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Welcome to how to cook that I am Ann Reardon and today we are making a
cute and easy penguin cake. This one is modeled on Private from the penguins of madagascar
but you could use it for the base of a club penguins cake or even a pingu cake if you
like. Firstly cut out you template and you can get
that on the howtocookthat website howtocookthat.net and I'll link to that below.
Fold in his little flippers and then line up the red circle with the circle of your
cake. Then trim off the sides of the cake following
your template. You can use the sponge cake or the chocolate cake, red velvet cake there
plenty of recipes on the website that youc an choose from you just need two round cakes.
Take your other cake and place the template over the top lining up the edge with the top
of his head with one edge of the cake. Now cut down the side and around the top of his
head and down the other side. Now take a toothpick and poke it through the
red line so you know where to cut when you take the tmeplat off . Remove the template
and cut around following the dots that you just made.
Now place that head piece onto the penguin body of your penguin.
Take your two side off cuts and place them on top, you will need to trim the base of
one of those so it sits flat on your cake. Because it is kind of a funny shape there.
Then take the other off cut and cut it into two pieces and place them on top either side.
So you get a nice round penguin tummy.
Make a batch of the basic buttercream, I have got a video showing you how to make the frosting
on the howtocookthat website or youtube channel either one whichever one you can find easier.
Spread a small amount of your frosting onto your cake board or plate just to stop your
cake from moving around. Then add the body part of your penguin down
near the base of your cake board. And then add some frosting around the top there so
that you can join the head on. Place that head bit in to place and kind of squash it
down. Then cover the tummy in frosting and add your
off cuts making sure to put frosting between each one so they stay together a bit like
when you're making garlic bread.
Now take your side template and fold down the beak.
Carve the penguin head and body along that template, the neck part will be too low but
we will fix that in a minute.
Then take the template away and round off the sides of the tummy so that you don't have
square edges there, you want it to look round like the top of a ball. You can just shave
off a little at a time of cake at at time until you are happy with it.
Then at the join of the tummy and the head add some buttercream and some of the cake
you just cut off. Then use your template again to get the side profile right.
Then cover the whole thing in a layer of buttercream Smooth it off as best as you can then use
you spatula to clean up the cake board. To get a rounded cake really smooth I like
to use some flexible plastic make it into a curve and just drag it up and over the cake.
And you can do that up and over from each side of the penguin to get it really
nice and smooth and then place that it in the fridge.
Now to make the fondant details. For the eyeballs you want to roll a ball of white and then
cut it in half and the reason we do that is so that you get two even pieces that are exactly
the same size. You want them to be the size shown on the
template. So just check it there and if it is the right size great if not just take some
off or add some one and reroll it. Now roll out some blue, if you find your fondant
is sticking to the rolling pin just spray it with a littel bit of spray oil and rub
it onto rub the rolling pin. You want this blue fondant to be really thin.
Because we don't want it to be bulging on his eyeball Use a straw to cut out two round
blue circles. Then using a tiny bit of water to make it
stick to the top of each eyeball.
Then you want to roll really really tiny balls of black fondant and add them to the centre
of each eye. I am using the back of a paintbrush to position it and squash it to make a flat
circle. Next we want to make a thin snake of white
and break a small piece off the end and add it to one side of the iris, this just adds
that glint in the eye just makes our penguin look more alive.
Next roll out a thin rectangle of grey fondant , you want this to be as thin as you can get
it, thin like paper. Pick up your eyeball and starting at one end wrap it around. When
you get back around to the beginning there just wrap it down and pinch the base together
and twist off any excess grey. Repeat that on your other eye, this makes an eyelid for
the eye and also defines and outlines they eyes so that when we're putting it onto the
white penguin we don't just loose the eye. For the penguin feet roll out some orangey
brown fondant and this time we want it nice and thick and use you template to cut them
out. Now for the beak take a ball of fondant and
using your thumb and fingers start to squash it down on the sides to make it into the shape
on the template. Once it is roughly there pick it up and use
your thumbs at the same time to make two indents in the top so that you are making the middle
part come up and then you're coming down where your thumbs are. And then round off the corners.
