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Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Smurf House Giant Cupcake Tutorial where I'll be
showing you how to make this really great, little Smurf's house using your giant cupcake
mold. For those of you that follow my channel, you'll
know that I'm a big fan of using the giant cupcake mold for a whole range of things that
aren't necessarily just giant cupcakes. And this great Smurf's house is just one of them.
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I'm cheating just a little bit on the Smurf figurines. We could spend hours and hours
making these out of fondant but there's a good chance they still wouldn't look as Smurfy
as we would like them to. So I've got 4 little Smurfy figurines, including, of course, little
chef to go on our finished cake, and today we're just concentrating on making the actual
Smurf's house. I've got a pre-iced cake board. I will leave
sizing and dimension of that in the description box below. I've just covered that in a green
fondant over here. And I've got it position on a cake decorating turntable. We also have
a great tutorial for how to ice a cake board so I will leave a link to that in the description
box below. This is purely optional but this is just a
little...It's actually a giraffe print embossing mat but I'm going to be using it for a bit
of a cobble stone effect on a couple of our little pieces in the house today. But purely
optional and just for little bit of extra detailing.
I've got some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting and I've tinted that Smurf-blue today.
I will leave a link to our recipe for that frosting in the description box below.
I've got our prebaked giant cupcakes. So I've used giant cupcake basics, I think, 1 and
2. I will leave a link in the description box below for those. And that basically shows
you how to get your cupcake baked, extracted and ready to carve and stack and decorate.
I've got a little bit of cornflour -- you can also use icing sugar -- in a shaker.
I've got a pizza cutter. I've got a serrated edge knife or a bread
knife. I've got a... It's a little cake spatula,
an offset spatula But you can also use a regular knife.
Quite a sharp paring knife. A butter knife.
I've got a fondant roller or a regular rolling pin will do.
I've got a paintbrush. A square cutter.
I've got 4 different colors fondant. So I've got white. I've got red, that's the main color
for our Smurf's house. And then for the detailing, I've got some chocolate brown. And I've just
mixed a tiny bit of that with some white to give us more of a caramel-y brown.
I've got some water. I've got some melted white chocolate.
And just a few toothpicks. So let's get started. There's going to be
quite a lot to this tutorial. It's a little bit bigger than just our regular cupcakes.
Now the first thing that we want to do is we want to carve up this giant cupcake. Normally
when I do a giant cupcake tutorial, I come to you already carved and ready to go but
this one is a little bit different. The bottom half of mine is a red velvet mud
cake and the top half is a chocolate cake. What we're going to do first... We want to
cut that away because we really want the bottom of our Smurf house to not have that, I guess,
that gradient that the giant cupcake has. So we want it to almost be more straight up
and down. Alright, so the next thing that we want to
do is just cut off... I always cut off the top and bottom because you will always have
sort of brown or darker edges on the tops and bottoms of your cupcake. So just trim
away any crispy or dark edges. Alright, we want to give that a bit of a flat,
I guess, a flat resting spot or a flat base. So I'm just going to cut it off. It doesn't
have to be perfectly flat because we're actually going to fold that fondant underneath a little
bit. We don't mind if it's got a little bit of a, I guess, a little bit of a lip underneath
there that it's sort of sitting on. But I do want to just take my knife and I
want to make it as circular as possible so I'm just going to cut around, cut away any
of those, I guess, sharp edges and just make it as circular as possible.
Alright, so I'm happy with that. It doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. It is the bottom
of a mushroom after all. But we do want it to be just not a cupcake shape. We're really
turning this into a bit more of a cake. We're just using the giant cupcake mold. But we'll
pop that over there, all carved and ready to frost.
Now taking the top of your giant cupcake, I'm going to trim off the bottom here. We
might actually also just slightly take the ridges away from that giant cupcake. Now the
other thing that you want to do here is just take off this top. So just trim over so that
it's not so pointed at the top and it's a little bit more rounded.
Alright, so I've tidied up my mess a little bit. Now we're just going to separate our
2 parts again, actually our 3 parts. I'm going to take that offset spatula and this nice
blue frosting. And I thought the blue with the red velvet will be a really nice contrast,
not too much in here because I know I'm going to cover it with fondant. And then I'm just
going to do a really quick and, I guess, just a really quick, good, crumb coat around the
outsides, around the edges. I'm not going to worry too much about the bottom or the
underside, just around the edges. That's just going to give the fondant something to stick
to, and make it all nice and neat, keep all those crumbs in place. So not too much frosting
here, just nice and light as you go around. So you'll notice as I crumb coat that I'm
actually going back and forth with the spatula, working the, almost working the frosting into
the cake rather than just smearing it on -- back and forward, back and forward, and working
it into... picking up any crumbs and working it into the sides of that cake. Pop a little
bit on top. So just make sure that you're working on a relatively clear space here.
