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Welcome to How to Cook That I am Ann Reardon ohhhhh who lives in a pineapple under the
sea? Sponge Bob square pants... Yes this week it's a sponge bob cake
And to start with make two trays of cake I'm using my red velvet cake recipe. I'll put
a link in the description below to this weeks blog post which will have the recipe for the
cake and the amounts of fondant that you need and the videos for all of those. You can use
the chocolate cake or the sponge cake and I'll link to all of those there.
Once the cakes are completely cooled you need to cut them in half and then cut each half
into 3 pieces. You need to do that with both of your cakes and these will make all of the
pieces you need for sponge bobs body.
Place some frosting onto a cake board and then a layer of cake. I am using cream cheese
frosting between the layers of this because it goes well with the red velvet. and that
recipe video is also on my channel.
On each layer of cake I also like to brush a small amount of simple syrup this is just
equal quantities of sugar and water and instead of water here I've used the left over cherry
syrup from the cherries that I used in the cake. And this just helps keep the cake really
moist and really yummy. It doesn't make it soggy it just makes it moist.
Because this is a tall cake it's going to need some support. Poke a cake pop stick into
the cake until it hits the base and then trim it off at that level, so the level of the
top of cake. And then cut three more stick to that same level and push them all back
into the cake. Then add a cake board that is slightly smaller than the cake top and
continue to stack the cake. I get so many questions when I show you how to do this saying
how do I eat that and won't I get cardboard in my mouth?
As with any large cake you slice it up to eat it you cut it into slices when you slice
this once you'd slice down to the cardboard layer and cut those slices off the top then
once you've finished that section remove the board and supports and cut the next layer
into slices. All tall cakes, wedding cakes and tiered cakes all have support like this.
If you haven't been the person cutting it up then you just probably haven't seen it
before. It just stops the weight of the cake on top from squashing the layers at the bottom.
Once you've stacked it all the way up to the top hold your printout in front of the cake
and trim around it. I'll put a link to the spongebob picture in the size that I am using
on my website so you can print it in the same size.
Next cut chunks out of the sides of the cake so you have that rough rounded sponge look
to it.
Now cover the whole thing in a layer of frosting, I am using american buttercream for this part
because it is better under fondant that the cream cheese is. To make this quicker you
can use a piping bag like I am here to pipe a layer over the cake, then smooth it with
a spatula. Once it is completely covered put it in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up.
While it is chilling place some non-stick baking paper over the print out. Roll a ball
of white and cut it in half to give you two even pieces for your eyes. Roll each of those
into a ball and put it on the template and round it and squash it slightly using the
palm of your hand and round it some more and keep doing that until it is just the right
size and nice and round. Do that with the other side as well
For his teeth roll out some white and trim the fondant to the width of the teeth that
you can see on the template there. but make them taller than you need so that we can poke
them in later on. We don't want them too big though, just cut it above where you want them,
on the same curve, just a little bit taller.
For the iris of his eye roll out some blue and cut out a circle I always like to make
three, I know there are only two eyes. so I can choose the best two. Take some blue
powdered colour and brush it around on two sides so that it leaves a lighter patch at
the top and the bottom.
Roll a ball of black and squash it in the centre of the eye for his pupil. Then you
want to take a tiny tiny ball of white and add it just to the edge for that sparkle in
his eye. Squash it down using the end of a paint brush. And you can see the difference
that little bit of the white makes they eye look alive compared to the one without it.
Put a tiny dab of water onto the eyeball and add the coloured part gently putting it into
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me out with that you are awesome
Roll out some black fondant and using a pizza cutter cut thin strips. Place your print out
underneath and trim them to make the eye lashes. They are very big eyelashes
Then do the same thing with his belt. Don't forget to make more belt bits you don't just
need them for the front you need them for the back and the side of sponge bob too.
Now lets make his arms and his legs I am adding tylose powder to the fondant. This makes it
dry out faster. You just add some in and massage it through until it is well combined.
Roll out one arm leaving one end fat, if you don't have tylose you can make these details
a couple of days ahead and just let them dry out that way. But if you want to do it all
on the one day you are going to need the tylose powder to get these to dry out that fast.
Squash up the fat end a bit more and then flatten it out, this will be his hand. Make
three cuts, yes, he only has 4 fingers. Then separate the fingers and smooth them around,
his fingers are a bit fatter at the ends. A bit like a gecko but not so flat. And so
just use your fingers to seperate each one and smooth it round there. Now if you put
your hand flat on the bench you'll see your thumb sits out to one side away from the fingers
so just arrange his hand like that. Make sure when you do that that the other hand his thumb
goes on the opposite side, I made two right hands today so not quite right
Now we want that to set with the wrist up at an angle, the easiest way to do that is
to lie the arm down and prop up the hand by leaning that baking paper against a wall.
Now for his little legs roll some white and yellow, cut the end off each to make it straight
and join them together, roll it a little bit more using your fingers just to smooth out
that join. And then trim it to the right length and repeat for
the other leg. I have added tylose powder to this bit of white as well.
Roll a super skinny snake of blue and I mean tiny place it next to the leg and roll the
leg over all the way around until it joins up with the other end of the blue. Trim it
off and repeat with the other leg, then add the red in just the same way. and leave the
legs to harden.
