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  • Hello and welcome to Todd's kitchen. About a week ago i made caramel in a can

  • and everyone loved it because it was just so simple to make and you can use it on desserts or

  • even in recipes. Today i am going to make a different version but its just as simple.

  • So join me today as i make my version of caramel in a microwave.

  • okay so to start off with and this is how simple it is, into a bowl

  • we are going to pour in half a cup of corn syrup or glucose syrup depending on what country

  • you're from

  • Then to that a quart cup of melted butter. All the ingredients are in the

  • description

  • the half a cup of sweetened condensed milk

  • Then a quarter teaspoon of salt just to enhance the flavour

  • Then half a cup of white sugar and half a cup of brown sugar.

  • And yes you do need the brown sugar so i highly recommend that you use it. So using a

  • whisk

  • give that a very good mix around

  • until it is completely combined. So once it is mixed through what we are going to do now is

  • place this into the microwave on high

  • and place it in there for six minutes. But every two minutes

  • take it out and give it a very good stir. Next i have a baking dish here

  • and i have lined the base with some non stick baking paper

  • and left some over hang as it makes it easier to pick it up. So while being extremely

  • careful because this is

  • very very hot, we are going to pour that caramel onto the base

  • And make sure you wash the bowl straight away other wise you will have a harder time later on

  • So what we are going to do is let this cool down for a couple of hours then place it in the

  • fridge for a couple of more hours then it will be ready.

  • okay so i have just taken this out of the fridge and its

  • set. So it should just pull straight out.

  • and there we have our lovely

  • block of caramel. So just use a warm knife

  • and we are going to start making some slices.

  • And there we have it, some lovely lovely caramel

  • Now this has to be the easiest way i have ever made solid chewy caramel

  • Now my microwave is eleven hundred Watts so if yours is greatly less say six hundred then just add

  • thirty seconds to the time and it should be enough. But enough of that lets see what its like

  • As you can see its

  • and and soft

  • That is defiantly very chewy. Caramel has always been

  • one of my favorites flavours ever. I guess you could say its one of my

  • weaknesses

  • so for someone who loves Carmel i can honestly say this is fantastic, it really really is

  • but the best part about this caramel is it tastes simply delish

  • So if you are a huge caramel fan like myself and like most other people

  • Give this a go because i know you will love it. Thank you for watching this episode of Todd's

  • kitchen

  • A list of ingredients are down below as well as links to my Facebook, Twitter and Home Handy Hints channel

  • Please do me a huge favour by giving this video a thumbs up, leave a comment and

  • subscribe and i'll see you next time for another

  • Delicious recipe.

Hello and welcome to Todd's kitchen. About a week ago i made caramel in a can


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マイクロウェーブでキャラメルを作る方法 (How to make CARAMEL IN A MICROWAVE)

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