And I'm just going top pop down a little bit of cornflour.
Pick up that white fondant, a quick knead just to soften it up and make it nice and
pliable and nice and workable. Because I know I sort of want a longer shape, I'm going to
roll it into a bit of a fat sausage first. Stick it on the bench and push it down. It's
quite humid here today so my fondant is quite sticky so I'm just going to put a little bit
more cornflour on top of it and a little bit more underneath. Swipe it around to give it
a really nice coating on the back and we're just going to roll it out.
Alright, so I've rolled out my nice piece of fondant. Take that pizza cutter. And you
just want to cut across a nice straight line all the way across the bottom. And then we're
going to take this rolling pin and I'm just going to roll the fondant over it. Make sure
that the bottom of your rolling pin is along that nice, flat edge at the bottom of your
fondant. I've got a couple of just little sticky bits
here as I come across so I'm just going to put a little bit of cornflour if you feel
any sticky bits on the back of your fondant. Little bit more cornflour. And that will just
stop it from sticking as I go and unravel it. Pick our piece up. And now I'm just going
to sit it on the table. Attach that piece of fondant. And I'm just going to turn my
rolling pin around. Beautiful. Alright, so once you've got it on like that.
It's looking rather messy. So just take your hands and just come around and just smooth
it down, making sure out any air bubbles as you go. Alright, so at the top here, you can
just fold this fondant in. I'm starting to regret my choice of blue frosting here. With
the back, take that sharp knife. What I'm going to is I'm just going to overlap the
two, I guess, the two longish type [paths]. And I'm going to create a little seam at the
back here. Just tucking that one over. Push that all on the top. I'm going to take my
sharp knife and I'm just going to cut off any of this excess sagginess.
I'm just doing a final smooth off. Now as you're smoothing it off just tuck in underneath.
So just pushing the edges, just pushing the edges in there underneath, trapping all of
that frosting. And then take your pizza cutter and just trim around the bottom. If you want
to shift your cake around at any stage, just take that long knife, slide it underneath
and lift the whole thing up, and move it around. Alright, so we've tidied up a little bit.
I've popped our little mushroom base off to the side. So now you want to take your red
fondant. And always do the white fondant first because it is quite quite easy to stain white
fondant, especially after working with red fondant. So when possible, just use your white
and your lighter colors before you use your bright and darker colors.
Once again, just a little knead. Roll it into a ball. This is going to get rolled out into
a big circle. If you love this tutorial, make sure that
you head on over to our channel My Cupcake Addiction and hit the Subscribe button. We've
got a ton of great tutorials on cupcakes, cakepops, cake decorating and a few other
things thrown in, rainbow jelly jars and other bits and pieces. So I'm sure that you'll find
something that you like there. Alright, so I've got my piece of red all rolled
out. Now what I'm going to do here is I'm just going to pick it up and just slide it
slightly off to the side. I'm going to take that blue frosting again
and my spatula and I'm just going to put just a nice, light coating of blue on the top as
neat as possible. Perfect. Alright, now you want to take this piece of
red fondant and just lay it over the top. So I find just picking it up to your palm
and centering it over the top and letting it fall down. So I'm just going to just pull
this down, smoothing out any little air packets or ridges as I go down.
Alright, now from here, I'm just going to take my pizza cutter. And I'm just going to
cut just a little way outside the edge, so all the way around. Now, you want to take
your long knife, just slide it underneath, and just grabbing that cake in the very very
middle, and I'm just going to tuck that fondant under. Just tucking it under to neaten off
our, top of our mushroom. And once we attach that to the bottom of the cake, it will all
hold itself together. So bringing back in the bottom of the cake
now, make sure that you always know where the seam of your cake is. Now take a little
bit of that water, and not too much here. You just want to dampen the top of that fondant.
Water with fondant acts like a bit of a glue. But too much of it will actually eat into
the fondant and it becomes your worst enemy. So water can be your best friend or your worst
enemy. Now lift up your mushroom lid, making sure
to keep those bottom edges tuck under nicely. Just sit it on top. From here, I like to just
sort of pinch out the edges a little bit just to make sure that I've got a nice, little
overhang around the top of my mushroom. And then just take your hand, round it over the
top, and smooth it all down. So we can attach that now to our cake board
and then we're going to do a little bit of a tidy up because I'm running out of space,
and come back and get to the finer details. So to attach that to the board, once again,
just a little bit of water, not too much. You can also use a bit of a ganache or a bit
of a chocolate here, just a little spot of water. And use your knife, slide underneath.
