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People watch virtual reality porn for the first time.
Have you ever experienced virtual reality?
No, I've never met one of virtual reality
Does "After Burner" count?
I've used... like, the gyros couple of times.
To meet like some video game type stuff that I'm not really aware of.
What is your level of porn consumption?
My...my porn consumption?
Emm... I don't want to incriminate myself.
Do you want a number?
Ha ha ha
I guess there were been certain times where it's been more than other times...
I... I hope not too much.
Like, "Come on. After one day of work!"
It's relatively frequent.
Ha ha ha ha!
Once a day.... Once every other day?
So today we're actually doing is we're gonna have you try on some virtual reality with little porn segment cut to it.
Oh, wow.
You wanna try this?
Yeah. Let's do it.
Setting the mood.
Well, weird...
Oh. Oh God. Here she is.
Ha ha ha!!!
This is dangerous.
Uhh.... Is that my dick?
Oh... Now she's giving him a blow job....
Oh my....
I'm more interested in R2D2 of it
I can see why people would be into this.
This is sexually amazing.
Ahh.. Do you... I don't....
Oh my God. The worst part is I recognize this girl.
Where did you guys find this?
Can you change this into like the other girl?
Now must check this f*** man...
What is this?
No! Watch out!
Oh no...the girl. What the f***?!
This...isn't great.
Oh Jesus Christ......No....
F***ing scaring me.
No...No! Get that out my face
I would like being a guy a lot better.
I was like..."Oh my... Get me outta here!"
Holy shit!
I totally like forgot that I was like at work for a second.
That is gonna change the game.
Describe your experience.
That was like way more uncomfortable than I expected it to be.
The D was like... super close.
"Stop. Please stop."
I guess I can see the appeal.
You can look up, look at the girl's face. Look down at your dick.
You know, as the girl is like f***ing you.
Things are really real...
It's gross.
Motherf***ers will really lose their jobs for regular porn.
I might kinda terrified that might eliminate the need for human interaction all together.
There's gonna be people that will never take that shit off.
This is interesting.
Would you watch virtual reality porn at home?
I can imagine sitting in my apartment and doing that process.
Yes, I would definitely recommend this.
My elders thought that internet porn was like crazy...
So like this is how am I getting old and like,
"Oh! This shit is crazy!", you know.
But it's......f***ing crazy!
How does that make you feel.......deep down?


OculusでのVRポルノ反応 初めてバーチャルリアリティを見た人からの反応

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