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  • It's 2015. Smart watches are prevalent. Android wear has made a name for itself.

  • And now we await Apple's offering which sets a debut later this year.

  • But if we took a step back, 20 years back,

  • Bill Clinton was President of the United States;

  • Michael Jordan returned from a brief retirement; Ebay was founded;

  • Kevin Nash, AKA Diesel, the British John Michaels for the WWF Championship.

  • And Apple offered something that most of us may have forgotten about, or even knew existed.

  • And that is the original Apple Watch.

  • So only the upcoming Apple Watch, Apple didn't sell it as an individual product.

  • Rather, they use it as an incentive to upgrade to Macintosh System 7.5,

  • and you can either choose it, or Conflict Catcher 3.

  • It didn't have Bluetooth or Wi-fi, but it did feature anodized aluminum, a super attractive blue bezel

  • that colorful multicolor Apple logo, scratch-resistant glass,.

  • Japanese quarts timing and had Mac OS embossed across the band

  • So naturally having a piece of tech history,

  • I thought it would be fun to surprise a few of my friends and see what they thought.

  • I have no idea what's happening in this video, so they won't tell me.

  • No one will tell me. They justHey! You don't know what's going on yet, haha!”

  • That was kind of like a comical like a Mickey Mouse watch.

  • What is it supposed to do?

  • Alright, first of all, the Mac OS on the band. That's awesome.

  • I guess it's alright. I don't know. I probably won't wear it.

  • I've never seen one of these in my entire life.

  • You, you asked me this kind of question.

  • I come up with what I think is something reasonably coherent to say your

  • I'm done!

  • That blue is bad I think. I get it on.

  • Does this even fit my wrist? This is like a woman's.

  • Hey, check it. Check it against a G-SHOCK. Look at that.

  • I'll put in in the G-SHOCK.

  • Look at this. There's your Apple Watch.

  • There's no tech in this. It's just a regular watch.

  • Scream for Mac OS, the obviously. But I like this. It's very thin.

  • Whoa! It's got like the curly second hand.

  • The thing is I've never used any analog watches, so I can't actually tell the time,

  • but I'll wear it, just cause it looks just kinda neat, so it's cool.

  • 1995? Oh, 3.

  • In 95, I was what, 7 years old?

  • In 95, the year I was born.

  • Yeah, I wasn't born.

  • I was 1 year old,

  • so I wouldn't be old enough to remember any of this.

  • Nothing. It's just a watch.

  • I like the metallic blueAnd, and the old school Apple logo.

  • I think they need to bring that back and a lot of things. -That's what I said, too!

  • Yeah, yeah, definitely. The old school Apple logo's nice.

  • It's got Steve Jobs all over it. No, it's cool though.

  • I like it that it's actually metal, like it looks cartoony at first

  • cause it's blue and bright everything, but it's actually stainless steel.

  • And I feel like this would be a watch that someone would actually wear if they were into analog watches.

  • I'm done. I like it.

  • It's light, like you can tell the design language,

  • this, you know, for me through the whole, the whole eco system.

  • I like the colors, they very popping, definitely eye-catching.

  • This is really a stylist watch. It's very simple,

  • and you know, it's, it's a classic, so that's what makes it better.

  • But it's not like an old old school classic,

  • like you told me it was from 95, and I couldn't believe it.

  • This looks like something that was made recently.

  • You know what, everyone saying that the Apple Watch wouldn't be round, they were wrong. Very round.

  • Does it run Android Wear?

It's 2015. Smart watches are prevalent. Android wear has made a name for itself.


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