these in half. Dodger: Doin 3 things at once.
Ro: Yeah, efficiency. Dodger: What? Efficiency! Ro: Efficiency. Pff-pfff-pff!
Ro: These, are really, really hot so be careful. They came out of the microwave,
Ro: They’re all nice and melted. So what you do is, you, um, take one of the
Ro: half cut little marshmallows. And you stick him like halfway down the stick.
Dodger: Halfway down? Ro: Yeah, so he won’t get. Dodger: Like here?
Ro: Yeah, so he won’t get any dye on him. And then you dip him in the frosting,
Ro: the tip, get a little on there, it’s kind of like glue. Dodger: Like that?
Ro: And then take a little cake ball and stick it in the bottom.
Dodger: OK, ooh, these are cold. Ro: But don’t put him in all the way, cause,
Dodger: Because it will fall through? Ro: Because it will fall through.
Dodger: OK, so then do I push this back up? Ro: A little bit. You want to
Ro: pull him down. Dodger: Oh so down a little bit? Ro: So he won’t get the
Ro: red on him. Dodger: OK. Ro: Just kidding.
Ro: OK I’m excited, I’m excited. OK, um straight down, don’t swirl it.
Dodger: No swirling? Ro: Just straight down and back up. Dodger: Ah, ah, oh no!
Ro: Oh no! Both: OH! Ro: First one, perfect!
Ro: Sometimes they do that, the hardest thing about cake pops is, when you
Ro: pull it down, sometimes the chocolate wants to suck it off. So you…
Ro: It’s a tricky thing. OK, so dip this tip. Dodger: OK. Ro: Got a lot
Ro: of frosting on there. Then stick him in there. We’re gonna dip him straight down.
Ro: And I go really, really slow. Dodger: Oh you, like, submerge it all the way.
Ro: And then just hope it doesn’t fall off. Dodger: Oh, oh. Ro: Seriously.
Dodger: Oh dang, look at that. Ro: That is luck! Dodger: Submerging I think
Dodger: helps it a lot. Ro: I just twirl it a little bit so that the excess…
Dodger: So it evens out. Ro: Can fall off. Ro: I saw this on, I think it’s
Ro: Cake Bella, she is the creator of cake pops, she taps it a little bit.
Ro: And then we’re gonna stick it over here, in the foam, while it’s drying.
Dodger: OK. Ro: And then we’ll push up, oh I think it can go, I’m not sure.
Ro: Yeah, I think it’s OK.
Ro: Oh no! Here we go, here we go. Oh I’m… I’m just gonna keep doing this
Ro: until it drips because last… Dodger: Just keep on, when you turn it, it’s
Dodger: the turning! Ro: No, nooooo!!!
Dodger: I’m really depressed.
Ro: 1, 2 up. Dodger: Boom! AH! Ro: 1, 2 up, 1, 2 up. It’s up, it’s up.
Dodger: It looks great, it looks great, it looks great, I don’t want to jinx it.
Dodger: I don’t want to jinx it but it looks fantastic.
Ro: I’m gonna hold it right there, it ain’t going nowhere!
Ro: Out of 100, we made 1… Hahahaha!
Dodger: I think this one is my favorite. It literally is like raaaaaaah! It’s terrible.
Ro: Dodge is up, we’re gonna do this. Dodger: I’m putting so much,
Dodger: so much frosting on this time.
Ro: Straight down. Dodger: Straight down. Ro: Down and gentile, up,up, up and twist!
Ro: Haaaaah! Dodger: I didn’t go quite… ungghhh deep enough.
Ro: I like it. Dodger: This one kind of looks like he has an elvis hair-do.
Ro: Yeah, he has hair-do! Dodger: He’s like, oh hey, got my hair did.
Ro: He’s got some cake in his hair. Dodger: At the mushroom kingdom salon, oh
Dodger: yeah he does. Ro: Yeah he does. Dodger: Shhh, what cake?
Dodger: So, we learned stuff… We learned that, um, the cake pop, like the actual
Dodger: breading needs to be really cold. Ro: Really frozen! Dodger: Yeah,
Dodger: like, if you let it thaw at all, the stick goes right through it.
Ro: They fall, so the first ones that we did, we didn’t have any issues with them
Ro: falling down, but then over here, they started to get warmer from the freezer.
Ro: And then we put them back in the freezer, so… Freeze, freeze.
Dodger: Freeze. Ro: Do these when they are very cold. Dodger: Cake pops… Freeze.
Ro: Later on they started to actually look like little mushrooms. Dodger: Yeah, and
Dodger: we learned, we learned the, uh, the commit technique. Ro: Yeah.
Dodger: You dip and then you pff. Ro: Yeah, dip and then commit. Dodger: Yeah,
Dodger: you commit, you can’t just, like, gradually let it drip while you… No,
Dodger: it’ll fall. Ro: They fall all over the place.
Ro: So now we’re gonna let these dry, and we’re gonna decorate the pretty ones.
Ro: And the fuglies.
Ro: Ta-da. Dodger: Ta-da.
Ro: These are our fancy mushroom cake pops that we made. Dodger: Don’t they look great?
Ro: I kind of like this guy, but I also like the REALLY angry guy. I don’t know if
Ro: you guys can see him in the back but he’s just like, so angry that he’s so fail.
Ro: I like the one that just says WHY? This little guy, look at him. WHY?!?!
Dodger: So thanks for watching… No but, Ro: Thanks for watching.
Dodger: we actually do have, like, ones that. Ro: Yeah, just kidding!
Ro: So these were the mess-up ones, and the ones that actually kind of turned out,
Ro: that actually look kind of cute. Dodger: Yay!
Ro: Fa-da! Dodger: Wee!
Dodger: So some of them did good. Ro: They’re so cute! I don’t know, I have to pick
Ro: my favorite one. I don’t know. I really like, uhhhh
Ro: Thanks for watching another episode of Nerdy Nummies, I will put Dodge’s links
Ro: down below, and if you have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies
Ro: please let me know, leave me a comment. Let me know which creation you
Ro: would like to see next, and we will attempt it. Yes. Dodger: Yes.
Ro: Attempt is the word, attempt. Dodger: I will be eating it, so…
Ro: Hahaha yes! Alright, bye-bye. Dodger: Bye-bye
Ro: Cheers. Dodger: Cheers.
Ro: For you? Mmm-mmmm!



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