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Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardon
The large number of requests for a converse shoe got it to the top of the list.
So today we will make this shoe, I am making it fairly small, it's enough for about 14
people. If you want to enlarge it you can just enlarge the template.
Firstly print the template and you can get that and all the recipe details on the website
howtocookthat.net and I'll put a link in the description just below this video.
Bake 1 1/2 times the recipe for the chocolate cake in two trays. And you will have about
half of a tray left over which you can use for something else. And mix a double quantity
of the chocolate buttercream recipe and mix that until it is nice and smooth.
Once your cakes are cooked and cooled then you can level off the tops and we're ready
to start. Place your sole shaped template onto the cake
and cut around it, and then cut out two more so you have three altogether.
On a cake board put a small amount of frosting that just stops the cake from slipping off
and add your first layer. Spread some buttercream over that so that
it is even and level then add another on on top. And then do that again with another layer
of buttercream and another layer of cake. Add the side template to the side of the cake
so you can see where you are up to. Put the sole back on top and then fold it at the point
where the side template is joining the cake so that you can cut smaller pieces of cake
to stack on top of that. Cut around the smaller piece a couple of times
and stack it on top. Put your template up next to it and cut out
the shape of the shoe just going along the template there.
Now when you look at it from the top you can see the edges are sharp corners, we want to
round that off using your knife. Shave off a little bit at a time so you end up with
a nice rounded shoe shape. Once you are happy with it cover the whole
thing in butter cream, you can use a piping bag to almost like colour it in and then smooth
it out with your spatula to make it nice and smooth. Once you are happy with it place it
in the fridge.
Now to make all the details that we need find two things that are the size shown on the
template I am using piping tips. Cut out the middle circle and then the outer circle to
make the grommets for the shoe. Then keep going make more and more and more because
you need 20 of these, perhaps make a couple of extra just in case why not.
Roll out some more white and cut out a circle in the size shown on the template. Take a
slightly smaller cutter and brush using blue gel food colouring around the top edge of
it, And then just very gently place it onto your circle and pull it back off and it leaves
that nice blue circle on there. Roll out some dark blue and use the start
to cut out a star and then very carefully pick it up and place it in the centre of the
circle. use your knife to straighten up the edges of the star and make sure it all looks
good. Take some red gel food colouring and a tiny
paint brush and paint on the letters. Look at the picture andsee where each letter is
in reference to the points on the star and that will help with the spacing it out and
getting it in the right place or roughly in the right place.
Then add in the other details, an even finer paint brush would help here because it is
so small. Then leave those to dry out. They are only small so they are not going to take
Back to our cake first we want to cover the top. Cut a piece of black a little larger
than you need and then drape it over the top. Use your fingers to smooth the sides so there
are no lumps, it should be level with the buttercream because we don't want to see a
bump when we put our side fondant on there. Gently roll the rolling pin on the top to
smooth it out you don't push down here you're just gently rolling.
Make yourself a cardboard support and cover it in non-stick baking paper so the fondant
won't stick to it. Then place that gently on top of the shoe to support the tongue fondant
when we put it on top. Roll out some black and some cream fondant
and then cut a piece of cream a little bit larger than the top part of the tongue. Place
it onto the black and then cut all the way around the template.
Carefully lift it up and with the cream coloured side down place it onto the cake. You want
the tongue to sit above the top of the cake there, just resting on the support we made.
The rest can just go down over the cake, smooth it on and trim around the base. Then on the
edges where you've got it just push it into the buttercream again just like we did with
the top bit so it's level with the buttercream so you don't get that bump.
Now cut out the side of the shoe template and then add a strip of cream fondant to the
top edge of it. Use a dress makers stitch tool or a spike
wheel it is called sometimes and roll that along so it looks like a line of stitching.
Take an extra strip of cream and place it along the rest of the top edge You could line
the whole thing with cream fondant but I didn't want the fondant to be that thick.
