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In this video: 00:09 5 Tips For Overcoming Writerís Block
00:24 Tip #1: Get Clear On What ________ 00:54 Tip #2: Stop ____________
01:27 Tip #3: Write Without Editing 01:57 Tip #4: Use A Stop Timer
02:44 Tip #5: Avoid Distractions And ___________
In this video Iím going to talk about 5 tips you can follow to overcome writerís block.
5 Tips For Overcoming Writerís Block Hi, this is Jesse from StartCopywriting.com
and in todayís video, Iím going to be talking about writerís block, the dreaded writerís
block and how you can overcome it.
Tip #1: Get Clear On What Youíre Writing So, tip #1 for overcoming writerís block
is to get clear on what youíre writing before you actually sit down and start trying to
write. A lack of clarity or being confused about what youíre actually writing often
means ending up with writerís block. So if youíre not clear with what youíre writing
or if youíre confused about what youíre trying to write, itís not going to be very
easy for you. What I like to do is to come up with a bit of an outline or have a really
strong, clear idea of what Iím writing before I actually sit down and write.
Tip #2: Stop Perfectionism Too many people are perfectionists when they
start writing and what that means is having unrealistic and unachievable standards for
yourself that really are going to become too difficult to meet. Often for copywriters what
that means is sitting down and expecting everything you write is going to be amazing. We beat
ourselves up over it so donít do that. Stop being a perfectionist and realize that progress
with your writing is more important than getting it right the first time.
Tip #3: Write Without Editing Too many people when they sit down and write,
they write a sentence, they read it, they decide itís not very good and they delete
the whole thing by hitting backspace. Donít do that. Instead, sit down and write the first
draft before you even think about editing. Donít edit while you write and youíll find
that you can always come back and rewrite your first draft later.
Tip #4: Use A Stop Timer You could use an egg timer, you could use
a timer on your computer, or a timer on your iPhone. Basically, you want to set that countdown
timer to 33 minutes then focus on writing for 33 minutes until your timer goes off indicating
the time is up. So what that allows you to do is just do nothing but write for 33 minutes.
It gives you a mini deadline to focus on and by doing this, youíre really able to get
in ìthe zoneî and avoid distractions. Itís a great strategy for getting lots of writing
done and writing for short 33-minute bursts makes you a very productive writer.
Tip #5: Avoid Distractions And Interruptions Too many times if youíre writing from home
you might have family or friends coming in trying to talk to you and theyíre interrupting
you or you might have distractions like email alerts, your phone, facebook, the internet,
anything like that. All these things can derail our writing and really pull us out of the
flow when we might be writing some great copy.
So what you want to do is turn off your phone and turn off the internet. You want to close
the doors so people donít come in and interrupt you, and find a quiet place where you can
get some writing done. By doing these things, youíll find yourself so much more productive
with your writing and youíll avoid writerís block because youíre not getting continually
sidetracked and distracted.
I hope youíve enjoyed my 5 tips for overcoming writerís block. If youíd like to watch more
videos like this one, I have a whole bunch of them over at my website. This is Jesse
from StartCopywriting.com and Iíll see you in the next video.


5 Tips For Overcoming Writer's Block

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