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Video Informatory: Improved Potato Farming Yields Results in Bangladesh
Meet Southwest Bangladesh, a remote and extremely impoverished area separated from the rest
of the country by large rivers.
Here, there is a small village, Bokundia, where the use of modern technology and technical
know-how has made a significant positive-change to the lives of the local farmers.
Shawkat Ali / Farmer:
�I used to get 40 to 50 maunds potato per bigha of land, now I am getting 100 maunds.
Isn�t it more profitable? I then invested 80,000 taka for 8 bighas of land, but am expecting
a return of 200,000 taka, after deducting my costs.�
Behind this success, there is a story of a business � a business that struggled for
almost a decade to produce quality potato seeds.
Even though the business struggled, they knew that there was potential for increased potato
yields. All they needed to overcome this challenge was a regular supply of quality seed, and
some technical assistance. Change began when they met USAID in 2008.
Md. Nur Alam Liton /Managing Director, Konika Seed Company:
�USAID linked me with RDA Bogra. They trained our technical persons on tissue culture and
production of breeder seeds. Then we were able to start producing quality breeder seed
from pre-breeder seed.�
USAID provided the local contract farmers with technical assistance that created a wave
of change to the region and helped significantly improve potato yields.
In addition, USAID linked the farmers to local markets. They developed an effective strategy
and network that allowed an improved seed variety to become widely available within
5 years.
Md. Nur Alam Liton /Managing Director, Konika Seed Company:
�As an enterprise, Konika Seed is benefited by producing quality seeds and improved marketing
opportunities. Farmers are benefited as they have an assured place to sell their produce.
And the technical support is there too.�
In this time, the once struggling business realized a 900% increase in potato production
and an 800% increase in sales!
Not only did business improve, but the success spread throughout the area with the number
of contract farmers doubling and potato production increasing.
This is a story of associations � association of business with technology, knowledge and
USAID: linking prosperity to farmers of southwest Bangladesh.


Improved Potato Farming Yields Results in Bangladesh

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