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  • Ringly is a smart jewelry accessories that connect to your phone

  • and let you know about the things that matter most to you.

  • I think wearable tech is still in its infancy stage right now,

  • so you're seeing a lot of really cool devices come out,

  • but I think there aren't a lot of companies focused on the style part of wearable tech

  • and that's what the Ringly trying to solve.

  • Ringly designs jewelry and accessories that connect your phone to alert you about

  • incoming calls, text, emails or even app notifications.

  • The New York-based startup has created a new line of rings

  • that subtly vibrate or light up the Ringly's mobile app

  • to help users decide when and how they want to be notified.

  • The way it works is you connect your ring to your Ringly mobile app

  • and then you can control how you want to be notified.

  • So let's say you want to be notified every time you get a text message.

  • You can set that up, so your ring will vibrate and flash a little color in a text message.

  • So we wanted it to be very discreet, so we have a little daimond on the side of the Ringly

  • where the color shines through, and we have five different colors that we're using

  • and you can set different colors for different notifacation types.

  • The rings are 18-karat gold-plated with a matte finished,

  • and all the technology behind the jewelry rest under a semiprecious stone

  • or the LED light shines through the side of the ring.

  • We're launching with four different styles so

  • we use semiprecious stones, so we're launching with a black onyx

  • a rainbow moonstone, an emerald, a pink sapphire.

  • The startup currently has seven full-time employees and has so far raised

  • $1 million dollars in seed funding from investors.

  • It all started just one day and I was so frustrated like

  • I kept my phone in my purse and I always missing important calls and text messages.

  • Men keep their phones mostly in their pockets,

  • and women sometimes we don't have pockets. Uh so we tend to keep our phones in our purses.

  • And one day I was just looking down at my fingers and I wear a lot big rings

  • and...

  • I just thought I wonder if I could put technology in here that will help solve this problem.

  • And so right now yeah it's solving a need for women

  • and it's doing so through jewelry.

  • Ringly will begin taking pre-orders on its website starting on June 10,

  • and the startup plans on releasing its first line of jewelry in the fall 2014.

Ringly is a smart jewelry accessories that connect to your phone


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