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  • Hey, guys. It's Bex here. Welcome to 2014 and my brand-new videos for my series "You

  • Have Four Minutes for Meditation." Today we're doing a New Year's meditation, but if you

  • happen to be watching this on a day that is not New Year's Day, that's okay because every

  • day is yours to start brand new. First I want to give you a few instructions

  • on how to set up for meditation. I want you to find a quiet spot. It doesn't have to be

  • a silent spot. Just get somewhere peaceful and quiet where you won't be distracted or

  • interrupted. Then find a comfortable place to sit. This

  • can be on your couch, on a chair, or on the floor on a pillow like me. Find your easy

  • seat. This can be with one foot in front of the other, one foot in half lotus, or in full

  • lotus -- whatever is comfortable for you. Meditation is supposed to be easy, so I don't

  • want you to struggle with your physical posture. Now that you've found your comfortable seat,

  • I want you to begin by closing your eyes. This will allow you to remove the distractions

  • out of your line of sight. Then gently place your hands downturned on your knees or upturned

  • to receive the energy around you. I want you sitting nice and tall, so with

  • your next inhale, go ahead and breathe your shoulders up to your ears...exhale your shoulder

  • blades down your spine. Hummmm... One more time. Inhale up to your ears...exhale

  • down your spine. This will place your shoulder over your hips. Your chin should be parallel

  • to the floor. And we are ready to meditate. New Year's is a time for renewal, a time for

  • rebirth. Let us first imagine a white light that will bathe all of the events, struggles,

  • heartaches, and even victories away. Imagine that white light entering the top of your

  • head and filling your entire body with goodness as it passes through your face. It fills your

  • head, your torso, pass your heart, your belly, your hips, down pass your legs and into the

  • floor. This beautiful white light is filling you

  • with peace and calm, cleansing you of any worry, regret, frustration, disappointmentl

  • and again, even happiness and victory attached to memories of the previous year. Today is

  • our day to start brand new. Continue to pay attention to your breath.

  • You may hear noise coming in from your environment. That's okay. Allow them to float into your

  • mind, and then gently push them out like you were batting away a floating balloon.

  • Use the same method to deal with thoughts that may arise. They float in, and then you

  • bat them away. At this point, I'd love to give you a New

  • Year's mantra, an offering, a gift from me to you that I want you to repeat, either out

  • loud or in your head, as you inhale and exhale: "Whatever I've done, wherever I've been, today

  • is my day to start brand new..." "Whatever I've done, wherever I've been, today

  • is my day to start brand new.." "Whatever I've done, wherever I've been, whatever

  • has been done to me, today is my day to start brand new..."

  • Continue to repeat that mantra, aloud or silently. Allow it to fill your heart. Allow your breath

  • to follow the words. You can stay here in meditation, or with your

  • next inhale, you may open your eyes... And that's it. There's your New Year's meditation.

  • I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please leave a comment before. Check back every single

  • week for brand-new meditations from me. Or if you'd like to sign up for my weekly newsletter

  • using the link in the video description, I will give you a whole list of beautiful mantras

  • that you can meditate on. Thank you so much for watching. I love you,

  • guys. I'll see you again soon! Get free meditations, mantras, detox, diet

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Hey, guys. It's Bex here. Welcome to 2014 and my brand-new videos for my series "You


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