And I'm going to support with a clean hand at the front there, lifting and positioning.
I'm going to slide my knife carefully out behind here. So I'm just going to support
with one hand and just slide that knife out. Beautiful. Alright, let's have a little tidy
up and we'll come back and decorate our Smurf house.
Alright, so we're starting to shape our little Smurf house. Time for a little bit more of
that white fondant and we're just going to make the big kind of spots or [splurges] that
go on top of the house here. So a little bit of more cornflour down and we're going to
roll in our last piece of white. Alright, so I've rolled that out and as you
can see this really quite nice and thin. So I'm going to take my pizza cutter again. You
can just use a knife but I love pizza cutters. And I'm just going to make like, just a big
blobby type shape. No exact shape here. They're all going to be different. Now I'm going to
just apply a little bit of water on the back here. I like this first one to be quite kind
of large and long. That's going to be our main spot on the front. And I'm just going
to lay that over the top. Now as I lay there, I can pretty say it's just a touch long so
I'm just going to take my knife and I'm just going to cut off just around here. At the
back here, as I mentioned, if you've got any little jagged edges, just smooth them off
with your finger. Now you just want to cut just another couple
of little circles or little sort of spotty types shapes. You can use circle cutters for
this. That's a nice little mushroomy type shape. You can see there, I'm just neatening
off the edges. And stick that on, little bit of water. And on the other side.
Now I'm pretty happy with that. You can have as many or as few little spots as you like.
You can see there our little Smurf house is really starting to come along. So we can get
rid of that white fondant. And it's time to start doing some of those little details.
With the little details, I'm going to do firstly the front door and some little windows.
Alright, so rolling out that chocolate brown. And I'm going to take my pizza cutter again.
I'm going to cut straight up and straight up on this side. Maybe a little bit thick
for a door so I might just go a little thinner. Lovely.
Now you just want to come across the top so you've got a nice arch on your door. And we'll
cut it a bit long and we'll just stick it up and see roughly how big we want that door
to be. That is about spot on. I'm pretty happy with that.
So you want to add little bit of texture to your door, you can if you like. But I'm just
going to give it kind of like a bit of a wood [grain]. I'm going to use the back of the
knife. Just go up it. And I'm going to use the front, very very lightly in between. So
the front and the back actually gives you slightly different textures and slightly different
sizes. When you use the front, never go too hard or too deep because you don't' want to
cut through it. We're just giving it a very very fine amount of texture there. So there
you've got your front door with a little bit of texture. Turn it over, little bit of water
on the back. Lovely. And we're going to stick that. So turn the cake around to face you
and pop on your front door. Now when it comes to details like the front
door that do come all the way down to the bottom of the cake, so that they're in nice
and tight with the cake, you can either take your pizza wheel or just a knife and just
push the very edges under a little bit. Now it's time to make a couple of windows.
Alright, so for your windows, this is where our little square comes in. so I'm going to
make 2 windows. For each window, you're going to want 2 squares -- 1, 2. So you want take
those squares and you want to cut 2 of them in half. We're going to make our little window
shutters. And we're going to give those the same sort of texture as we gave the front
door. So just a little back of the knife and a little bit of the front.
Alright, so for your little windows, we're just going to cut out, using your really sharp
knife, we're just going to cut an inner square or you can alternately use a smaller square
cutter. Alright there's your 2 little windows. Now you can either use these pieces here.
Otherwise, you can just cut some nice little strips out of your center pieces -- 2 for
each window. Lovely. Now I like to position the windows on first.
So turning the cake a little bit and taking a little bit of that water, just a tiny tiny
little bit of water, I'm just going to put on each corner because I don't want that to
be too much, maybe along my top, along as well. And just position it off the side of
the house. And then you can take your little inner pieces, little bit of water. So you
need to stick 1 piece in whole the window and the other piece... You're cutting half
and you'll also cut a little nick out of it. So cut it in half and cut a little chunk out
of it just to allow for that extra room for the one that we've just added. So you've got
your little window taking shape there. And then we're just going to add the little window
shutter. So if you like with your little window shutters, you can attach them. Nice little
bit of water down the side and attach them to the side of that window just on one half
and you can leave the other sort of side flopping open a little bit, nice and welcoming on your
little Smurf house. We'll repeat that again on the other side.
