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Ro: Hey guys, its Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today I have a special guest,
Ro: this is my sister Mo. Mo: Hello!
Ro: we got so many more request to do something frozen related
Ro: specifically Elsa and Anna, so today
Ro: Mo and I are gonna be making... da da
Ro: princess Elsa. Mo: And Anna. Ro: princess cakes
Ro: Oh, put her little hand up, let's do a high five.
Ro: Oh yeah! Let's get started!
Ro: To make this princess cake, the first thing that you're gonna need are three
Ro: different types of cakes.
Mo: The first one is gonna be in an 8 inch round pan that's one inch high,
Mo: so it'll look like this. Then you'll also an eight inch pan
Mo: two inches high, so it'll be a little bit taller and we've leveled them off
Mo: so they're easy to stack up. Ro: Mmhmm! And the third cake you're gonna need
Ro: is gonna be a round dome shape cake. We made this by putting our batter into a bowl
Ro: and then look at that when you pop it out, boom!
Ro: A little dome. And just remember when you're baking your bowl cake to reduce your
Ro: heat in the oven by just a little bit,
Ro: and cook it for a little bit longer so that your cake doesn't burn.
Ro: Alright, let's stack this cake together!
Mo: Alright everybody, we're gonna start with our two inch cake and we're gonna put it
Mo: on these spinners so that it's easy to frost later. We're gonna take a small, round
Mo: cookie-cutter put it in the middle, and then cut down,
Mo: to hollow out the middle section. Ro: Perfect.
Ro: pull that puppy out! Both: Ta-da! Mo: Oh my god, that looks
Mo: delicious. Ro: As you can see we are making two princess cakes but you can just do this to one.
Ro: Now you're going to take your frosting. I've got a light blue frosting
Ro: and Mo's got a dark blue and you're just gonna put a little frosting
Ro: in between the cake layers like this. "wheeeeooooooo"
Ro: then you're going to take a spoon or spatula
Ro: and just move it around
Both: do-do-doo-doo, da-la, do-do-doo-doo, da-la, do-do-doo-doo, do-do-dee-dee-do-do-dee-dee
Ro: Now you're going to take your 8 one inch round and place it right on top. We've already cut holes in
Ro: the middle. Over dere? Mo: Hello! Ro: Herro!
Ro: Press them down, and it's okay if it's a little messy on the outside because we'll fix it later.
Ro: And then you're gonna frost again on the top and then we're gonna put on our domes.
Ro: now we're going to take your dome cakes and we've also cut a hole on the top of these
Ro: And we pushed it all the way through. Mo: Oops! Both: hahahaha
Mo: I'm dropping crumbs!
Ro: You're going to line it up and put it right on the top, perfect!
Ro: Now that we've got our cake layers stacked we've, got the princess dress
Ro: all ready, we're gonna make our crumb coat, which is just the first layer of
Ro: frosting, and they call it crumb coat because it has little crumbs in it. And that's OK!
Ro: Because it's the first layer, you don't see it.
Ro: So, take your frosting and this is where the spinner
Ro: really comes in handy. So, you're just gonna lightly press
Ro: a little bit of frosting out. Weee do do, all the way around, just spin your around
Ro: and work it down the cake.
Ro: Now you're going to take your must-patchula, and you're just going to slowly and gently
Ro: spread it all the way around.
Mo: And once you're done frosting, you're just gonna take your cake and place it in the freezer
Mo: for about ten-minutes you and and it will help the frosting harden to help us
Mo: When we sculpt and decorate the dresses. Ro: Now you're going to take your dolls
Ro: and, if you don't have the Anna and Elsa dolls, that's okay you can just get
Ro: Barbies that have similar hair colors. One that has blonde hair and one that has
Ro: kind of a red-brownish color
Ro: And now we are going to de-robe them. Mo: Take her boots off, kick-back
Ro: I feel so, like, creepy. I'm like, taking off her skirt, OK.
Mo: You're going to want to put the arms up to make sure that they don't stick down in the cake and
Mo: Ruin any of the frosting. Ro: Put your arms up oh ah-oh oh. Mo: Put your hands up, playin' my song
Both: Butterflies fly away! Ro: Alright now we're going to just stick them in, right down the middle.
Ro: Weeeeeoooop
Mo: Now that we have our beautiful sister princesses in their gorgeous gowns,
Mo: it's time to start decorating them. And I'm gonna start with some
Mo: purple dyed frosting. Ro: Mmhmm! Mo: And Rosanna has some teal.
Ro: Yeah, I got some light teal, and we're just going to decorate the dresses to look like
Ro: Anna and Elsa from the movie. But, were going to get a little creative with it. You can decorate it
Ro: how ever you'd like. I'm gonna do snowflakes and sparkles.
Ro: And for Anna we're gonna do little flowers
Mo: Yeah I'm gonna do some flowers and um, foofy things on her dress.
Ro: Yeah let's get foofy with it! First thing I'm gonna do is I've got a tip, it's number fotry eight
Ro: and its kind of this long tip and you'll see what kind of shape
Ro: it makes. But I'm just gonna fill in, right here
Ro: where she meets the cake.
Ro: Kind of making a top of the dress, like this.
Ro: I'm just going all the way around. Mo: I'm gonna start by making little balls that go
Mo: around her dress to top off it. Ro: I'm gonna hold her hair, to keep it out of the way.
Mo: Thanks sister! Now I'm gonna finish up by doing the same thing
Mo: at the bottom of her skirt, for the outline. Ro: Now we're gonna decorate, I'm gonna add
Ro: some little bling and sprinkles for our ice princess over here. And then Mo.
Mo: I'm gonna start using the pink and decorating her dress a little bit more.
Mo: It's my favorite color so I think I'll start doing the flowers and maybe, uh,
Mo: I could put some pink over here? Ro: NO! She's ice princess!
Mo: Ok, you're missing out, pinks the best
Ro: Molly, let it go, let it go-oo! I'm just playin!
Both: Ta-Da!!! Ro: Here are our Princess Elsa and Anna cakes! I Hope you guys liked em,
Ro: If you have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies,
Ro: please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I'll do my best to make it happen.
Ro: Also, a big thank you to my sister Mo, for being here. Sister, you did a good job!
Mo: It was so much fun. Ro: High five! You can follow my sister on her Twitter or new Instagram.
Ro: I'll put the links down below. Please send her funny photos because she's new to the internet!
Ro: So mess with her! I'll be posting pictures of our creations
Ro: on my Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and all of that.
Ro: And if you create any of these, please send us some pictures because we
Ro: love to see baking creations.
Ro: We get a kick out of it! Did you like that?
Mo: High kick! Oooohhhhhh!! Ro: hahahahaha
Mo: Did you guys hear that? Ro: Was that your hip? Mo: Yeah!
Ro: Was it like popping? Two thumbs up and a foot! Both: hahahahaha
Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys! Bye-bye!
Ro: A diguhdigadiguhdiga
Ro: hahahaha ow!
Ro: And now we're just gonna dector.... decorate
Ro: The Dresses? Hahaha I just picked my nose!
Mo: God dang it!
Mo: Pumpernickel!
Ro: Go! Go
Mo: Now that we have our gorgeous...
Ro: Wait, giiiirl get right! OK. Mo: OK
Mo: Ahem! Ro: OK... Boom



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