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you might call them the poster children of their product
penguins iconic animals of the frozen cotton
now a new study indicates melting sea ice caused by four three
soon we haven't gone one calling emperor penguins
would still be room for a large law firm and other species
which shows that that the fancy actually care
as predicted by commack when there's a population we lead decrees and
we should definitely get decrees basic and of the century
scientist stephanie's your movie
is the day ever articulate what study penguins around the french research
station interior on the lead
these pictures trees working with the species called the partly to blame
one colony of emperor penguins in that area that is perhaps the best documented
on the cockpit
french scientist and monitoring it since the nineteen sixties
in order to
analyze the dynamics of this population and see how the population relates to
changes in
we need
of very long term
consistent monitoring of the population to give us the data
that we need
into studies supported by the national science foundation
biologist how does well stephanie shouldn't be a
teamed up to model called it a rival the emperor penguin population
will likely responsibilities the arts so she would like
their breeding
colonies are all in
and uh... they rely on that ice cream st louis throughout that period while
they're laying their eggs in
anywhere in their checks
and in addition and equally important to see us
provides the basis of food chain
that they're relying on
as it turns out there is evidence in the usa local record
if yeltsin how emperor penguins respond to decreasing levels of students
into nineteen seventies there was a period of about
eight or nine years win c_i_a_'s declined by about ten or eleven percent
it was an unusually warm
invent and during that period
emperor penguin population there crashed
by about
it went from about six thousand meters down to about three thousand
by the early nineteen eighties colder temperatures returned in the population
but the episode serves as a worrisome harbinger of things to bomb
scientists predict that unless we start scaling back the amount of carbon
all the greenhouse gases that were popping into the atmosphere
temperatures groupwise from to more than eleven degrees fahrenheit over the next
resulting break-up of c_i_a_ swooned wipe out the colony
so it's a decline no
are higher than they keep for some time
decrease so it's uh... very high declines that puts a population that
higher risk of extinction
human colonies and other parts of the articles like this off the street
we know our mission is to make prediction that's a species that advice
it's true is that uh...
petition without
pops identifying
has ever towards c_i_s_ may be more stable than other parts
some areas
of the antarctic
more protected those areas would presumably be
places where
member penguins would have thought better chance of long-term survival
is it too late to save the
goes well says coordinated global action is needed
and soon
it's definitely true that trying to make changes in something the size of the
global climate system is a very slow process it is like trying to
change the direction of something like an aircraft carrier
i don't really know the answer to the question of whether it's too late for
the emperor penguin but it's certainly bodies time to start trying to do
something about it the situation won't get any better the longer that with the
way in taking action
recites nation i'm bruce burkhardt


Penguins and Global Warming ★ Climate Change Devastates Emperor Penguins ♦ In Antarctica

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