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Today, you're reacting to…
If it moves…
What's this?
That's a plant.
Meat? Cake?
Oh, it's tofu.
This is tofu.
Oh my gosh! Tofu.
It just looks like a water gum.
I've never had anything like this before.
It doesn't look like anything I had before.
I'm not vegetarian. So I don't normally eat it.
I always order this with my miso soup.
I probably had it last night. No, I had it this morning actually.
It was in my breakfast burrito and I eat it and that was good.
Smells like flour.
Wait. It smells like pancake butter.
Some other time we did a section. It smell just like that.
I always feel stuff. Let me see.
It feels like a sponge.
It's like a sponge but you can eat it. It's really awesome.
It's time to eat it.
You want me to actually eat it.
This looks like better than the other one.
Is that okay?
It's not really much flavor to it.
It just plain
It tastes like nothing.
it looks like it have a flavor but it's just this texture.
I hate it.
I have no....who eat this.
I'd like…I can...I can barely take a teensy-weensy bite out of it.
It's all wet.
I got some.
What is this?
Not bad.
It tastes better than it looks. Cause it's like too coldish
and it tastes warmish when you eat it.
It tastes like pasta.-Really?
Bland pasta.
It tastes like raw noodles.
Put into a squish wet cube.
See, that's the reason I'm not a vegetarian.
Taste like sponge water
but still good.
I think it's cheese but tell me what it is.
The food is tofu.
I've heard of that before.
Die tofu. Die. Die. Die.
Oh my god ! that's...
oh my god. I feel so stupid.
I eat tofu all the time.
My mom's gonna be so mad at me.
Isn't it like bean something? I'm not sure.
Tofu is made by coagulating soy milk
and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks.
Can you say that a little like simpler?
I like soy milk.
It's disgusting. I can use that as a potato.
For some reason that reminds me of how they make cheese.
Coagulated soy milk curds.
I like tofu better.
I know that vegetarian eat it. Cause it has like protein in it.
But if you're not a vegetarian.
I suggest you get your protein in other ways.
So finally, do you recommend other people try tofu?
Yes. Pretty good, actually.
No. no .no and no.
Yes. It's kind of good
Everyone eat tofu.
Don't try it.
I don't recommend other kids eat tofu.
No. no, I do not recommend tofu. Go enjoy a nice plate of bacon.
Yes, with soy sauce over it or Sriracha or any condiment onto it taste good.
It's just a canvas. You can do anything to it.
No. it's disgusting. Is cushy. It's mushy and it's ...
It's….looks evil.
Thanks for watching another delicious episode of kids versus food.
Please recommend any other food, you would like us to try and comment.
Like ice cream.
So much awesome stuff on this great new channel. Don't forget to subscribe.
Good Bye untill next time.


【食べてみた】子供達が豆腐を食べた時の反応(KIDS vs. FOOD #6 - TOFU)

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