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- Poop, poop for me, poop for daddy, uugghh poop.
Oh god, he peed, he peed, he must have peed.
Oh he peed, he peed, he peed, he peed.
Pesto? Pesto, did you pee?
Eat the food so you don't eat my food later.
Stop eating grass.
Why are you eating grass, are you a cow?
See, yummy yummy, mmm-- Eww.
Look at me, look at me, look at me (camera click)
You're not looking at me.
Oh, where'd you go? (laughs)
Yah, oh my god hold, hold (camera click)
Pesto, drop it, drop it, drop it Pesto.
Sit, sit, sit.
Oh my god who's the smartest puppy in the world?
(snore) Pesto I said 5 minutes.
(gibberish) - Hello, hi.
- Good job.
Come on, let's go.
Cha cha cha cha cha woo!
You chew this, not this.
This is really bad, I'm so mad at you.
Hey you are not listening to me.
Sit-- Oww! I'm gonna...
Your dog is so cute.
- No, your dog is the cutest puppy.
Come here.
- See you later.
- No one's cuter than you.
Raaaah, I gotcha.
(singing) Pesto, stop,
No don't eat it, don't eat it, oh god...
Can bacon kill my dog?
Oh my god I'm so sorry, sorry, sorry.
Milk, cheese, onions, garlic...
No pull your leash that way.
I knew it you couldn't eat the bacon.
We're not buying any more of that shit, are we?
Magical bath time.
Nope, nope, come on come back.
Here' we go-- Pesto, Pesto, come back.
See see see, trust me it feels good.
It's not a problem at all.
Aww Pesto look, look at the puppies.
Hmm, maybe I should get another dog?
What do you think, Pesto?
Do you want a little brother?
Do you want a sister?
This is some sick form of revenge, isn't it?
- I don't really like dogs I'm more of a cat person.
- Cool, umm, I'll call you.
- You don't have my number.



Weird Things All Dog Owners Do

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曲璿 2017 年 6 月 21 日 に公開
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