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Hey guys, it’s Ro!
Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today we are going to be making
something that has been requested for such a long time, a Castle Cake!
I got a lot of requests for a Princess Peach Castle Cake,
I got a lot of requests for a Bowser Castle Cake,
a Merlin Castle Cake, haha, a Dungeons and Dragons Castle Cake…
So I thought, today I am gonna make a basic Castle Cake, and then you can
customize it to make it whatever magical themed, mythical fanciness you would like!
The things you will need, will be: 3 of these, these are paper towel
cardboard tubes, usually I just recycle these, but just hang onto ‘em, because
we are gonna be using these to make our Castle pillars.
Scissors, spatula, cake leveler, I have a cardboard cake tray, this awesome
thing that I got from Michaels, it adds texture, so it adds wood texture and,
like, old stone castle texture. This was preeetty cool and I thought, I’ve
gotta play with that to make this castle cake, yeah!
A square cake pan, this is a 6 inch, and I’ve already pre-made 2 cakes,
And you can either do a pound cake recipe or a yellow cake, I chose to do
a yellow cake, fresh strawberries and chocolate frosting. Or you can use
chocolate ganache, whatever you like!
So the 1st thing you’re gonna do is take your cake leveler and, just gonna level
both the cakes so they’re the same height.
Back and forth, back and forth, like you’re a lumberjack, just sawing.
Saw, saw, saw, saw, saw!
Then you’re gonna take off the tops of the cake, like this.
The muffin tops! These are so yummy, these are one of my favorite parts!
And, you can feed these to your awesome camera guy because, he loves these!
Or share them with friends.
Now that you’ve got your cakes levered, you’re gonna take this… Cardboard.
Place it down, you’re just gonna take your 1st cake, I’m just gonna put it
right in the middle, OK. Now you’re gonna take, chocolate frosting or
chocolate ganache, whatever you’d like, and put a coat down.
Once you’ve frosted the top of your 1st cake, I’m just gonna take strawberries,
I just chopped them up so that they would lay flat.
I love doing this, I started putting fresh fruit in my cakes and I just love it!
Ohhhhh! Chocolate strawberry filling!
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy!
Now we’re gonna take the 2nd cake, erroooooo!
Put him right on top!
Now you’re just gonna take your little must-patula and you’re gonna
frost all the edges.
Once you’ve got your cake all frosted on all sides, and the top, we’re
gonna stick it in the freezer for about 20 minutes to let it chill.
And just make sure that all the sides are smooth, it doesn’t have to be perfect,
you can miss a few spots, that’s OK, just make sure everything’s very smooth.
Because we’re gonna put fondant on top of it.
when your cake is in the freezer we’re gonna be making the castle pillars,
so this is a good time to do this.
You’re gonna need 3 of these, but I just did 1, just to show you guys how to do it.
This is a paper towel roll, so they’re a good thing to hold onto to save,
or I ripped out 2 right out of the middle, I kinda had to wiggle it out of
there, but I got it out!
So, you’re gonna need scissors, and what you’re gonna do is you're just gonna cut it right in half.
Doesn’t have to be perfect, and that is the perfect height!
But, we want them to be a little bit smaller, so what you’re gonna do is cut
right down the middle.
And then you’re just gonna eyeball it, but I… Kind of… Put it together…
Meeaaww, guess that’s about an inch.
Then you’re just gonna take a piece of tape, stick it there, and there you go!
Once you’ve made 5 of these, we are gonna roll out some gray fondant,
like I’ve got here. Just got a little rolling pin.
So to wrap this, you’re gonna take this little guy, stick him down right here
at the end.
And I like to cut… The top… And the bottom… So it’s a little flatter,
easier to work with… Starting point, there we go!
And then you’re just gonna pick up the fondant, pressing it against the pillar.
And roll, roll, roll, roll, oh I made a little sushi!
And then you connect the end in the back, just by pressing it together…
Pinch, pinch, pinch!
Then to finish, your pillar, you’re gonna take your stone print, and you’re gonna
lay it down, there’s a lot of different techniques to this, but this is what
I like the best.
You’re gonna start at one end, and just stick your thumbs in, press down,
you can press down a little bit on the top too, just be gentle.
But you can be very firm, stick your finger in there, push, push!
And then roll it towards you, while pushing down…
And just… All the way down!
There we go! That’s how to add some texture on there!
