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  • Hello you lovely people, okay welcome back we're gunna do some cooking

  • We're going to make a beautiful

  • beautiful apple pie. It's gorgeous

  • it's got a twist, the ginger, the elderflower, beautiful blackberries

  • your mates will come round and they'll absolutely love that

  • So nice, so first of all I'm going to peel these apples

  • we're gonna use a Bramley's apple and some eaters as well

  • but what I don't want you to do is chuck the skins away they've got loads of flavour

  • and colour and what I want you to do is just throw it in a pan

  • with a handful of sugar and a swig or two of water ice, put two blackberries in there

  • couple of sprigs of mint, this cooks down to make the most wonderful wonderful syrup

  • it's really nice with ice cream. The nice thing about mixing up

  • the eating apples with the Bramley apples is you get different textures different flavours

  • which makes the ultimate apple pie so I've got about you know

  • three eaters, one Bramley going in

  • lets spice it up now. I'm going to take some cinnamon and some nutmeg

  • What I want do is create like a few extra flavours that you don't normally get in an apple pie

  • So I've got a warm pan okay this is a hot pan

  • in there I'm gonna put a nice knob of butter

  • That's the beginning of the story

  • We're gonna go in with a pinch of cinnamon about a quarter of a nutmeg, give it a good old shake up

  • and what I want to do

  • is incorporate a few little flavours you can buy this

  • stem ginger in syrup right pour in a little bit of the syrup

  • and just chop up a few little bits

  • it's amazing that such a little bit of this ginger will make such a dramatic change to you pie

  • people go crazy for it that's kinda

  • the other thing I'm doing as well is elderflower absolutely

  • gorgeous just a handful or so

  • of brown sugar well it's the

  • golden sugar actually just enough to sweeten the apple and then

  • our apples go in so you know for me

  • it's about the best apple pie ever, so I'm tossing this up, I'll cook this for

  • about five minutes

  • now I'm gonna use pre bought puff pastry

  • so I'm gonna roll out this pastry to about ten inches

  • what we're gonna do is we're gonna load this up with some apples all the flavours have started

  • to cook into the apples which is great.

  • A handful of beautiful blackberries whether you get them from the supermarkets, markets or off

  • the bush.

  • Go and get some off the bush these will bust and explode and sort of

  • you know just create the most beautiful purple

  • bubbly juice so we like that. A little bit extra of that elderflower

  • in here now. I've got an egg here I'm just gonna whip it up.

  • We're gonna make egg wash to make it golden but also its gonna stick

  • the pastry to the bowl, I've got me ten inches of

  • pastry I'm gonna lay it over cut off that excess pastry

  • you don't have to waste it you can reroll it out or do a bit decoration

  • get this, the chimney, make a little hole in the top like that, it kind of lets the

  • steam out

  • I'm going to have a little pinch up around the edge just to stick it to the side

  • puff pastry's got layers of butter and pastry

  • so you get this lamination you get this kind of layered approach, it goes puffy and

  • and nice and crispy and then we're gonna egg wash the outside of this pastry like this

  • and I'm going to sprinkle it with just a tiny bit

  • of that sugar so there you go, beautiful little pie

  • I'm gonna bang that in the oven for around 40-45 minutes at a 180 degree Celsius 350

  • degrees fahrenheit until it's bubbling, golden and delicious

  • look at that absolutely gorgeous

  • we've got these stencils here

  • Get a little bit of icing sugar in there. Since I've got kids

  • you know you do find yourself doing ridiculous things like this so we take

  • it off

  • and we've got our little stencils like that which is quite cool. Whatever ice cream you're

  • using, doesn't matter.

  • you can just scoop it up like this. I've got my syrup done

  • We can just pour it on, gorgeous. We're just gonna serve a portion of our old pie here

  • Just take the chimney out and there is

  • an ultimate, ultimate

  • apple pie. There's question marks in there, the ginger, the

  • elderflower, a little bit of surprise and don't waste any of that syrup in the bottom.

  • Look at that beautiful, let's have a little try out

  • That is damn good

  • I think it's the ginger that does it though. Lots of love and see you next time

  • Please comment on the box below and check out some of the other chefs

  • on FoodTube. Take care guys, bye.

Hello you lovely people, okay welcome back we're gunna do some cooking


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