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- Hi, friends, I'm here with the one and the only
- Jenna Marbles. (laughing) - [Tyler] Woo!
- [Tyler] What are we doing, Jenna?
- I'm gonna ask you some Brain Quests
some fourth grade (both laughing)
some fourth grade questions.
- Mm-hmm.
- And you're gonna have three seconds to answer them.
- Fuck, okay, well these are hard questions,
we were going through them a little bit.
- Yeah, some of them are easy.
- For a fourth grader, you gotta be smart,
and as a 25 year old I'm dumb as shit, so...
- Yep.
- If I don't get the question right in three seconds,
what are you going to do?
- I'm gonna rip your hair out your leg.
No pain, no gain, honey.
- What is the gain from this?
- [Both] Just like smooth legs.
- Okay, find an antonym of generous,
here are your choices:
- Oh, great!
- I have choices for you. - [Tyler] Oh, okay, yeah.
- Kind, tasty, difficult, miserly.
One, two - [Tyler] For generous?
- [Jenna] Three (Tyler stammering)
- [Jenna] It's miserly.
- (laughing) Oh, shit!
Wait, miserly?
Ow, oh my God, ow!
- Holy shit! - [Jenna] It's beautiful!
- [Jenna] Look! - [Tyler] Look at that.
- [Tyler] Oh my God, it tingles.
- This is terrible, I feel awful!
- But that look smooth as shit.
- You look like a baby!
I looked at the laser hair removal,
because it's like if you wax, it's expensive to do anything,
you know what I mean?
So I looked into it, it was a lot cheaper than I thought
to get like six sessions, or whatever.
And they get all in, just like a stranger,
they make you like spread eagle like that,
and they just get in there and like
(scratching) to your asshole.
- Wait, your talking about laser.
- Mm-hmm.
- Lasering your asshole.
- Yeah, and all of it.
- You live your dream, girl.
- To put money in the bank,
do you make a deposit or a withdrawal?
- A deposit. (laughing)
- What do you look for if you need water in shade trees?
- An oasis?
- Yeah. - [Tyler] Oh my God.
- What continent is located entirely
in the eastern and southern hemispheres?
- Australia?
- Yeah, holy shit, you're crushing it right now!
- Thank you, thank you.
- Alright, subtract 3,996 from 6,325.
- Are you, holy! (laughing)
- One, - [Tyler] No, wait!
- Two,
- I forgot the numbers, this is...
- Get waxed!
- What, no (laughing) no!
- Ah, one, two, three, ah!
- Oh my God, oh my God, ouch! (laughing)
Oh my God, oh my God!
- I'm sorry, Tyler!
- The worst was when I thought you were gonna rip it
and you didn't.
- I know.
- (breathing heavy) (laughing)
- What three digit numbers can you make
from the numbers one, two, and three?
- Three, - [Tyler] 321.
- Two, one. - [Tyler] Wait!
- [Tyler] How many do you need? (laughing)
- There's six answers.
- No, I gave you one, that counts!
That's good. - [Jenna] Okay, okay.
- [Jenna] In what state can you visit
the Kennedy Space Center?
- Oh, fuck this shit!
Some type of, Nevada?
(laughing) Oh, fuck, oh my God!
- I didn't mean to rip them both,
but they were stuck together. (laughing)
Oh my God, are you okay?
- Oh my God!
- Does our number system come from the Arabs,
the Greeks, or the Chinese?
- Uh, the Chinese?
- (buzzing) The Arabs!
- (laughing) Oh fuck, thank you, Arabs.
(Jenna humming)
- What?
- Get waxed (laughing)
Oh, it's gonna be so good, make it real warm,
oh, make it nasty! - [Tyler] I hate you!
- [Jenna] Make it nasty! - [Tyler] I hate you!
- [Jenna] Drop, drop it to the floor, make it nasty!
Take the antonym of play and add it to home,
what compound word do you get?
- Layhome? (laughing)
I don't know, what is it?
- Homework?
- Oh, work and play, I thought--
- That's right!
- No! (laughing)
- What info is not gathered in U.S. Census?
A person's name, age, race, or weight?
It's weight. - [Tyler] Name?
- [Tyler] Wait, no! (laughing)
Oh my God, I thought it was name, though.
Oh, fuck that! - [Jenna] That's nice.
- [Jemna] Okay, let me get in here.
- Oh, it tingles.
- Dude, like really, the home little waxing kit,
this shit's doing a bang up job.
- Thank you.
- Turn the word part into a word
for something you set to catch a rat.
Three, - [Tyler] A trap!
- [Jenna] Yeah. - [Tyler] Okay, oh my God.
- [Jenna] It's a trap! - [Tyler] Got it.
- [Jenna] If Mario eats three meals a day,
how many meals does he eat in three weeks?
- Oh, fuck this shit!
Three times seven is 21, - [Jenna] Three, two,
- [Jenna] one! - [Tyler] Oh, God, 63!
- [Jenna] You're right, but you're out of time!
- No, oh my God, ow! (laughing)
- Ready?
- Oh! (laughing)
- I'm sorry!
- That was by far the most painful one yet.
- Okay, which comes first in a butterfly's life cycle?
- Fuck this.
- The larva or the pupa?
- Oh, fuck this, the pupa.
- It's the larva.
- No, no, those are calls.
- Get wax, alright, I'm gonna do this as hard as I can.
One, two...
(Tyler laughing)
- Oh, my goodness!
- We didn't get this one yet, two, three,
four, five, six, seven!
(Tyler whining)
Oh my God.
- Considering all the pain that you just put me through,
I think I deserve to wax one strip on you.
- Yeah.
- Where do you want it?
- Anywhere.
- Right here? - [Jenna] Where ever you want.
- Wait, can I really?
- Yeah, it's just gonna be a butt load of fake tan.
- Wait (laughing) okay, let's do this, oh my.
- Yeah, that's the way to do it.
- Is it gonna stick?
Oh, wait! (laughing)
- I'm like, yeah, that's the way to do it.
It's like my entire forearm.
Fuck! - [Tyler] Yeah, it is.
Does electricity move through a conductor or an insulator?
- An insulator.
Well I mean it comes from a conductor--
- (laughing) Okay, I'll give you that because you're--
- No, tear it off. - [Tyler] Are you sure?
- Just get waxed, just get waxed, what!
Oh my God! - [Tyler] Are you ready, okay?
- Three, two, one.
- Oh my God! - Oh, God!
- [Tyler] That is the best thing I've ever seen!
- Oh, dude, oh!
- 100% fucked over tanner.
- Fake tanner, you guys.
- Oh my God! (laughing)
This was fun, while she does my last little knee pit,
I guess I can say goodbye, thank you for watching everyone,
and be sure to thumbs up and subscribe to me and Jenna,
and I'm like on the edge of my fucking seat right now!
Um, goodbye everyone, I love you.
Fu..oh my goodness, grascioniess!
(bouncy music)
What is the condition of your asshole, right now,
this very day, the people need to know.
- Exciting?
- (laughing) God bless.



脱毛の痛み Leg Waxing Torture (ft. Jenna Marbles) | Tyler Oakley

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