Now that we’ve got our pillars done, we are gonna make the castle door.
You’re gonna take a little bit of brown fondant, just lay it down…
Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop!
Taking a rolling pin, just rolling it out.
Now you’re gonna take your wood imprint, I’m just gonna place it on the top,
and just press down.
Now you’re gonna peel it up, pewp! Oh look how cool that looks!
Now you’re gonna take a circle cookie cutter, and I just press down
on the top of the circle, like so.
Then I take off the excess, and I’m gonna cut on the wood line to make the door.
And that’s how you get your little castle door.
Now we’re gonna make the peaks of the tower.
I’ve already made one here so you can see what they look like.
And they just sit right on top of our little pillar, yeah, look how cute that is!
This is chocolate flavored fondant that I’m using.
And it is yummy, and it smells so good!
OK, so I’m just taking, this is dark chocolate fondant, just gonna lay it down.
Then roll it out.
And then the first thing I did to build these little peaks is take a
teeny little circle cookie cutter. A little teeny one!
Cut out a little circle, I’ll put him right here.
And then with this excess I’m just rolling it, so it’ll make a good shape.
And then I just go pew-pew-pew, haha, looks like a Hershey’s Kiss!
OK, then I’m gonna put it on top, of this little circle, and then for the
last, final step, to make it look very smooth, I’m gonna cut a straight edge,
cut another edge, and then I’m just gonna wrap it all the way around, on
the outside so that it’s really smooth and seamless.
In the back you’ll have all the excess, like that, I’m just gonna cut it off,
don’t need it!
Just pinch it together, pinch, pinch, pinch!
Now we’re gonna make these little windows, they go on all of these pillars.
Isn’t that so cute?!? I just left a strip that we cut earlier, and again just press
down with the top of the cookie cutter, and then cut straight and cut across.
Easy-peasy! And you’re just gonna make 7 of these.
I just took the cake out of the freezer, and now you’re gonna take this big
chunk of gray fondant, I put it on top of the wax paper, and we’re gonna
roll it out and then put it on top of the cake.
Ergh! Errrrrrrrr!
Once you got your fondant rolled out you’re gonna take this big plastic rolling pin,
I like these for working with fondant, and you’re just gonna lightly roll it,
just like we did the pillars, just roll, roll, roll, roll, roll!
To pick up the fondant, bring it over, and gently roll it on top.
Now what you’re gonna do is gently press the fondant against the cake.
The frosting will act like glue so it will stick to the fondant,
and then you’re gonna cut off the excess fondant at the bottom of the cake.
Now that we’ve got the fondant on top of the cake, ba-dew! Like that!
You’re gonna take your stone mold, and I’m gonna press… Firmly… Errrrgh!
It right into the fondant.
I just finished the stone texture, I just put it on all of the sides,
I’m gonna leave the top nice and sch-mooth!
And now, I’m gonna take green vanilla-buttercream frosting…
And I’m just gonna paint the cake tray so that it looks like grass.
Just finished all of the grass, and now we’re gonna assemble all of our
castle pieces together, and place them.
And the reason I did the grass is because this frosting is really sticky…
So when you place a column down, errrp! It will stick, really, really easy!
And it looks pretty cool!
Here is our Castle Cake! It’s all done!
These looks so cool! We’ve got our pillars, all 5 of them.
This ones a little bit shorter up here, I love the little detail work,
I added little handles and stuff, I hope you guys like it!
And, I’ve decided this cake is gonna be a Princess Peach Castle Cake.
I’ve got my little Princess Peach figurines, and this is how you can make
your cake look like anything.
You can throw a Dragon on it, you can throw a Red Wedding on it! Hahaha!
That’s a game of thrones joke!
OK, so we, look! We got little Princess Peach up here, and maybe she’s with
Mario and he’s like, “Woo-hoo! Oh yeah!”
And then Bowser’s down here like, “Ah, dang it! I’m not invited! Hey, uh, Peach
you should, like, totally come down here and I won’t capture you I promise!”
“OK, that sounds safe, ’scuse me Mario. OH NO! I get captured again!”
I hope you guys liked the episode, thanks for watching, if you have any other
ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave me a comment down
below and I will do my best to make it happen!
OK, thanks you guys! Bye-bye!
Look it, how does he… It’s a me!
It’s a me! Mario!
It’s me! Mari - RO!



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