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What makes a nerd a nerd and not a geek and a geek a geek and not a nerd?
Let’s talk about that.
Good mythical morning!
Alright, yesterday we released a new music video on our main channel.
It’s called epic rap battle: nerd vs geek.
Thank you for checking that out, for commenting, for sharing that amongst all of your peoples,
especially if they’re interested in the worlds of nerdem and geekdem,
which as we’ve discovered in the research of the writing of the song and producing of the music video
are two distinct worlds which cozy up to one another.
Perhaps they overlap in some areas.
There’s quite a bit of crossover.
Well, let’s give you a little background first.
So this video was sponsored by tigerdirect.
Thanks to tigerdirect for letting us shoot in the store and giving us the stuff that we used in the video.
In Miami!
But the original concept that we talked about was the epic rap battle of nerdiness.
Cuz you know, we have the original epic rap battle, we have the epic rap battle of manliness
and then we’re like let’s do epic rap battle of nerdiness.
And then in the very early stages in developing the idea,
we started doing some research on like what makes you nerdy
and all of a sudden we saw these different articles about geek versus nerd and we’re like,
Oh! That’s even better cuz now there’s a battle between the geek and the nerd.
Well, I mean yeah, once it occurred to us that there was more of a story there
and the two characters being different and not being nerds kind of thing,
it made it more interesting.
I mean I certainly had a point of reference that nerds and geeks aren’t the same thing.
I know that. – Yeah I wasn’t saying that.
It seemed like a better thing to have a rap battle about.
Wasn’t that who’s more nerdy but the geek versus nerd that caught me.
But what I didn’t understand was how intricately you could parse the differences between the two.
And I’m using words like parse in order to be a little bit more nerdy… not really.
Or is it geeky?
Oh, is it?
A guy named, this is the dude’s name, Ber Settles
Which is also – yes he does- also a sentences. It’s also a sentence.
Ber you should never settle man. Don’t settle.
This guy’s a nerd.
Unless its your last name then just own it.
This guy’s a nerd, I think, because he developed, he actually went in and did this global search of twitter.
And saw how often certain subjects were associated with the word geek or the word nerd
And then he created a graph that has a bunch of words on there that we’ll put on here
That shows, it’s basically a function you know, of things that becomes more geeky or things becoming more nerdy
on this scale and then whether or not things are nerdy or geeky.
And I think .. – Now first of all, I will say the fact that someone went through all this trouble, like you said
I’m pretty sure that makes him a nerd especially because the presentation of the chart,
it doesn’t look cool graphically.
That would be something that a geek would do.
A nerd would parse all this data and figure out how to segment it and compile it and all this type of stuff
that you do with data but then a geek would be the one who would make it cool looking.
And this one looks very nerdy, and it’s like illegible as you get into the more geeky,
maybe because he’s a nerd he’s like ‘I don’t care how geeky it gets’ that’s when you can’t read it anymore.
Here’s what I want to do. Because we did some research and I know you have looked at this - right.
But I want to see if this stuff is still with you.
I’m just gonna name some of these things that are right along this line
whether it’s geek or nerd and I want you to tell me whether this is a geeky thing or a nerdy thing.
Well, start further out first. Okay further out.
Someone who plays the cello.
That’s a nerd. Now that’s interesting because I’ve never heard of the term band nerd
But I’ve heard of the term band-geek.
But when I think of someone who plays the cello,
I picture a nerd.
Well yeah, I mean you’re right. This is the nerdiest thing on the scale
Again, this is so difficult because band geek.
What do they play?
They play brass?
Yeah yeah if I said tuba, you would go with geek. I don’t know.
No I wouldn’t.
I’m just, look listen, I’m just, I’m the messenger here.
Okay. What else?
Web comic.
Of course. Here’s .. here’s something a little…
Let’s go with genius.
Nerds, nerds are you know, they are typically very much centered at being smart.
Geeks are kind of, they’re smart but they have social sense
or they’re more socially aware maybe to a fault.
How did you know that? Because typically mac is the geek.
Oh, actually I meant to say nerd.
Well you’re wrong. Microsoft is on the line but he has it– it’s on the line- but he has it on the geek side
But it’s on the line, so that’s in the overlap.
What? I…
Like I mean foodies I think, you can be a foodie geek.
So I would say geek.
Vegetables are nerdy. I don’t know why.