So from the top it looks a bit like a triangle and from the side it looks like a smile. Line
it up with the template again and trim off any excess.
Then make an indent or make it a bit flatter at the base of the beak there in the middle.
Rest it on something rounded because our cake is a little bit rounded. and then use a knife
to make an indent following the shape of the beak that you have just made. So that it looks
like the beak can actually open Now take some orange powdered colour and using
a dry brush brush some underneath of the beak and in the indents on the top of the beak.
This just gives it a more defined 3D sort of a look.
Now it's time to cover the cake. Roll out a really long rectangle of black fondant and
you don't want this too thick. Starting at one side wrap it up and around
and just smooth it over the top just where it naturally falls there.
Smooth it round and cut off the excess with your pizza cutter, trim it off and then add
the rest of that strip down the other side. Use your hands to smooth that down and trim
it off at the base with the pizza cutter. Where it joins the buttercream push it down
slightly so it is level with the buttercream frosting, This is so when we add the white
we don't get a line where the black is. We don't want to see that indent we want it to
be level with the rest of the cake. Then take a knife and flatten out the area
where the beak is going to sit. Roll out some white fondant and cut around
the template. Making sure that you make it nice and smooth
and rounded at the top there just use you finger to smooth it out.
Peel your white fondant off the baking paper and position it on top of the cake so that
you can still see some of the black all the way around like a hood. Spread out and smooth
the remaining white fondant all the way round to the feet area and use your hands to smooth
it down and push it flat at the bottom using your finger. And then use a pizza cutter again
just to trim off the excess.
Push down and flatten the beak area and add the beak into place on a slight angle because
that's how it goes with private, you can put it straight if you want it straight.
Then decide on the position for the eyes, look at your template as a guide for where
they go. Take something rounded and press down to make an eye socket.
Check the size of the hole and if it is too small like this one just put the thing back
in an move it around and around to make the hole big enough for the eyeball to sits in
the hole like this. Just in the hole not all the way sunken to the head but we want most
of the grey eyelid being covered. Do the same for the other eye ball.
And then roll a thick snake and trim it to make two short stumpy little legs.
Use a little water on your finger and add them to the cake and then add a little bit
of water on the bottom and add your the feet to the bottom of those.
Now we want to make out flippers wasn't sure if they are called sings or flipper but flippers
apparently. roll out some black fondant and cut around the template to make two of these.
Add one of them which is right close to the body on the left hand side just add it on
that's nice and easy. And on the other side we want it to bend up
like he is waving, 'just smile and wave boys smile and wave'.
While the fondant is still soft you're going to add a ball of paper under the wing there
just to support it. That will probably only take about 20 minutes for it to be firm enough
for it to hold itself. If you want your penguin to have a hat, then
roll out some fondant in the colour of your choice and wrap it around an ice cream cone.
Now I have trimmed this cone to make it shorter. SO that it is not a massive hat n his head
and you can do that too. Then just tuck the ends of the fondant into
the cone. Roll a thin strip of another colour and make
folds in that fondant so that you get some nice curves there. Once you have enough for
half a circle pinch it in at the base. Place it down flat and add the cone on top. Do that
again with the rest of the fondant making more folds pinch it n so that you've got the
other half of the circle and then add the cone on top of that.
Roll a snake of pink and wrap it around the base and then around the cone circling up
to the top. To finish off the top just adl a ball of fondant,
add it to the top and indent it all over using a knife or a toothpick.
Decide where you want it to sit on his head, then poke in two pieces of spaghetti to support
the hat and place the hat on top of that. And there you have your finished penguin.
If you'd also like to know how to make these cute little candy penguins then head on over
to my kids channel at youtube.com/surprisekidsfun they have been making little candy penguins
over there and I'll link to that video below as well.
This cake was requested by Eve Hyams
Patricia nuyen mia minion lover 12
Jean Young Angel Fly
5 perfection girls Krizel Jesamia
nit-ya nara-yan-an Kimberly Grace
Arora Jim-en-ez Allison Good
Millie Moore Tina Cagle
and many more Put all your request in the comments below
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Have a great week and I'll see you on Friday.
[music: youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]


PENGUIN CAKE How To Cook That Penguins of Madagascar Private

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