Alright, so there's our little door and windows. Now we might roll out a little bit more, some
of our caramel-y type color. Now with the caramel, I'm going to make a little cobble
stone path and I'm also going to make some nice, little stones that go up and around
the top. So I'm just going to roll that out, not as thin as I've rolled these other pieces.
And then I'm going to take my impression mat and I'm just going to roll my impression mat
right over the top. You can either roll the fondant unto the impression mat or the impression
mat unto the fondant. It really does not matter. And then we'll peel that away. And you should
have a bit of a cobble stones effect. You'll never know that was from a giraffe. You might
looking at it. But we'll say you'll never know that was from a giraffe.
So we're just going to cut down about the same width as our door, a nice little path.
Perfect. Alright, so I'm just going to cut in just a little bit of a rounded indent there
so that we can put it flash up against the house. Tiny bit of water on the back. And
then you want to push it up against that door. And then we're going to use the knife and
just cut off that excess. Now I'm also just going to round that off with my finger just
to blend it with the edges of our board a little bit there. Taking that excess, you
just want to roll a few little, kind of, just different shape and [meat] shape and balls.
You don't want them to be perfectly round. You want them to be sort of look a little
bit like this. They're supposed to look like kind of little stones or little rocks. So
you're going to roll a bunch of those in all different sizes and stick them around the
outside of that door. Little bit of water on the back of each one. You can also use
caramels for this. Alright, so you've got your little door all lined there. And as you
can see, she's really really starting to look like a Smurf house now.
Now I'm going to take some of this brown fondant. I'm going to make a chimney. So just roll
a bit of a ball and then roll it into a sausage. You can also use a tootsie roll for this if
you wanted to. And I'm going to stick that on to the back of my little house using some
melted chocolate. But we'll let that sit there for a few minutes just to set. And I'm going
to roll about 6 or 8 just little pieces, sort of little sausages. And these are going to
just be little joiners, it kind of join the roof to the bottom of the house just to give
it some detail. So we're going to stick those at little random intervals, 4 or 5, 5 or 6.
We'll just see how many we need, so a little bit of water there and there. And you want
to attach it to the house and then attach it to the roof, so not too much water. We
don't want them falling off. Alright, so we ended up 5 in total going right around the
outside of our little house there. And we're just going to roll a few more rocks in the
darker brown to get on the outside of that garden path. And we can add our chimney and
get Smurfing. Alright, so we've got our melted chocolate
and I'm going to use the chocolate to attach our little chimney just so it's going to be
a little bit sturdier than using water, so just a bit chocolate on the back there. And
I'm going to stick the chimney. And I'm actually going to push that down into the fondant and
just support it for a second until that chocolate becomes a little bit tucky. Lovely.
And then it's time to apply our Smurfs. So for our Smurfs, I'm just going to put a little
bit of white chocolate on the bottom of their feet and that's just going to stick them in
place. But they're still going to be really easy for the kids to get off the board. So
we'll take Papa Smurf. We might have him standing right out the front. Beautiful. Now we'll
take others. This is grumpy. Yes, it looks grumpy. Take Grumpy Smurf. He should be [wimping]
to Papa Smurf about something surely. Of course, the Chef, my favorite Smurf, out him right
at the front. He's just cooked a nice meal. And over the back here, I'll put Jokey because
he's probably playing a joke on somebody. So put him around the back where he's giggling.
He's done something naughty and we'll not know what it is until we open this present
box. So there you've got your completed, really
cute, little Smurf house cake. Now as an added extra, if you like, I've just got a little
green frosting here in a zip lock bag. And I've just cut the tip off it. This is a really
great idea if you've got any little gaps like I do here and you just want to add a bit more
detail without necessarily getting in anymore Smurf. So you can just take your frosting
and just make like some little bushes. You can stick some little flowers in there, maybe
some little red ones with the off cuts from your roof. Just pop some little bushes and
some little bits of detailing around the bottom of the house if you've got any bits on the
board that you might want to cover up, certainly this is a great way to do that.
So there you have your gorgeous little completed Smurf cake. And once again, you can add as
much or as little detail as you like to this cake. The basic idea there is you can decide
which Smurf's your favorite, which ones you want to include and which ones you don't want
to pop on there. I hope you've enjoyed watching this tutorial
as much as I've enjoyed making it for you today. And as always, thanks very much for


Smurf Cake! Make a Smurfs 2 Smurf Village Cake - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

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