Awkward. – There’s a grey area.
Awkward I would say more nerd. Definitely.
Geek. Anything more pop culture-y I consider it being more geeky.
Doctor Who.
Geek. Cuz it’s pop culture..
Still geek.
Nope, he got Zelda as nerd and he has The Hobbit as the nerd
which, incidentally, we had the geek in our rap battle become Gandalf.
Because, it’s so right on the line,
Because we thought that you know, a guy who’s…
I don’t consider myself to be smart enough to be a nerd,
I respect nerds because they’re smart.
I’m just not smart enough. I can’t achieve nerdem
and I’m a big fan of Lord of the Rings.
So I think that, I mean, I don’t know if I’m a geek,
I’m just, you know, I’m just an everyday man. I’m out…
You’re a hipster.
I think that the,
I think that the fact that there are some YouTube channels, we talked about this a little bit in our research too
that told this line, illustrates how much of a line this is.
You’ve got Geek & Sundry, Felicia Day.
Which that makes sense, it’s like board games, pop culture type stuff that’s very much in geekdem. 
But then you got the nerdist channel, which is Chris Hardwick.
And when I think of Chris Hardwick, and the nerdist network,
I think of geek stuff, I don’t think of nerd.
Cuz he’s a cool guy. – I think – The guy, he knows how to dress.
Still very much pop culture, I would say definitely nerdist is geek,
They should’ve been called geekist, not nerdist, but I think they call themselves nerdist
because there were socially aware enough to know that if I called us nerdist,
It’s so uncool it becomes cool again.
So, as a socially aware geek, I’m gonna call us nerdist because it’s a better title.
which is why I think that your character clearly won the rap battle.
I think, and I’m totally comfortable admitting that.
Well we collectively wrote the whole rap, it’s not like.. – Right!
We only wrote our parts.
But I’m comfortable with saying your character won because it’s so much easier to pull for the nerd,
And there’s so much irony in the nerd rapping versus the geek ..
Cuz they own it. – Yeah.
A geek might tend to be so socially aware that it’s… you know it’s…
just kinda not being totally honest.
Now, here’s a nerd.
Hank Green. Hank Green is a bonified nerd.
And he knows it. - Yeah.
He’s super smart, like legitimately smart about all the things that he speaks to.
It doesn’t just a guy that’s just really into things, it’s a guy who totally knows what he’s talks about it
and its appropriate the nerd fighters are the people who are fans of the bloggers, actual nerds.
And, so we appreciate you guys sharing in the comments what are your thoughts.
You know, this is an open ended discussion in a grey area.
I know we may have entered a hornet’s nest with this one.
But we don’t wanna turn anybody against us, we love nerds, we love geeks,
and if you like the song, we wanna make the instrumental version available.
We’re gonna do a contest, a little community building exercise, if you wanna take that,
and do a cover of Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek you can do that.
And you can share it, make a YouTube video but then share it with us on the Rhett Link Kommunity,
We got a link down there in the description on how you can get to that.
And then your deadline is Sunday, October 27th.
You make your cover video and the best one is going to win a mythical prize pack
consisting of Mythical Show t-shirt, a Mythical Show signed poster
And an up to this point CD.
Our CD with 27 songs on it.
So take part in the instrumental Epic Rap Battle.- Don’t just do it for the prize though,
Do it to have some fun, you know? Fun it up over there in the Rhett Link Kommunity. .
You know what time it is.
This is Rob, and Thelia, and we’re coming at you from Saskatchewan, Canada.
And, it’s time to spin the wheel of mythicality.
If you don’t want to participate in the community building exercise and you just wanna buy this stuff,
It’s all available over at rhettandlink,com/store
You’d appreciate that. – All of these are signed, or just participate in the contest and buy something.
Let’s end this episode.
Rhett is shrinking and Link is growing.
Oh that’s starting to feel kinda weird man.
What? What’s happening. My shoulders…
I’m getting taller, I’m getting bigger
Look at me. I’m growing.
I’m not moving closer to the camera I’m just getting larger.
This is not an illusion this is really me getting larger.
This is as small as I can get, if I got any smaller, I would disappear.
This is the noise I make when I’m getting larger.
You still have the mic on? Can I spin the globe? - Sure
And wherever it lands, we will make a music video before we die, in the location it lands.


NERD vs GEEK: How to Tell the Difference

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