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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
Today we are making an adventure time cake, with finn the human
and beemo.
Finn is quite tall and skinny so I'm making a smaller sized cake so that just used two
round cakes to make him, you can scale it up and make him bigger if you want if you
have lots of people coming to our party. Take your cakes and level off the top. Cut
out two full circles using a circle cutter. If you don't have one just get a small round
bowl or something like that and cut around it and then we want to use the edges to piece
together to make another circle. Repeat that on the other cake so you have
6 circles altogether. Take a cake stand and put some buttercream
on top to stop the cake moving. Then add your first circle, you want it towards one side
but not right on the edge. Add more buttercream then another layer of
cake. For the cake and frosting recipes that I am
using just visit the website howtcookthat.net I'll put a link in the description below.
When you get to a pieced together layer then add some buttercream on the edge of each piece
so it kind of glues them altogether then add that on top.
Now because the cake is tall and skinny it is going to need some support after 4 layers
just to stop it toppling over to give it a bit more support.
So push a cake pop stick down the middle and using scissors grab it right at the level
of the cake and pull it out again. Cut it off at that level then cut two more to the
same length.
Then poke each of those back into your cake all the way down until you hit the cake stand.
And then take a circle of card and wrap it in foil so it doesn't absorb the moisture
from the frosting. And then add ore frosting and the remaining
layer of cake. So we have used 5 layers of cake for the body which means you have one
circle left that we will use in a minute.
Using a serrated knife shape the top layer to be rounded all the way around the edge.
Then cover the whole thing in a thin coat of buttercream and place it in the fridge
to firm up. It is hot here today so this buttercream is fairly soft.
To make Finn's pack we are going to use the remaining circle. To make it rounded like
his backpack looks take all the other cake scraps and crumble out the middle cake crumbs
leaving the browned outer edge of cake. then add some buttercream and mix it together just
like if you're making cake pops. Place the circle onto some non-stick baking paper and
add the mixture on top and round it out to make the shape of his backpack and then place
that in the fridge to firm up. Take your fin cake out of the fridge and completely
cover it in another layer of frosting. Then take some acetate or thin bendy plastic,
curve it and run it up the sides of the cake to smooth it out. Then add the backpack on
the cake stand next to finn there if you rest it on your hand and then slide the paper out
underneath it should go on nice and smoothly. Then if it is too big to fit nicely like mine
is just trim a bit off and make it so it fits in there.
Roll out some green fondant, trim off one side to make it straight and drape it over
the backpack covering two thirds of it. Use your fingers to smooth it out around and
down to the bottom of the platter and then trim it off using a knife. Repeat that at
the top of the pack but use a lighter colour fondant and overlap it a little.
Roll out some blue fondant for his t-shirt, trim it at the top and base and wrap it around
his body. Now I know this is the wrong colour for his shirt it should be lighter but I'm
actually running short on fondant today so we are going to make his clothes a little
bit different, when you make it you can make them the right colours.
Squeeze it together at the back so that the tow sheets of fondant are well joined and
then trim it off using scissors and run your finger along the join to smooth it.
Add some white fondant over the top and lift it up and smooth it down, lift it up and smooth
it down as you go around. then measure with a ruler and mark at 10cm or 4 inches and do
that in a few places around, if I don't do this I always end up cutting it crooked like
it is going down on an angle so I like to mark a few different marks so I know where
the knife should go. Then gently press the knife in on that level we don't want to cut
into our cake, we don't want to cut through the blue fondant until the white fondant comes
Roll a ball of fondant and then roll it into a rounded cylinder. Cut it on a diagnol in
the middle. Then take one of your pieces and bend the smaller thinner end around your thumb.
And then add them to the top of your cake. On each side.
Lets give him purple pants today why not. If you're a mum making this for your kids
make sure you get it the right colour, they are actually supposed to be dark blue.
Cut a long strip and wrap it around the base of your cake.
Roll out another strip of purple and a long snake of skin colour fondant. And use your
finger to add a little bit of water to the purple fondant and then squash down the end
of the skin colour and wrap around the purple around it. Use your scissors to trim it off
at the join. Then flatten that end out and then cut it around so that it looks rounded
and add it to the side of your cake for his leg. Trim it off just above the bench height
and repeat that for the other leg. Now to make his shoes, roll a snake of black cut
two shoe length pieces and then trim the leg off a little bit higher and using some water
to join the black to the leg bending it under so that it looks a bit like a boot. And do
that on the other leg as well. Now roll out a thin snake of white and just wrap it around
the join there so that it looks like a sock. You will notice I have some non-stick baking
paper under his feet, and that is so the feet don't stick to the bench top.
To make his face I've just printed out a picture of Finn and I'll put the one in the size that
I'm using on the website so you can print that out if you want or just do an image search
and find your own. As I said you can scale it up and make it bigger if you need to.
And then use your finger just rub around the edges of it to smooth them off so its rounded.
Peel it off the paper and then using a little water on the back to make it stick just add
it to the front of your cake. Then use your printout to mark where his eyes and mouth
are. His mouth is quite high on his face compared to a normal face. Roll a tiny ball of black
and add them into place for his eyes. And then use an edible marker to draw on the mouth.
For the backpack roll out some light green and dark green snakes of fondant and join
them together like we did with the leg and foot and then just add them for straps onto
the pack.
To make Beemo roll out some pale green and then cut a chocolate bar in two, I am using
a Mars bar but if you can't get them where you are any chocolate bar will do, preferably
one that is bit boxy rectangular type shape. Then wrap them up like a present and smooth
out your sides. And you can make Beemo out of solid fondant if you want, i just prefer
to have something yummy in the middle.
Add your little shapes to the front and then cut out a square for the screen and use your
knife to round out the corners. Put that on top and then add a bit of fondant for the
mouth and then draw on then eyes. Add a strip of grey and then roll a really
thin snake of yellow and cut two short bits, cross them over each other and then add them
on top. And then just use your knife to straighten up the edges so it looks like the cross control
bit. Add the last button, I don't have any red so it's going to be pink today, all our
colours are muddled up. Then turn him on the side and add the 7 little
indents and the letters BMO. Using a little water add him into place on
Finn's knee resting on the back pack. You may also need to add a little bit of white
fondant underneath at the back to support him.
To make Finn's arms follow the same method we did for his legs.
Now he looks really weird with no arms. Join them onto the side of the body and wrap one
around Beemo like it's holding him into place. Cut it off at the right length and then flatten
it a bit at the end to make his hand. And use your scissors to make two cuts for his
fingers. Add the other arm in place just letting it rest on his leg and make the hand in the
same way. Now Beemo needs some legs. So roll out a snake
of Beemo green and cut a short section and bend it up and one end to make his foot.
Using a spatula or a knife so you can get in underneath there just push the leg end
onto the base of Beemo and then add your other leg too.
Make his cute little arms just like we made Finn's and then add it coming out of the 'O'
there and then holding onto Finn's hand. For the other one, wrap it around and attach
then it to the other side of his body.
Then draw a quick backdrop and you have an Adventure Time cake.
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ADVENTURE TIME CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon Finn the Human BMO

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