For his shoes roll out some grey and cut rectangles in the size of the sole of his shoe. Trim
off each corner to round it and then cut a chunk out of the side at one end so you're
defining where the sole of his shoe is. Roll out some more grey and cut out a square, cut
two corners off and round out that side then add it for the heel of the shoe.
Take some black, roll it into a ball then using your little finger just press slightly
in the middle and roll it in the middle and roll it there to make a weird jelly bean shape
like this. Add it to the sole and using your finger pull it down to join the base. Take
the smooth end of the paintbrush and make a hole a little bit larger than the width
of his leg in the shoe. Make sure it is big enough because we will add the leg into the
shoe later and we don't want it to be too small.
For his nose roll out some fondant making it round and fatter and one end. Then add
piece of spaghetti into the middle. This is going to give it the support it needs so that
when it sticks out of the cake it is not just going to sag down or break off.
Place that into a cup and leave it to dry out.
Now back to the cake, roll out some brown fondant so that it is long enough to wrap
the whole way around the body. Trim it to make it straight on one edge, then trim bigger
than we want it to be. You can see the brown is very skinny but I want you to trim it right
up where the white goes rather than where the brown goes and we;ll just overlap it.
Wrap it around the base of the cake, at the back squeeze it together at the back and using
scissors trim it off.
Because he has square pants make the corners at the base look sharp so use your fingers
to bring it together and pinch it in. so you get that nice straight line on each of your
Wrap the white around in exactly the same way pushing it together at the back and trimming
it off and the you can see here it is not straight that's OK just get a knife or a ruler
to push it up and make it straight line.
Now add the yellow over the top, smooth it out using your hand on the front of the cake
and the back of the cake and then on the sides pinch it together and trim off the excess.
Then use your finger to smooth down the join.
Hold the printout up against your cake so you know roughly where to cut then cut a wavy
edge along the front there. Don't push too hard we don't want to cut the white and the
brown fondant. We just want to cut the yellow so just gently cut and pull away the yellow
until it just comes off.
Use your fingers to push the fondant around the bumps on the sides of the cake and the
top of the cake. to make them more defined.
Using the printout mark where the middle of the mouth and each corner of the mouth is
then use a knife to cut out his smile. Lift the fondant forward of his top lip forward
a little bit and push his teeth into place making sure they are straight.
Next take something rounded if you don't have one of these rounded cake tools you can just
use a marble that will be fine. Just rub it on the cake to make an indent where they go
on his body don't forget to do the sides and back and top as well. We also want to make
big indents where his eyes go, they don't need to be deep, they just need to be wide.
So it gives us a little recess for putting his eyeballs in.
Add his eyes into place. If while you're going this and making room for his eye makes the
top lip sags a bit there then you are going to need to do some plastic surgery and just
trim it up with scissors to reshape it. You never knew you were a plastic surgeon. Roll
a ball of yellow and cut it in two and add in place for the cheeks. Then using a food
grade marker add three little dots to each cheek. If you don't have a marker you could
use some red food colour on the tip of a skewer instead.
Carefully add each of the eyelashes into place using a tiny bit of water to make it stick.
Don't use too much of you are going to get black doming off the fondant there.
Take some powdered food colour and brush a little into each hole, I am using a mixture
of green and silver colour and brush that in using a dry paint brush.
To make his tie cut out the shape from the print out then roll a ball of red and trim
it off straight for the top. Add the belt strips into place on the front of the cake,
then the tie and the top of the tie and then some white fondant for the collar to the front
of him.
Take a strip of brown and wrap it around the top of his leg, you can see how the leg is
already fairly firm that is because we used the tylose. trim it at an angle and add it
to the cake.
Lift his leg and place it into his little shoe.
Wrap some white around the top of his arm and then trim the top corners off the top
and use your finger to round it around so it looks like the shoulder on a t-shirt. Then
that up very carefully and add it to the side of the cake.
Repeat that with his other arm. And then add his nose poking it into the cake.
In the sponge bob movie, sponge bob out of the water he is one the beach in some of the
scenes so to make sand crush up some biscuits or cookie. If you use filled ones you'll get
like a wet sand, if you use unfilled it will be dry. Roll the rolling pin over it to get
rid of any lumps. Pipe a strip of buttercream around the edge
of the board, and the reason we do this is just to stop all the crumbs falling off everywhere.
Then add you crumbs over the board and around sponge bob.
Make a sand castle by pushing some crumbs into a medicine cup and tipping it out just
like you would with a real sand castle then add that to one side.
This cake is actually going to a charity auction which has the theme 'dream again' so I'm adding
a mini version of the book in the movie with the words dream again written on it just to
the front there
This cake was requested by Ruqaya Brown, Citlaly camargo, Katie Saunders
Nicole Quint, Fiona Weber, Becc Littlewood Ella McDermott, nana zeezo, andrea louver
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lea SO, Slane Steen
and heaps more add your request in the comments below
please do Vote for how to cook that in the taste awards
Have a great week And Ill see you all on Friday
[music: The Boat Song by setsailtv used with permission]


Spongebob Out of Water Movie Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

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