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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
Today I can't hold it back anymore you've been asking for an Disney Frozen Elsa cake
so here it is. Firstly to make this cake you are going to
need one and a half of the rich chocolate cake, the recipe video for that is on the
website howtocooktht.net and I'll link to the recipe in the description below.
Bake it into two 20cm round tins and one 1L heat proof bowl. That you've greased before
you pour the mixture in. And bake for around 45 minutes or until cooked all the way through.
Then let those cool and level off the top of the round cakes using a knife or a cake
leveler. Then take the bowl shaped one and cut it into
two layers.
Cover the hair of your Elsa doll in plastic wrap to stop it from getting cake in the hair
and also cover the waist and legs to protect the joints from getting frosting stuck in
them. Then take a cake board and put a smear of
icing on it to stop the cake from slipping off. And then add your first layer of cake
right over close to one edge leaving about a 1 cm or 1/2 inch gap between the edge of
the cake board. Cover that in a layer of frosting and then
add the other round cake on top. And I am using my chocolate buttercream recipe for
this one and that recipe is on the blog post as well for you.
Then add the base of the bowl part and then cover that with more frosting and again putting
it over to one side of the rounded cake. Then put the rounded bowl part on top of that.
Now we want our doll to sit towards the front of the bowl shape so take your knife and cut
down to the base so that you cut out a rectangle shape.
Then take a fork and scoop all of that excess cake out of the middle.
Now push your doll down into the cake so that you can still see the hip joints.
We want to carve the cakes so that it is smooth at the front and the sides.
And then we want to carve the back to make it less bowl shaped. So just cut it down there
and more like a flowing fabric dress. Use more frosting and some of your off-cuts
to build up the gap that's just between the round cakes and the bowl shape there.
And then continue to shave off little slices at a time until you've got a nice smooth rounded
dress shape. Then cover the whole cake in frosting. Bringing
it up to a point around that super-skinny waist. Once it is completely covered take
a strip of bendy plastic and use it to smooth out the frosting. You can get this plastic
from craft stores or office supply stores as projector sheets or document covers.
Now that you have your doll with a flat dress at the front and a big billowing skirt out
the back. Place it in the fridge for about half an hour.
Roll out some blue fondant in a big circle and place it over the top of the doll with
her hands up. Arrange the creases of fondant evenly around the dress so that we've got
the nice folds going all the way around it and squeeze it in at the waist.
Continue to arrange it until you are happy with it trim off the excess going out and
around each of those folds so that the edge of the dress is not straight but more just
like flowing fabric flowing down there.
Make sure it is pinched in at the waist there and then cut off the excess. Then use your
fingers to smooth the fondant in to the doll shape so you don't have like a bump at the
waist. So it is smooth going into the doll. Roll out some white fondant really thinly
and cut into a ribbon shape like this.
Place the arms in the right position and then place this over the front arm so that the
join is going to be underneath so that it is not so visible.
Then trim it at the wrist to make it into a point at the back of her hand. And then
using your finger just smooth out that join in the fondant.
Where it meets the shoulder there just trim it down towards the middle.
Then cut another rectangle and repeat that on the other arm that it pointing straight
up. Again wrapping it around so the join is at
the back of the cake and then smooth it with your finger.
Now take a strip of white, cut out a semi circle where each underarm is and place it
across the top of the chest and around the back.
Then trim the front into a v shape neckline just using your knife.
Roll out some very thin blue fondant and then trim it so it looks like a long rectangle
with a love heart stuck in the centre. Place that over the body, wrap it around the
back, trim off one side using scissors, line up the other side and trim it off too so that
it looks like a straight join on the back of her dress.
Next make a mini rectangle cookie cutter and push it into the bodice just to give it that
texture. And you can see how to make your own cookie
cutter on the ipad cake video and I'll link to that one at the end of this video or you
can watch it on the howtocookthat channel after this one.
Continue to press it in all over the body until you've got that texture over the whole
Then take some white luster dust and using a dry paint brush, brush dust over the whole
body section and you can put it over the arms as well so it gives it a bit of that shine.
And then to give some faint stripes on the skirt just tap the brush to let some of the
dust fall on the top section of the skirt and then take your dry brush and brush it
straight down the dress. Then take a fine paintbrush and add a few more thinner lines
around the base of the dress using that fine paint brush.
Now for the beautiful draping back part of the dress.
Take a sheet of non-stick baking paper, place it on the back of the doll and draw the shape
that you want the cape to be.
Then scrunch up some paper towel into tubes that are narrower and firm at the top and
more billowing at the bottom. And rest them on the back of the skirt. This is going to
hold the cape off the dress while the cape is setting and while it's hot so that it is
not going to effect the fondant. Heat the sugar and water in a saucepan until
it dissolves then wash down the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush and let it boil
until it just starts to go golden. Remove it from the heat and stir in a tiny bit of
blue colouring. Immediately pour out over your template and
use a knife just to make it into shape. Now I've put mine on a cutting board covered in
a tea towel here so that it doesn't cool down really fast. If you have a cold bench top
then I suggest that you do that as well. And you want to let it cool for just a moment
but not too much. If you pick it up straight away it will be runny and it will all drain
off. But if you leave it too long it is going to set and you're not going to be able to
shape it.
Lift it up and hold it across the top back of the dress where you want it to join on.
Quickly adjust the way it is sitting and then hold it. Just be patient and hold it still
while it is starting to set. If you need to trim off some off the bottom. Using an oiled
knife just press it down around the base before it sets hard.
Leave it for about another 10 minutes it should be able to hold itself firmly enough but we
just want it to be completely cooled. And then you can peel off the non-stick baking
paper and remove the paper towel.
Use some royal icing across the back of the dress and some on the base of the cape to
ensure that it does not slip off the cake when you are moving it to the table. Now this
sugar cape will absorb moisture from the air so if you are not using the cake the same
day place this cape part in an airtight container and only add it a few hours before you are
serving the cake. Using the royal icing pipe some snowflakes
onto the base of the cape. Add more royal icing around the base to cover the whole cake
board. Add a snowflake to her hand and some more
around the base of the dress. I'll do a little bonus video for you seperatley this week to
show you how to make those snowflakes. I have also added some wire to her hair to
make it stick out on the angle like it does on the poster.
Then put on the let it go song and serve up slices of your Elsa cake. And it's a delicious
moist chocolate cake that will delight all the little girls who see it.
Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cake decorating tutorials, amazing desserts and
chocolate creations, put all your requests in the comments below. Have a great week and
I'll see you Friday. [music: The Boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv
used with permission]


FROZEN ELSA PRINCESS CAKE How To Cook That Elsa Doll Cake Ann Reardon

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