Add it to the side of the cake, again you want the top to come above the level of the
actual cake and rest on the cardboard. It should come around and overlap the tongue
part and come down the side but all the way to the toe it is about and inch back form
the end of the shoe. Smooth it down to the base and then trim it off using a knife. Then
repeat that on the other side of the shoe. Place a strip of white fondant straight across
the toe, smooth it down and trim around the base. Then use your knife to carefully trim
around where the side pieces are it shouldnt overlap them it needs to come off.
For the back of the heel cut a strip of black and run the spike wheel along the length twice
on each side like a double row of stitching. Make sure the top of it is straight and then
add it to the back of the shoe trimming it off at the bottom.
Before we go any further I wan to cover the cake board. Roll out some fondant and cut
one side of your shoe out of it, then add it to the board. You can do this in whatever
colour you like, I am going with wood but you can go with bright colours or whatever
you want. Trim off the excess from around the edge of the board and in the same way
add a piece to the other side. Use a clean ruler to mark indents for the
floor boards. Then use a knife and mark a long eye shape. Then run your knife along
the length of the wood going around that eye shape. Continue that pattern making extra
knots in the wood as you go. On your template it shows you the thickness
of the white strip that we need, so cut a long strip that is that size. Add a little
water to the fondant to help it stick and then wrap it around the base of the shoe,
use your finger to smooth it out. Cut your second strip of white to the size
shown and then add a really thin strip of black to the middle. You will need a tiny
bit of water on the white to make it stick, but not too much or it will slide off.
Add that strip around the base of your shoe, it doesn't go around the toe so start at one
side of the toe. Now to make the bit that does go around the
front toe bit. Roll out some more white and using the end of the ruler make diaganol imprints
all the way up, then turn the ruler 90 degrees and make imprints going across to make diamond
shapes all the way down. Then use the ruler to squash and flatten one edge and get rid
of that diamond pattern. Take your knife and make diaganol stripes along that strip. Repeat
that on the other side of the strip this time a little wider.
On the cake trim off the black a few centimeters back from where the side black comes down
near the toe there. Add a little water and then add on the front toe strip with the wider
pattern at the base.
Now evenly space 8 holes for the shoe laces and then so just roughly measure where you
think they are going to sit and then once you're sure you're int eh right spot poke
holes in the shoe. Add then add those little white circles that we made earlier on top
one at a time all the way up the sides.
Now for our shoe laces, you can roll these out by hand and cut a thin strip but if you
have a fondant extruder use that because it is easier to get it even. squeeze together
one end and push it into the hole. Place it across and push it in on the other side. Trim
your next bit on a diaganol and add it next to the side piece. Then take it across to
the next hole. and continue that all the way up the shoe. At the top make a long lace tuck
it under the top edge, then give it a twist or two and let it drape down the shoe. Pinch
in the end and roll it between you fingers to make the end bit of the shoe lace do you
know what that little plastic bit is called? See if you can guess. I'll put the answer
on the blog post if you are curious. And of course add another lace on the other side.
I didn't lace right up to the top grommet, you can if you like.
Using some water attach two more grommets to the side of your shoe and then poke a hole
through the middle. Now for stitching run the spike wheel along the edge in two rows
then take a fine paintbrush with white food colouring and paint along those rows so it
looks like a stitching line. Do that down the side of the shoe too and then use some
water to add the label to the side of your shoe there and you have your converse shoe
cake. You could of course use different colour fondant to make the shoe a different colour.
Put all your request below, this cake was requested by
sonjaminy13 muffin girl
havick O G abbey miles
starlightz - that was a nice comment zoie grover
unicorns are awesome coby goldberg
thit afa Tong jit akasem cardmaking by alex
emmeline Toh kate roberts
riyana ali marvin luo
kirsten Mole denise williams
thao tran emma o'halloran
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weilin luke wilson
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3n3r207 karen serratos
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ann D X B yensi johnson
aileen limenko eepers-jeeper 14
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Have an amazing week and I'll see you on Friday



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