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These are the people on Facebook who need to shut up.
The liberal hippie girl.
The police are an organization sanctioned to oppress us by our government, and we're just supposed to take that?
The ultra conservative guy.
Things is, if you give them welfare, you disincentivize them to work.
And the guy who thinks they're both wrong.
Okay, America was never supposed to be a two-party system.
That's why we need Ron Paul.
Girls who post party pics.
There's nothing wrong with it except for the fact it's the same pictures every weekend.
And then it gets really weird when you see this guy, your friend from eighth grade.
He is closer to his thirties, yet he's keep partying with nineteen years old.
And then there's this girl.
The workout enthusiast
she just posts pictures of her nice, fit body.
we get it, you're hot.
Parents who are obsessed with their kids.
You post a bunch of pictures, and it's annoying
What's more annoying is people who complain about parents who are obsessed with their kids.
You are the worst.
And there's this guy.
I just wanted to let you all know that my grandma died.
The pity seeker.
Also my dog died, and I am not looking for your sympathy.
I am more looking for a date because I'm single.
You know what's even worse than the pity seeker?
You see this car?
The f*cking douche bag show off.
New promotion, I know, I know, I know. It's pretty awesome.
I'm getting married.
Your ex-girlfriend.
I should have given you that ring.
The person who keeps promising they're going to change.
I've learned my lesson guys.
I swear to God, never ever party again.
He doesn't mean it, not at all.
The guy who thinks Facebook is his own stand-up comedy show.
And if you don't think he's funny, he's going to hit you with this:
And I'm not really sure that you would get it
it's a little meta and I am not sure... You suck dude.
And worst of them all,
You suck, oh my God
The guy who's too cool for Facebook
He hates on everything about it,
yet he's still on it.
You suck!


ちょっとウザイかも!SNSで嫌われてる行為14パターン (14 People On Facebook Who Need To Shut Up)

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