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Time to do a little holiday shopping, and it seems the entire country agrees
why didn't I just do this online? Stupid!
OK, just a way through...excuse me! Move it or lose it. I am kidding. Please know that I'm kidding.
Oh God! That's a bad B.O.
Whole bottom smell like that. What if it's me? I couldn't live with myself. I am disgusting!
Oh cool, not me. OK, where is the sweater section?
Let's ask someone who works here, they wear maroon shirts. Bingo!
Excuse me. Excuse me, please.
Uh...hello? Excuse me.
Excuse me, fine sir. Can you please tell me where the sweaters are?
I don't work here.
Oh, I am so sorry. It's the maroon... Okay, great, I'm gonna turn around...oh, sweaters!
Okay. Hey, you did help me, actually.
What've we got here? It's like a small black V-neck!
Wonder when they'll make a J-neck.
J-neck! That's actually pretty funny.
I should post that. I'll do that later.
No, no, don't do...all right, the V-neck, the V-neck, great. All right. Perfume town.
-I want it! - No, no, I want you to put it back.
Oh, God. Don't feed that thing after midnight.
Ah, perfume.
Essence. In essence. Essential. Okay, these are exactly the same.
-Hey, excuse me. You don't work here, do you? -Oh, yes, I do.
What's the difference here?
-Oh, well, in essence, the difference is their essence. -That makes no sense.
-Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. -Doesn't it? Yeah.
What do I do? Do I buy all these? Only lunatic would do that. Maybe they have a good return policy though.
All right, it just time to get the watch and home free.
-I'll have this! -No, we are going home.
Ah, grand man. Hey, let's just forget the things that happened before.
Please make sounds already.
Facing this one more time, I'm gonna (~singing~).Yes, last watch!
Surprising at the last watch ever met in the store but... Oh, hello there. Lady, do you have the time?
That's gonna fun, that's gonna win. Go, okay, I'm going for it.
Hey, why am I voice cracked that never happens. Now let's gonna find the checkout line and get out of here.
Is this the line?
I need to get the f**k out of here!
-Oh, God, present allowed. -I'm open.
Jackpot! Excuse me, excuse me.Oh, God! That's the B.O. guy. He's right there.
Oh, meet again. Is that weird to say to her?
-Next. -Yes. What's this? Is it a cutter?
Yeah, okay, here comes the pain train.
Excuse me, oh, listens, yeah, that's cute, that's a cool perfume, yeah. Cool dude, cool. Great.
Grab a fine Korea. I can't handle a cutter.
Wow, they are really pushing this perfume.
Only $123.83, make out a bill?
All of my money, yeah.
Yeah, it's like a light load today. Light load? I am the worst.
Oh, how about just cash down, it's cash only right now.
Yeah, no problem, cool. This is gonna be a problem.
Sub club, gift card from grandma. There's no cash in here. I need to grow up.
-Do you mind stepping aside, sir? -Just give me a second, okay? I'm cool.
-Sir. -Everything is cool.
-Step aside, sir. -Why step aside, sir? Dude, get off...
Hey, enjoy the perfume!
Suppose be a surprise, man.
You are the worst.


What Holiday Shopping Looks Like From Inside Your Head

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